padding together

Chapter 1

Monica had been obsessed with fat girls since she was a young girl, dreaming of what it might be like to wake up one day and find her body transformed into a voluptuous mass of curves. She dreamt of big, juicy hips and soft, fleshy arms; of a round belly she could cradle in her lap, and when she closed her eyes, she imagined running her hands over the contours of her new form.

But her dreams were just that, until one fateful night as she cruised YouTube looking for some fat girl videos to admire, boredom struck and Monica did something unexpected. She took the pillow that had been resting on the sofa, slipped it under her shirt, and immediately felt her breath quicken. The sensation of the pillow pressed against her skin sent shivers down her spine, and before she knew it, Monica was rubbing her hands along her stomach, her breasts swollen with heat, as she imagined what it would feel like to really be fat.

As Monica slid her hands lower and lower, a sudden wave of pleasure washed over her, leaving her trembling and gasping for air. Her climax was intense and for the first time in her life, Monica felt deeply connected to her body in a way she never had before.

Monica knew immediately what she needed to do next and so the very next day she was out buying baggier clothing, as well as a dozen large pillows. Soon as she got back home, she quickly changed into her new looser clothes and proceeded to fit the pillows into her body, one by one, until finally she had the shape she desired.

Even though Monica knew the shape wouldn't last, she still couldn't resist the thrill of feeling what it was like to have a body like the ones she saw in the videos. Now her imagined fulfillment had become reality, Monica began to caress her newly created body, her hands exploring every fake fat part of her body while she still wore her clothes. With every stroke of her hands Monica felt more and more aroused, and soon enough the pleasure she was feeling was so great that it soon enough brought her to another another even more intense orgasm, one that seemed to go on and on until finally it ended.

Sated and exhausted, Monica eventually took off her clothes and carefully removed the pillows, before curling up in bed to fall asleep. As she drifted away she vowed to herself that she would do this again, every single day.

Monica was feeling more and more confident in her newfound body, and she knew that it was time to take the next step. After doing research into plus size stores, and cross-checking sizes, she eventually decided on a 10XL women's onesie, and so she set out to buy it, feeling a strange but exciting thrill at being able to buy clothing that was so much larger than she was used to.

As soon as she got home Monica eagerly changed into the onesie, and then began fitting her pillows into the suit, one by one. As the fabric started to fill up, Monica felt a different kind of pleasure; one that came from the idea of taking on a new identity. But before Monica could fill the entire onesie she found that she had run out of pillows, leaving her with an incompletely filled-up suit. Yet even this unfinished look was enough to make Monica feel aroused, as she studied her reflection in the mirror; she looked like an obese woman.

Once Monica was done with admiring herself, she began to slowly caress her fake fat body, rubbing her hands over her arms and legs, letting her fingertips trail along her own flesh. This felt so good, particularly because she couldn't move freely due to the garment, making her feel even more trapped in her own fantasy world. This sensation, coupled with the pleasure of her flesh beneath her fingertips, drove Monica quickly to the edge of orgasm, and before long she was quivering with pleasure as she experienced yet another intense climax.

It was then that she heard the door opening, and suddenly Monica remembered that she had forgotten to lock it. Her roommate Heather stood in the doorway, open mouthed at the sight of Monica in her fake fat form. Monica felt an intense wave of shame surge through her, suddenly aware of how foolish she probably looked.

Monica felt shame rising in her chest and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide in her room, but there was the problem of her giant-like body not fitting through the door.

Heather stepped forward and smiled at Monica. "Wow, you've really put on some weight since the last time I saw you," Heather said, in a tone that made Monica think she might have known about her secret obsession all along. Monica felt embarrassed and exposed, and replied that she had no luck with her rapid metabolism. Heather stopped her mid-sentence, and walked towards her, a soft smile on her lips. Monica was rooted to the spot as Heather began to slowly run her hands along her fake fat arms and legs, her touch sending waves of pleasure cascading through Monica’s body.

As Heather continued to caress her, Monica felt no shame, only an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. Tears filled her eyes as Heather pulled her into a tight embrace, and Monica realized just how much she had needed this connection, the feeling of being cherished and adored for being a fat woman.

They stayed like that for a long time before Heather finally stepped back, her eyes lingering on Monica's changed form.

“What are you going to do with all those pillows?” She asked with a mischievous glint in her eye. Monica grinned and finally allowed herself to feel fully at home in her new body.

“I think I’ll keep them,” she replied, winking.

The next day Monica returns from shopping, she opens the door, half expecting to find the room empty. But instead of an empty sofa, there was a massive figure taking up much of the space. Monica felt her heart skip a beat; her roommate Heather had transformed into a super obese! She was wearing the same onesie Monica had bought the previous day, but it looked like she had filled it with much more than just pillows. Monica could feel her eyes widening in surprise.

She couldn't take her eyes off Heather - instead of being petite and thin like usual, Heather was now a huge, obese woman. Monica had never seen anything like it in real life before; she felt herself blushing as she took in the full enormity of Heather's body.

It wasn't until Heather spoke to her in a husky, soothing voice that Monica snapped out of her stunned gaze. "I'm so hungry," Heather said softly. "But I can't get off the couch... will you feed me?" Monica nodded, feeling a flicker of excitement as she walked towards Heather.

As Monica fed Heather, something amazing started to happen - Heather's body seemed to swell with every bite, as if she were filling up with food. Heather revealed that she had slipped an inflatable beach ball into the onesie. With each bite, she slightly inflate the ball causing her to become incredibly aroused.

The sight made Monica feel incredibly aroused and she found herself transfixed by the sight of her giant roommate.

At this point Monica could no longer resist the temptation and started to caress Heather's huge body. Monica was feeling so much pleasure with her hands running across Heather's fake fat body and in addition to that, Heather's moans and breaths were driving Monica insane.

With Heather's help, Monica was soon rocked by one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Heather also came undone, screaming out in pleasure as the waves of delight took her over.

When the moment had passed, Monica took a step back and looked at Heather in awe. In just one day, her roommate had gone from an ordinary petite framed girl to a beautiful, larger-than-life plus sized goddess. Monica smiled to herself; this was definitely worth all the effort.

After a while the girls calm down and spend the rest of the day playing with the pillows, exploring each other's bodies and talking about how wild their experience had been.

The next day Monica had just finished filling the onesie with everything Heather used the previous day: pillows, duvets and even the beachball. She looked absolutely gigantic, even more than before. Monica had finally achieved her goal of being an extremely obese version of herself. Just then she heard the sound of the door opening, it was Heather, her thin roommate who had always been secretly in love with her.

Heather's eyes widened as she open the door and took in the sight of Monica lying on the floor on her back unable to move due to her immense size. Monica pleaded to her to help her get up as she had tripped, but Heather knew that Monica’s pleas were laced with excitement. She simply smiled, she could tell Monica was enjoying this and decided to take the opportunity to make her experience even better.

Heather walked to the pantry and started to grab a variety of food like chips, crackers, chocolates and even some sweets. She slowly approached Monica, while Monica started to get even more aroused. Heather then opened a can of soda and started to pour it into Monica's open mouth, making sure that all the food and drink that she gave her landed safely inside her huge stomach.

As Monica ate Heather kept on inflating her beachball, pushing it against Monica's fake fat belly until Monica's Onesie was about to burst. Monica was getting more and more aroused with every bite and with every puff of air. Heather could tell that Monica was close and quickly began to caress her arms, legs and everywhere else her hands could reach.

Finally Monica reached peak pleasure and let out a loud burp to signify the end of her orgasm. Heather replied with a satisfied smile and a word of cheer. They remained laying there for a few moments cuddling and enjoying each other's company until Monica remembered she was still stuck in her onesie and they both started to laugh.

In the end they found something they both enjoyed and it only made their connection stronger. Monica not only loved the pleasure that it brought her but also the feeling of being able to explore her fantasies while still having someone by her side. From that day on, Monica and Heather made sure to always save some time to enjoy what they now called their shared pleasure.
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Fat Gordy 2 months
What a great padding fantasy.
Striker79 1 month
Fanedfox 8 months
Very well written, as a “closet” padder myself this was truly a joy to read. I loved both characters, again great job!
Striker79 8 months