pig punishment

Chapter 1 - “If you want to act like a pig then I’ll treat you as one.”

Ellie could hardly believe that she had been Will’s submissive for almost three months now. They’d met in a bar. Ellie had been out with her friends but they’d all pulled and left her on her own. Just as she was about to call it a day and head home, she’d spotted the beautiful blonde boy, alone at the bar, and unbelievably he was checking her out. They’d slept together that night, and it had been a whirlwind from there, but little did Ellie know Will had something else in store for her.

You see, one thing all of Will’s exes had in common was they’d ended their relationship with him at least 100lbs heavier than they’d entered it. Will had a talent for spotting thin girls who were destined to be bigger, and using the dynamics of a submissive/dominant relationship to plump them up. Inevitably though, so far, they’d all panicked as they’d neared the 200-250lbs mark and ended things. He was desperate to find the one girl who’d genuinely love being a pig for him, who’d see their body inflating before them and instead of being repulsed would be aroused, and would grow more for him. He was ready to find out if Ellie was that girl, so he’d planned an experiment.

He’d told Ellie that he had to go away for two weeks ‘on business’. He had one of those vague business jobs where you never quite know what the person really does, so Ellie had believed him easy enough. In reality, Will was going less than an hour away. He’d rigged the house with hidden cameras, and for the past week had been slipping appetite enhancers into Ellie’s morning smoothies. He’d make sure the house was filled to the brim with all of Ellie’s favourite snacks and then he’d watch to see what his girl did.

“Aww, I don’t want you to go.” Ellie pouted, coming into the bedroom where Will was packing, hugging him from behind. Will chuckled, turning around to face his girlfriend. She was beautiful, no denying that, but still far far too thin.

“Honey I’m sorry.” He said, kissing her cheek. “If I don’t go now I’m going to miss my flight.” Ellie sighed and nodded, stepping back. Will picked up his now packed suitcase, carrying it downstairs. He stopped at the door to hug Ellie, hoping that the next time he wrapped his arms around her they’d have to stretch around her newly blimped frame. He kissed her goodbye, and then he was gone, and Ellie was left to her own devices.

That morning, in preparation for his departure, Will had upped the appetite enhancer dosage in Ellie’s smoothie. He knew she must be starving, and sure enough when he settled in front of the monitor when he got to the house he’d hired for a few weeks, he saw Ellie already three quarters of the way through a huge pizza. He watched in delight as she finished the pizza and then chugged down half a 2litre bottle of Pepsi, belching loudly every time she stopped for air. He smirked to himself. This was going to be easier than he’d imagined.

Will had dared to hope that Ellie would achieve his aspirations for her, and would pig out over the two weeks that he was away, but she did better than he could have imagined. He didn’t allow his submissives to work, so she had nothing to do all day long with no partner to keep the house tidy for, so instead she spent her days stuffing herself from the minute she woke up. She barely seemed to wash, clean up after herself or change her clothes and Will was delighted. She was a natural born pig. On the fourteenth day of his ‘trip’, he waited until Ellie fell into a food coma to return home.

Watching Ellie on the cameras had given him an insight into the state of the house, but it was worse than he thought. There were crisp, biscuit and chocolate packets all over the floor along with dozens of empty cans and dirty plates. He strolled over to the sofa, smirking as he took in the sight of his partner, fast asleep on her back. She was wearing the same cropped vest and leggings she’d been wearing for the last few days, and they were covered with grease and food stains, as were her newly plumped cheeks. But the best part was her belly, stretched out so much after two weeks of constant stuffing that she now looked almost five months pregnant. As she slept, her domed belly rose up and down rhythmically, and Will beamed. He shook Ellie awake, watching as horror dawned on her face as she realised what was happening.

“Will? O-oh my God I forgot-“

“Ellie, what the fuck have you done to yourself?” Will whispered in fake disbelief. For this to work, he needed Ellie to believe that she’d done this completely to herself. Ellie looked down at herself, and seemed to really wake up for the first time in two weeks. She’d been in a sort of daze which suddenly lifted as she took in the state of herself and her house.

“Will, I don’t know what to say I’m so sorry.” Ellie said, panicking as she stood up. She looked even fatter stood up, her belly sticking out obscenely in front of her. Will scoffed.

“Look at the state of you.” He said.

“I don’t know what came over me.” Ellie tried to explain. “But it’s okay don’t worry, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow and I’ll be back to normal in no time, don’t worry baby.” She said, starting to panic as she realised how much she’d messed up. Not only was Will her boyfriend, he was her source of income, and she lived in his house. If he broke up with her now then she had nothing. She needed him to forgive her.

“A-and if you want to punish me then go ahead. I’ll accept any punishment.” She begged, and Will chuckled. He’d already had a punishment booked from the minute he’d seen Ellie’s first stuffing on the day he left. It was a fat fetish pig farm a few hundred miles away run by one of Will’s friends, where fat people were kept as pigs to be enjoyed by admirers. Ellie was going to be spending the following day there.

“Oh you’ll be punished alright.” He said. “Tomorrow. For now I can’t even look at you. Get out of my sight, and for gods sakes find some clothes that fit.” Ellie hung her head in shame, before she shuffled upstairs, having to bend her back slightly to support the extra weight on her stomach.

Will looked down at his phone as it pinged with a message from Barry, his friend who runs the farm.

“Still on for tomorrow mate?” He asked. Will replied with a thumbs up, smirking to himself as he thought of the humiliation Ellie was in for tomorrow.

Ellie woke him up the following morning, bringing him breakfast in bed. She’d rooted through all her clothes to find some that fit, but none had, so she’d had to borrow one of Will’s. Even his clothes were tight on her, and her round tummy pushed it out in front of her, meaning that when she bent over Will to place the tray of food on his lap, he could see her belly up the bottom of the shirt.

“Surprised you didn’t eat it all for yourself fatty.” He said, and Ellie hung her head.

“Go and get dressed.” Will instructed. “Not in my clothes either, if yours don’t fit then you’ll just have to cope with everyone seeing what a whale you’ve become. As soon as I’ve eaten this we’ll drive to where your punishment will take place. Wait for me by the door.”

After Will ate his breakfast he went downstairs, finding Ellie kneeled like a good girl by the front door. She’d opted for a dress that used to be a little floaty on her but now was skin tight, stretched dangerously around her middle. Will clicked his fingers and she stood up, following him out to the car. She knew better than to speak when she was being punished, so she sat in the back seat, looking down at her thighs until she fell asleep.

She woke up just as Will was pulling into the farm and frowned. She had a million questions, but she didn’t want to disappoint Will anymore than she already had by voicing them, so she kept quiet as she stepped out the car and followed Will over to the main entrance. Will’s friend Barry was waiting for them, and Ellie kept her head down respectfully as they shook hands.

“Welcome to the farm mate.” Barry said to Will before turning to face Ellie. “This the porker is it? She’ll fit right in.” He said, and Ellie’s eyes widened as she looked to Will. He smirked, and tightly grabbed a fistful of her belly fat.

“You wanna act like a pig for two weeks straight while I’m away? Then I’ll damn we’ll treat you as one.” He said, before letting go, stepping away to look at Barry. “I’ll be back for her this evening.” He said. Another lie. He’ll be in one of the guest rooms at the farm watching on a monitor but Ellie didn’t need to know that. Barry nodded, and escorted Ellie inside.

“Well piggy, you heard the man. Welcome to my pig farm.” He said, and Ellie gulped. She followed Barry into a small clinical room, keeping her head down respectfully.

“Now normally I don’t oversee the prep here, but Will’s such a close friend of mine I just couldn’t resist.” He said. “Take your clothes off.” Ellie knew she didn’t have a choice, so she did so, having to pull the too-tight dress hard to get it over her head.

“Underwear too.” Will said, and Ellie nodded, taking them off as well.

“On your knees.” Ellie dropped to her knees, her belly pooling out onto her thighs.

“As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary pig farm. This is a farm for humans who have stuffed themselves silly, just like little piggies. You’ll be spending the day here.” Barry explained as he tied Ellie’s long blonde hair into a tight bun on top of her head and slipped a headband with a pair of pig ears over the top. He crouched down in front of her, and Ellie kept her eyes on the ground as Barry attached an adhesive snout over her nose.

“There are some rules for you to follow, of course.” Barry said. “Pigs don’t walk, they crawl. And they don’t speak, they grunt or oink, and that is what you must do. If you need the toilet then you’ll go on the floor just like any other piggy. Your food will be delivered on a trough, but a little tiny piglet like you might need to fight some of the porkers for scraps.” He chuckled, and Ellie gulped. He attached a pink collar with a lead to Ellie’s neck, pulling her over to an industrial scale. He pulled a red marker out of his pocket, writing on Ellie’s rump her weight for all to see.

“198lbs.” He said, and Ellie’s eyes widened. Before Will went away, she’d weighed 133lbs. How was it even possible to put on four and a half stone in two weeks?!

“And now for the final touch.” Barry said, pulling a pink butt plug with a pig’s tail on the end from his pocket. He lubed it up and then inserted it into Ellie’s tight hole, smirking at his completed work.

“Okay little piggy, you’re all ready.” He said, and Ellie’s stomach twisted in fear as she was dragged outside. There were around 20 pigs in the pen today, which was around the size of a football field. Ellie was the smallest, by a long way. Barry led her over to the gate, unlocking it with his fingerprint and then leading Ellie inside. They churned the ground regularly to keep it nice and muddy for the pigs, and Ellie felt her hands and knees sink into it slightly. Will crouched down next her and unleashed her.

“And now for the final part of your induction.” He said. “Lie down in the mud and roll around, like a real piggy.” Will watched from the screen, almost cumming in his pants as Ellie did so, feeling the mud cake her round belly and her tits, even catching her chin. He watched as she paused for a minute before rolling slightly. As Ellie squirmed around in the mud, she knew this was easily the most embarrassing moment of her life. She was naked, fat and covering herself in mud while who knows how many strangers watched, and yet she couldn’t deny how turned on she was.

“Excellent piggy.” Barry laughed at her. “Well, this is where I leave you. Enjoy your day.” He said, before leaving the field. Ellie looked around at her surroundings, lifting her head for the first time. She couldn’t believe how huge some of these other piggies were, especially the ones at the trough, rolls and rolls of fat hanging off their bodies as they snorted and oinked happily as they ate. She felt her belly grumble and realised she hadn’t eaten all day, and crawled over to the trough. She tried to force her way through the barrier of obese humans eating there and blocking her way, but they all swatted her away with their fat legs, and she hung her head, dejected. She could see a pigsty in the corner of the pen, and she wondered if maybe there’d be some food in there, so she crawled over to it.

There was indeed food in the sty, but it wasn’t what she was expecting. There was easily the fattest woman Ellie had ever seen lying on her side, snoring loudly. Strapped to her front were what appeared to be several nipples. There was a window at the back of the sty where farm guests could see in, and Ellie could hear one of the farm workers giving someone a tour.

“In here we have our Mumma Pig.” She said. “She’s 700lbs, too fat to move so she’s fed through a tube which you can see attached to her snout, and we’ve decided to use her as a milk station for some of our smaller piglets who can’t get to the trough. Like this one.” Ellie’s face burned as she realised she was the piglet they were talking about.

“Awww, she looks so tiny compared to the others.” One of the guests said about Ellie. The last thing Ellie wanted to do was suck on the obese pig’s teats in front of these people, but at that moment her stomach growled and she couldn’t help herself. Very cautiously, she crawled over to Mumma Pig, lying down on her side and resting her head one one of her enormous rolls as she latched onto one of the teats. She sucked cautiously, her eyes widening as the nicest, creamiest milkshake she’d ever head filled her mouth, beginning to suck more feverishly.

Will watched in fascination as Ellie lay next to Mumma Pig, drinking her milk for five hours straight. Barry was there with him and explained that the mixture had something that made it extremely addictive, so the feeling of wanting more would override any feelings of fullness. When one of the farm workers finally prized Ellie off the teat and rolled her onto her back, her belly looked almost purple, stretched so tight and poking obscenely into the air.

“Well she’ll be too stuffed to move her now.” Barry said. “Yous can stay the night if you want, come and get her in the morning.” Will took him up on his offer, and the next morning donned a pair of wellies to collect his piglet. Ellie was just waking up from her food coma, and blushed as she woke up and found Will smirking down at her.

“Well well well. If it isn’t the tiniest piggy in the pen.” He said, quickly flipping Ellie around onto her stomach. She groaned loudly at the pain of her still stuffed stomach pressing into the ground, beginning to gasp as she felt Will’s hands teasing her entrance and realised he was into this all along.

“Only a true piggy could go and get themselves so stuffed they couldn’t move to leave the pig pen.” He said, and Ellie grunted.

“This turns you on, doesn’t it?” He said, and Ellie didn’t say anything. Will withdrew his hand and Ellie grunted, disappointed. He smirked.

“Oink for me piggy. If this turns you on and you want to be my piggy, oink for me and I’ll let you cum.” He said. Ellie let out a series of the most pitiful, desperate oinks and Will smirked, returning his hand and working her until she came loudly. Ellie lay, gasping for a minute after she finished until Will attached the lead to her collar and helped her up onto her hands and knees.

“Come on then piggy.” He said gently. “You did so well, you’re going to be the happiest, fattest pig I ever had.” He said, caressing her chubby cheeks before leading her out of the pen.
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PLEASE make a sequel to this or continue her journey to piggy-dom! The farm as a "zoo" where she is a "piglet" is refreshing and new! I NEED MORE