plumping up mary

Chapter 1 - sweet little new girl

Mary was my newest hire and took to the job incredibly quickly. I own a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that many people have compared to Hooters or Twin Peaks- we serve delicious food and always play the most popular sporting events on large flat screen TVs. But most patrons come in to see the girls. I only hire the most beautiful young women, and require them to wear revealing uniforms. They make great tip money, and business has never been better. Another one of the girls got pregnant and had to quit last month, so Mary was her replacement.

Mary was a slight girl, far too thin for my preferences, but she was gorgeous and had a body most men would die for. She had to be about 5'4, with long blonde hair, giant blue eyes, and a tiny body but a decent chest. She ordered size 0 booty shorts and a size medium crop top when she filled out her new hire forms. She was a natural flirt- maybe not the smartest girl, but that seemed to okay just fine with the drunk guys she served. She also had open availability and could work anytime I needed her. She must have had a lot of student loans or credit card debt, she seemed desperate for hours and would do anything that was asked of her.

I could tell immediately that not only was she broke, she was easily influenced and submissive by nature. I had thought she was about 18 or 19, and was shocked to read on her paperwork that she was actually 28 years old. She looked so young, and she was so desperate to please me, I just assumed she was a kid. But she was extremely sweet and fun to be around. I was happy to have her on my team.

I was secretly excited to find out she wasn't a teenager. She was so pretty and had so much potential... she just needed about 30-40 extra pounds on that tiny frame of hers. I'm pretty good as guessing the girls weights, and I would have put her at about 120 when she started. I'm no pervert but I do love watching the girls plump out after some time eating the greasy food from the kitchen. It's almost inevitable. Most of them don't put on a lot, but the skin tight crop tops and spandex short they wear show put every added pound on display. I only offer new uniforms twice a year, so they have to make their small ones work. For a chubby chaser like myself, it is heaven.
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Hallster 5 years
Very good so far, thanks.
Blubberjiggler1 5 years
(Continued) cannot effectively work any longer. So you’ll keep her home with you a feed her till she’s a bed ridden immobile blimp!
Blubberjiggler1 5 years
Decent plot but you could probably “flesh-it-out” a little more for my tastes. (pun intended) Seriously though my only criticism is this story seemed to end a little abruptly. Hope you’ll have a part ll where Mary gets so freakin fat she cannot effectivel
Tommmy 5 years
The first five chapters were great.
Can’t wait to read more.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
You only posted this 16 hours ago, and in that time, you have gotten a comment every 4 hours, a like every 2 hours, and a view once every 13 seconds! For 16 hours! What a great story!
Jazzman 5 years
But 40 lbs and the same uniform is a bit of a stretch.Just sayin'
Jazzman 5 years
Nice story and you write very well.Good dialog from the narrator.
Chubbystevie 5 years
Thank you! Will put up more tonight! Thanks for leaving a comment, I'm brand new to this so I love getting feedback!