porky peril

chapter 1

(Just as a head’s up, this story features magical elements, is a little bit dark in theme and features transformation!)

Josephine’s bleary eyes slowly opened as she came to her senses. She couldn’t remember a damn thing about the last thing she was doing was, or where she is now for that matter. Looking around didn’t help much as the room was fairly dark, save for a small slither of light peeking out from underneath what she could only assume was a door.

She went to stretch out her limbs only to come to the quick realisation they were already stretched out. They were attached to the wall by her wrists and ankles by metallic clasps resembling that of an old dungeon. Josephine knew there was no use in even trying to fight something so strong, yet couldn’t help but try and wriggle out of them regardless with the little energy she had.

Though she froze like a deer in headlights when she heard the door creak open, revealing a silhouette of a woman standing in the middle with a hand on her hip.

“Oh good! I was starting to worry about you,” the figure spoke as she stepped inside, heels clicking against the floorboards. Her voice sounded familiar, but her brain still felt half asleep that she couldn’t quite place it.

Luckily for her, she didn’t have to think much longer as the woman flicked on the light switch and revealed herself to be Josephine’s roommate. Though...She looked a little different than usual. She was wearing an old timey dress that looked like it was from the Victorian era, matched with some tall black heels. Her hair looked as though it was submerged in water with the way it had its own sense of gravity, floating in the air around her.

“Sab...Sabrina?” Josephine managed to speak, feeling another wave of exhaustion by her mere presence.

Sabrina reached over and lifted up her falling head, “Ah ah ah, don’t want you falling asleep on me again now. I need you awake for your surprise!”

“Surprise…? Like a party? Is that why you’re dressed like that?” Josephine frowned.

The cackle Sabrina made in response was loud enough to jolt her awake.

“Oh, my dear Josie. I always knew you were a bit slow but I never thought it was /this/ bad.” She cooed, pinching at one of Josephine’s cheeks harsh enough to leave a red mark when she pulled away again. “I’ll take pity on you and spell it out since you’re clearly incapable: I am a witch. And you are my bait.”

Josephine opened her mouth to speak, yet her roommate (? That was now questionable) snapped around to leave the room, making her hair brush against Josephine’s face and tickling her nostrils.

When Sabrina returned, it was with what looked like a trolley air hostess had on planes with an assortment of baked goods. On one level there was a large plate of cookies, another was overfilled with cupcakes and the top had a large cake with ‘Congratulations, bait!’ on it in cursive icing.

“I...I don’t understand.” Josephine was beginning to panic. She certainly didn’t believe that Sabrina was a witch, as those were simply fairytale nonsense. One thing she did know was that either herself or Sabrina was absolutely insane.

She was met with a condescending pat on the head, “Don’t worry about it, sweet. All will be clear soon enough. Are you hungry?”

It was clear Sabrina wasn’t taking a yes or no answer either way as she pulled out a knife to cut the cake with, humming almost playfully as she did so. With a napkin she picked up one of the slices and held it out for Josephine to eat, though frowned when it was met with tightly shut lips.

“I made all of this just for you and you’re not even going to eat any of it? What an ungrateful roommate you are.” With her free hand she grabbed a hold of Josephine’s jaw and pried it open, the ends of her long nails digging into her skin as she did so.

Before her jaw could snap back, the whole wedge was forced into her mouth to the point Josephine could feel it at the back of her throat. She wanted to gag, spit it out, but there was a force preventing her from doing so. All she could do was chew and swallow.

The same was repeated again and again, slice after slice filling her mouth whole only for it to then sit heavy in her stomach. It was a quadruple chocolate cake with the sponge, buttercream, fondant and icing all being chocolate flavoured. It was extremely heavy on the stomach and made Josephine feel horrifically bloated, though she didn’t even know the extent of it until the entire cake was gone.

She let out shaky breaths while trying to recover from Sabrina’s harsh feeding method now that she could. She could feel her belt was digging deep into her waist and creating a deep angry mark there. Meanwhile, Sabrina was cleaning her hands from any crumbs and icing that had gotten on them during the process, paying no mind.

“That wasn’t so hard now.” She finally glanced over at her prey only for her eyes to widen at the sight. Her gaze hovered down from Josephine’s face then pausing at her midsection. “Oh my.”

Sabrina didn’t hesitate to try and slip her fingers between the gap of Josephine’s belly and belt, only to find that it was physically impossible. It had swollen double the size it had been and was perfectly rounded in every sense of the word. Josephine winced and groaned at all of the poking and prodding, feeling full enough to explode. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact she just ate an entire cake to herself, even with it being against her will.

“You are such a pig.” Sabrina muttered under her breath while toying with the hem of her now too small t-shirt and tugging on it, yet it wouldn’t budge. “Aren’t you?” Her eyes flickered up to meet Josephine’s. They looked as though they were glowing with a deep green aura that burned into her soul.

Josephine shook her head in response the best she could, letting out a quiet whimper.

“No?” Sabrina tutted, “Then how do you explain...This?” She kept one hand rested on Josephine’s stomach while the other snaked around behind her back as if feeling for something. It was finally met with a pig’s tail sprouting out of Josephine’s tailbone, which she twirled round her index finger before letting it snap back against the skin. It caused Josephine to flinch in response and let out a loud squeal, as if to prove her point.

The room was filled with another loud cackle from Sabrina, “You are a pig! A big. Fat. Pig!”

She stepped back and with a snap of her fingers, enjoyed the show that was about to begin.

Josephine’s stomach gurgled as the cake churned inside of it, as if it was trying to generate more room. Her belt was beginning to feel tighter, pushing more and more into her. She struggled to look down at herself, only seeing a large dome now jutting out of her body.

The belt didn’t take much longer before it snapped, falling to the ground with a clank. Her jeans followed suit as the button burst open and soft fat poured out, forcing the zipper down. The metal restraints were also beginning to feel tight as her arms and legs filled out, looking as though they were swollen and puffed up.

While Josephine couldn’t see it, she knew a double chin was now sporting on her face as she felt it expand out and decorate her neck. Her cheeks were also becoming much more rounded and fatty, enough she could see them in the bottom of her peripheral.

That wasn’t the only thing she could see, either. Her nose was much more upturned than it had been originally, as if mirroring that of a pig’s snout. Of course from Sabrina’s point of view she knew that that was exactly what it was, matching the large pink ears which were now at either side of Josephine’s head too.

With another snap of her fingers, the claps suddenly released and dropped Josephine to her hands and knees. Her stomach now grazed against the floor it hung so low and fitted nicely between her fatty thighs.

Before Sabrina could even act, Josephine impusely crawled over and started to nibble on the cart’s lower level treats face first, sucking up the cupcakes and cookies like a mindless vacuum.

“Good girl…” Sabrina breathed out as she knelt down beside her new pet, kneading her fingers into the new fatty flesh that had formed. She had to admit, the pig featured suited Josephine perfectly as if this is what she was born to be rather than a human.

Josephine simply snorted and oinked happily in response to all the attention and food she was receiving without any other care in the world.

She was happy. She was a pig.
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Merva 2 years
Really love this story, hope you continue with this story cuz it's one of my favorites in recent memory.
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
This is about as good as it gets for a pig transformation story. Well done. If you get time, check out my “Love Song of Circe” for my pig-making tale.