swimming in sweets

chapter 1 - 134

Josie hit the water hands first, her fingertips cutting a path through the water, the room echoing back a low hum with the beats of each stroke ringing out like a motor. Despite the lack of a crowd, the noise was enough to keep her focused: only one lap left and if she kept up her pace, she had a real chance of beating her personal record. SLAP! What did it say, what did it say? Josie pulled herself out of the pool and looked at the stopped clock.

A new personal record!

“YES!” Josie silently yelled, her heart still pounding from her work. “I can’t believe it..” she walked over to a lounge chair, laying back to admire the green light reflecting off the walls. A short, young woman in her late-twenties, her wavy dark blonde hair rested on the top of her red suit. It had been ten years since high school, ten years since she was the short, little, round pink balloon of her humiliated youth. Ten years since she decided to fully dedicate herself to swimming, to fixing her life and allowing herself to become who she was meant to be.

Or rather wished to be. Josie was happy with her life, she truly was, but swimming didn’t pay the bills, waitressing did and barely did so at that. This was her first night off in two weeks, and despite her body begging her for rest, she ignored it, opting to punish it further in pursuit of this passion she’d postponed. The low hum returned and she glanced a her purse to a new message:

Boss: where are you?
Boss: your shift started two hours ago!

“Shit!” Did she misread the schedule? This was her night off, wasn’t it? Her heart fluttered to the speed of her strokes, and she forgot about her personal victory. Josie grabbed her towel, drying as she ran, accidentally bumping into a blur of someone at the door. She muttered an apology in between reading out her plea to her boss.


Josie’s eyes sagged, her hair messy as it was hastily tied back. “I’m so sorry I’m late, I thought I was off the schedule tonight and tomorrow.” Her hair slowly dripped onto her uniform as she approached the chair in front of her boss.

A woman with brown eyes leaned forward out of her chair, “It’s okay, Jo, but it’s been super busy, we really needed my best girl!” Her boss lightly jabbed Josie in the arm, towering over her as her tone shifted, “But I have bad news I’m afraid,” she seemed genuinely regretful “Management rules require that I demote you for six months, I’m gonna have to cut your pay.” Josie stood up to object, but the woman held up her hand, “I’m so sorry, I’ve already tried to fight it, but this is required. The only thing I can do is offer more hours to make up for it, but that’s it.”

“But I barely get any time off as it is! What the hell?!” Nope, that wasn’t the right choice. She had held herself back too long, it was difficult to keep the resentment out of her voice.

“I’m sorry, but that’s their decision. Take tomorrow off and we can talk about more hours if you're up for it. Or you might want to get a second job.”


“You’re so tired, Josie.”

I am.

“Someone should take care of you for a change.”


“You deserve it.

I do.

“I will take care of you.”

Please, please take care of me.

Hair covered her face as she opened her eyes. It was another peaceful night alone at the pool, lounging and resting when she could. She rose, her feet flapping against the pavement as she walked over to begin again. She stepped forward, hesitating before sitting at the water’s edge. How was she going to make this work? More hours meant nights like these were done

She fell back and watched the pool lights dance across the ceiling. Her eyes sagging once again. What was she going to do…


She shot up. A man in a white suit holding a black folder stood at her hips, smiling a little too wide for Josie’s comfort. He kept still.

“Josie, I do apologize, my name is Daniel.” He extended a hand which Josie took to stand. “I own a local café and am looking for new blood to bring it alive, people with experience, people with a good work ethic.“ Daniel led her over to the lounge where they both sat, “I’ve seen you around here before, and you came recommended. Would you be interested?” He smiled again, still a little too wide, cheek to cheek.

Josie felt she must have still been asleep. Who offers a job to someone at an indoor pool? Her boss must’ve recommended her to make up for management’s piss poor decision making. Was this for real?

“I’m sorry, I’m being rude, Nice to meet you Daniel.” She reached into her purse for a pad and pen, “Yes, of course, please tell me about it.” It couldn’t hurt to at least hear him out.

“Thank you, dear. It’s a simple job, cashier at my cafe with potential to cover other roles. I need someone reliable who can stick to a regular schedule, so I’m willing to pay a little more than the average place. I also understand you have another job, but 40 hours per week would be ideal. I’m sure you can work something out with your current boss.” Josie’s scribbling increased in speed. “This job will include benefits as well, but I need to be honest, there is a catch.” She stopped. Of course there was a catch.

“I do not like the high turnover rate in the food service industry. Hate it.” Daniel grabbed a couple papers out of his folder. “So if I hire you, it will be under a long term contract. Nothing absurd, just one year. In exchange, I will pay you $20 per hour with an opportunity for a raise after 90-days.”

“Holy shit!” Her pencil snapped, another slip of the tongue, though Daniel didn’t seem to mind. He kept the same, wide smile and clipped a pen to the papers. “Now, I don’t expect you to go in blind, there will be a two week period where we feel out if this is a good fit. I want to make sure we are both happy with our decision.” He shifted the papers over.


Thirty days? She scanned over the papers. It was all there, benefits, wage, 14 day probation period and a year long contract with an option to extend to three or five years. This man was serious and all his ducks were in a row.

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Pleeease release a new chapter
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I apologize for the delay! I have the rest outlined and hope to start back at it in the next couple weeks. ❤🐷
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Hope all is well. Eagerly Looking forward
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Love the story. The pig play is always a favorite you display greatly
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Your writing is always so fascinating! I hope you keep going, you've got a knack for the uncanny.
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I bet he hurt her knee on purpose! She hasn't been plumping up the way she shuld but now she will!
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Thank you for the likes, everyone! It's been a while since I've written anything, but I'm enjoying getting back into the groove. I will do my best to keep consistent updates, Hope you like it! ❤🐽