tessa’s bakery crush

chapter 1

“Crap, I’m going to be late!”
Tessa had overslept, again. Luckily at 5’7 and only 120 pounds getting ready was easy. Her blemish-less face make putting make up easy, and picking outfit? Everything looked good with her firm ass and perky D cupped breasts. Being 24 and in the prime of her life just helped give her the boundless energy she needed. Now that she completed her masters and had gotten a job as a corporate accountant she could finally live the way she wanted. Sure the job was dull, but it made great money and left plenty of time to go to the gym or the club.
She finished brushing her long silky smooth blonde hair and checked her watch.
“8:30. Definitely not enough time to make breakfast. Fuck it, I’ll just have to get something on the way.”
Cycling down the road Tessa barely paid any attention to the shops around her. At least until she hit a red light and smelled something heavenly. She was so hungry her mouth moistened and her stomach growled. She checked her watch.
“8:40, that means I should have time for a super quick bite to go.”
She biked around to the bakery next to her, T&J Baking Co. She hadn’t seen it before so it must have been new. She locked her bike and went inside. The cabinet was full of delectable baked goods. Large brownies with caramel and powered sugar, cinnamon rolls so hot the layered icing was dripping off the sides, and chocolate chip cookies so large they were practically the size of her head. At the register was a portly young man with a bright smile and chubby cheeks.
“Welcome to T&J, what can I get you?”
Tessa approached hi,, everything looked and smelled so good.
“Hi, umm I’ve never been here before what could you recommend?”
He thought for a moment before calling into the back.
“Hey John are those maple logs ready.” He turned to Tessa. “I don’t want to brag but we have the best maple logs in the city, my brother makes them from scratch.”
The kitchen door swung open and the most beautiful man came out. He was at least 6’4 maybe taller with dark hair and sharp features. He was carrying a tray of donuts and putting a hot maple log in a bag before handing it to the cashier. Tessa has had no shortage of boyfriends and one night stands, but this was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen
“Alrighty that will be $1.79.” The chubby cashier said.
Tessa handed him the money while glancing at his name tag.
“Thanks, uh Teddy. Your baker must do good work.”
The cashier smiled again. “Oh my brother might not look like, it, but he’s the soul of the whole operation.”
Tessa giggled girlishly. “Well I’ll just have to come back tomorrow then.” She said.
“I hope to see you again. We treat regulars real well.” Teddy replied.
Tessa continued her journey to work. Once she arrived she opened the bag, the donut was practically still steaming. She took a large bite. She wasn’t sure if it was her hunger or her new crush, but this was the greatest thing she’s ever eaten.
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Blubear 1 year
This is one of my fav stories so far!
Fatpeter 1 year
Loving this so far! Can’t wait to see Tessa get even fatter, now she is working at the bakery
Azismiss 1 year
This is really good. Please keep going!
Blubear 1 year
Do you plan to continue this? Ive really enjoyed it so far!
Sweetiepieluxx 1 year
Yes!! In fact putting a new chapter up today.