the injury

chapter 1

Hey guys, this is my first story, so please don't hesitate to let me know what you think :D. Enjoy!

John found himself completely exasperated. He was completely in love, yet could do nothing to act on it. Both he and Anna were in their second year of university , and had been friends for a long time. She was around 5'6, and weighing in around 125 pounds, she was quite thin and athletic. This athleticism had come from her many years on competitive soccer teams. Besides her slim frame, Anna also had perky B cup tits, and a fairly round, but modest ass. Her best features came above the neck. The bright blue eyes, perfect smile, and silky golden hair were what John was so in love with. To top it all off, John was certain that her body was perfect for piling on pounds, which he found inexplicably arousing. This was something John had fantasized about many, many times. In fact, John's theory wasn't baseless, as Anna's body had shown during a particularly lazy off-season. The first to plump up was her pale tummy, which became soft and doughy after a single week of overindulgence. However, despite his attraction to Anna, John was utterly unable to make a move. He wasn't usually the awkward, nervous type around girls, having had several girlfriends, both thin and chubby. He wasn't a bad looking guy either, there was just something about Anna that rendered him completely powerless, and stuck firmly in the friend zone. This had its benefits, such as her telling (and sometimes showing) him whenever she gained a little, and not being afraid to eat whatever and however much she wanted around him. Although these little bits of her Anna's inner glutton showing up were enough to keep John going, he was endlessly frustrated at his apparent lack of game around her.

"I swear she's gonna get married before you get the balls to make a move man" his friend Dylan teased after class "you've just got to work up some courage, and ask her on a date, no big deal." "Yeah, you're right I guess, maybe I'll ask after her game tonight." replied John. "speaking of which, you coming tonight ? I think it's the semi finals, should be pretty good." "No way dude, those games are boring as hell for anyone but you." Dylan responded with a laugh. "I'm going to Tom's party tonight, I better see you with Anna there after the game!"
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AndiFive 1 year
I'm looking forward to seeing how Anna handles this new discovery in her life now.
Theswordsman 1 year
I'm glad John is able to put her happiness over his fetish because it would be a shame for it to come between them
Jazzman 2 years
Nice chapter! Very sweet.
Fatchance 2 years
I am loving this ... some realism with the gaining and romance too.
Karenjenk 2 years
I like that she is addicted and knows.
This hits really close to home for me.
I totally wrecked my ankle and gained.
disgusted with myself some days and other. just... going with it
Theswordsman 2 years
So far so good i like how you left off with the possibility of them getting closer to one another
Akdbsjsn 2 years
Thank you for your comment! It seems that Anna will get a taste for university life in the next few chapters smiley
Jens01 2 years
very nice .....partys food and beer so good for anna