the lonely pig

chapter 1

One day there was this little piglet by the name of juicy. Little juicy one day was walking through the Meadows with her family. When she seen a beautiful butterfly, mesmerized by this butterfly, she began to watch it every flutter. Not paying attention Juicy's family continue to walk without her. As time went by Juicy didn't realize that she was now all alone in the Meadows. By the time juicy realize her surroundings oh, she was all alone. She began to squeal throughout the Meadows calling out to her mama pig. With no respond from her mama. She crouched down in a ditch and begin to whimper as raindrops Begin to Fall. As the night winds howl past her quivering body she was just to dream of a life back on the farm. As day breaks she begins to slowly walk through the Meadows trying to find her way home. She begins to sniff the air because she smells a aroma as she gets closer she realized there is a camp that has been long forgotten she scrambles through Define the smell and found some old scraps. As she Munch down on the scraps she knows she must find a reliable source of food and a good farmer to take care of her. As she begins to walk more as you find a lake that she can take a drink of water from. She begins to try to find how way home. But the deeper she goes the more lost she gets. She begins to wonder will she ever find her mama and her nice farmer that she wants had. Confused scared and sad thinking that she will never find a place called home. She comes across a little cabin in the middle of the metals pass the camp. She goes to the door squeals really loud in hopes that someone would hear. A man comes to the door Scoops her up and says where did you come from Little Piggy. She was so excited squealing and oinking really loud. The man looks down at her and say you must be hungry and very thirsty little piggy. She begins to squirm in his arms and happy and content so he can know she was exactly that. As he feeds her what little scraps he have he looks at the piggy and says I can't keep you piggy but I hope this helps as you find your way home. As the man walks more into The Meadows he releases the piggy for he could not take care of her. Now the piggy wonders what should she do next.
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NYCBellyBlimp 2 years
Definitely a promising start.
Carlos Franc... 2 years
cool story