the neighbor wants to fatten me!

chapter 1 intro

I'm an alien. There I said it. I come from a planet that is rich in all kinds of resources that my people use, but in the interest of keeping our planet alive and in its natural state we use other planets to get what we need. Elements, natural resources, and even livestock from other planets is what we use to keep our environment the same. I would tell you my real name, but it's much to long and difficult for you to pronounce. How about you think of me as Dave? That's a simple and neat name.

Why am I about to be shortly arriving on Earth you might be asking, well it's due to the latter of those things I just listed silly. You see, Earth has these wonderful creatures called humans that tend to fatten themselves up over their life cycles. They start out young and fit, but most with age stop and let their natural tendency on the bigger side to take over. My favorite part about them is that some of them like it! Some of their population actually puts effort into growing themselves into obese and juicy cattle. How could we have not seen them as the most perfect livestock to use? Despite this, laws back on my planets prevents me from raising humans on some type of farm like they do with their own food sources. So! I come to this planet, fatten up some beefy humans, and bring them back home.

Now you might be thinking that a nice plump human in the 200s or 300s pounders are ripe for the taking, but I disagree! You see, unlike some of the cheap other human ranchers, I like to make them massive. Immobility is just the start of what I like to do with them, once they really give in after all. One secret that I discovered, which has brought me my success, is the interaction humans have with a plant's seeds from my home world. Not only does it have addictive properties but also intensifies their hunger and converts all that energy they consume (or calories I think they call it?) into buttery fat! Get you a nice muscular stud, and you can make him carry hundreds of pounds of fat in a few months. I love getting their young adult males when they are in such peek fit condition. That muscle helps them carry so much more weight, and you can use their male ego to make their fattening into more of a competition!!

Wait, you've distracted me you scoundrel!! We are already entering the atmosphere on this delicious planet! You see, I already found the perfect little group of piggies to fatten up! I 'bought' a house right next to one of their colleges. Lucky for me there happens to be three college boys next door, or should I say soon to be hogs? Haha

Time to morph into a plump human myself, then once I have gotten resettled I can introduce myself and begin the fattening!!
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MangaBL 5 years
Can't wait until all three guys are too FAR to even turn their heads!! 😆
Kitty8789 5 years
Keep going!
Hubbert2995 5 years
Please continue