the omg gainer

Chapter 1 - the post to life

It was a particularly cold day and aloe felt it as she glided from class to class in her college campus. She couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday. Yesterday she had posted a message asking for help on a site she didn’t get any replies yet and she was checking after every class....

It was in the afternoon when she had gotten a her first reply to her call out for help. A user had told her about some shake and a whole bunch of foods she could snack on. Aloe had gotten what she needed and typed up a short response. “OMG.....I can’t wait until I can pop a button.” The user then messaged her two more times with things she could do to increase her gain, reduce stretch marks,etc. the next day after college she went to the Pizzeria and she ordered a large with pepperoni. As soon as it was out of the oven she payed for it and practically ran to her dormitory. In there she had locked herself in room. Just as instructed she put on her tightest jeans and then started stuffing her self silly. By the end she had gobbled up the entire pizza. She then proceeded making the shake advised by the user. She immediately felt the heaviness of the it but kept drinking wanting to get fat desperately. She always wanted to be a chubby then fat girl. From the time she knew what fat meant she tried to get fat. In all the failed attempts on stuck out. The one where aha had tried to eat a huge whole cake by herself. “Ahhh” just thinking about her stomach after that made her jovial. Talking about her gut she looked down seeing it spill over a little onto her lap. She pulled up her pants and started to push out and soon enough” thong” her button ha flown across the room hitting the couch. For the rest of the week she had this shake for every meal. She didn’t see much progress except for about a pound and a half. But it was better than nothing. Feeling like a fat pig she went to the super mall to pick up some yoga pants. She knew her tight clothes wouldn’t last much longer.

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I am finishing up my old story tomorrow with a finale of lard and I hope you enjoy this one.
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