the raja special

Chapter 1 - the meet

(First story dont hate made for a bbw named oka)

Jasmine woke up feeling groggy and stood up not wanting to face the day at 5,4 ft and 140lbs she was on the chubby side but never told anyone she was into becoming a bbw. She got dressed then walked outside to campus. That very same day a girl named oka was waking down to talk to jasmine. Jasmine stepped outside to bump into oka. Oka stood there and smiled then said"hey jasmine do you want to have dinner at my place." Jasmine lazily said yes then walked off not know what the day would bring. At 6:30pm she arrived at okas home not expecting oka to be nude.Jasmine ran back outside terrified but turned on she slowly walked back in to oka greeting her formally and saying clothes wernt needed. Jasmine was blushing hard as oka slowly worked her magic to get her into dinner and finally cracked jasmine. "What do you want to do oka why are we nude" oka replied slyly"have you ever had sex before hun its amazing expecaly with a chubby slut" jasmine blushed and tried to leave but oka had hand cuffed her and put a feedee mask on that says mommys little slut. Oka replied"now now jasmine i know your a slut for food so slurp like a slut before I punish you" jasmine being non the wiser listened to oka and ate feeling full and turned on as oka started rubbing her clit and fingering her makeing her moan and cum oka found pleasure to jasmines struggles as she kept feeding he new slut she began to get ideas and oka decided to go get her vibrator and make jasmine sit on it with it being on hight for 3 hours while she pissed,cammed and ate eventually jasmine beccame more of a sub to oka wanting to please her like a puppy she would sit there during her feeding moaning ensureing that she got okas attention and oka would sit there and *** moaning and mumbling about how plump she was getting- to be continued becouse im new at this and I need suggestions on how to do this please leave a comment if you want more and oka will provide you with it
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Fooman 2 years
Damn! what a start!