the second great depression

chapter 1

"So... it's really come to this Daphe." Joanne said as the trucker dropped them off outside One-Eyed Wanda's brothel.

"We've been over this Jo... wolves are at the door, our eviction notice has been issued and well..." she patted the slight bulge where the life was growing within her.

"Little Joanne's daddy isn't gonna be out of jail for another five years, unemployment's run out and there ain't a respectable job left for two women like us. Job markets so damn aggressive companies can afford to take only the best and leave the rest of us hanging... think of it this way, prostitution is the oldest career in the world. We aren't hitting rock bottom, we're partaking in a great human tradition!"

The two sisters let out a humorless laugh and made their way to the door, where smooth jazz and neon lights were already harsh and overwhelming even from this distance.

Daphne took a moment to apply a fresh layer of lipstick, taking a few experimental smacks of her lips and making sure every detail on her freckled face was perfectly in order before knocking.

"Come in!" Came a gruff voice from the other size. "You ladies here for business or pleasure?"

"Um..." Joanne replied. "We're actually here to audition."

The man took a step back and sized the women up. Both were fairly trim, bodies granted from a diet of instant noodle and macaroni, Daphne was as ginger as they came, tall, gaunt and and gorgeous. She was just barely showing the signs of coming motherhood, complete with the most slight and supple swelling of her breasts.

Joanne on the other hand was quite a contrast. Short, blond and tanned by the desert sun. Her blue eyes avoided eye contact with the man as he took in her visage.

The man harrumphed. "Right this way... I'll let Wanda know you're here."


"But you can't turn us away!" Daphne cried, "We spent the last of our savings to get out here! This is our last chance!"

"Tough shit kiddos!" Spat a middle aged woman wearing an eyepatch from the other side of the desk. Wanda was a lean and gaunt women, riddled with scars of unknown origin and mean as a kicked around alley cat. Nobody knew where she got the money to start her empire, but everyone knew Wanda ran the best damn brothel in the western united states."

"Economy has been in a nose dive for 3 years now. You think you're the first two to think of selling your bodies? I got a bimbo for every room, the cost of feeding and boarding you ain't gonna make a return and I'm not in the business of charity."

The woman poured herself a drink and turned her head back to the security camera, watching hundreds of displays of debauchery unfurl ahead of her.

"There... must be some place for us here... there's a reason we came here. We've heard your brothel caters to... the types of acts most turn away from. Please, we're desperate." Joanne muttered, a single tear running down her cheek.

Wanda seemed to ponder this for a moment.

"You... the pregger." Wanda said, pointing at Daphne.

"Ye...yes?" Daphne replied.

"Women are supposed to put on weight during pregnancy. It seems you missed the memo. Occasionally I get the type saying they want lush, glowing and feminine. We put some meat on your bones, I think I can find a room for you, but you gotta commit to filling out that figure. Think you can do that for me?" Wanda stared at the expectant women, already impatient for an answer.

"I... I suppose." Daphne sputtered out, startled.

"No!" Wanda said, slamming the glass down, causing it to shatter.

"The first rule you're gonna learn when it comes to working for me, you don't 'suppose' anything. I tell you I want you filling out, you better get to eating. Get your scrawny pregnant ass down to the kitchen and tell them you're a category 5, they'll get you taken care of."

Daphne looked at Wanda, eyes wide in disbelief, frozen to the spot.

"Now!" Wanda barked, veins throbbing.

"yes ma'am!" Daphne said, standing up and cradling her stomach, filing out of the room.

Wanda went back to staring at her monitors... a minute passed in silence while Joanne sat waiting.

"What... what about me?" She finally spoke up.

"You're still here!" Wanda shouted, spinning in her chair and pouring another glass.

"I already told you... I'm full up on scrawny women. I got no use for you."

"P... p... please!" Joanne said sobbing. "You can't take just my sister, she's all I have left! I'lll... I'll get bigger for you too. I'll eat more than any girl here. I'll eat until I'm so round people think I'm pregnant!"

Joanne pondered this for a moment, tapping a dainty finger to her chin.

"Hmmmm... well... I have a few ***es around here for the real enthusiastic pig fuckers... but if you're really willing to be the biggest pig in the pen, what the hell... I'll take you."

"I didn't say... the biggest." Joanne said, in an almost whisper quite voice.

"Oh... I thought you wanted a job?" Wanda said, "My mistake! So long! Jeff, throw this hoe out the door!"

The burly man from the entrance began to step forward.

"Wait!" Joanne called out. "I'll... I'll do it."

"Hmmm... that doesn't sound like my future prized pig." Wanda quaffed in amusement as Jeff continued to advance. "I've heard a lot of piggies... and they don't sound like that."

Joanne chocked back tears as the man grabbed her by the arms and lifted her by the arms.

"W...waiiit!" Joanne said as she broke out in tears. "snioooogg snooooggg..." She blurted out, imitating a hog snort between cracks in her voice.

"Squuueeeee!!!" She shouted as she was being dragged away.

A thin smile crossed Wanda's face.

"Welcome aboard piggy."
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