the swimsuit

Chapter 1 - at the pool

Lindsay was a 5,8 180 lb chubby woman. With blonde hair and brown eyes. She was the type who would eat less than 1500 calories and workout for 2 hours everyday with no results. Even gaining weight.
Whoo, that was a tough workout, I'm going to head back and got to the pool. Lindsay went to the pool and took off her coverup. It was a hot day so she was eager to get in. But after a while she started to build up and appetite. Hmm, what would have the least calories. She was about to order when she saw her friend Aaron.
"Heyy, Aaron what're you doing at the pool?"
Aaron was her friend, even though Lindsay tried so hard to become his girlfriend. Aaron was a puerto rican guy who was 6,4 and 225 lbs almost all muscle.
"Well Lindsay I just decided to stop by"
"I'll pay for your meal if you want"
"Nah, I'm just going to get whatever you get. But I can pay for it myself"
"Hi, can I get 2 chichen ceaser wraps and 2 diet cokes."
"That'll be $25"
Lindsay and Aaron spent the next 5 minutes fighting over who would pay for it and finally Lindsay let up. While he was paying she slyly moved her stuff over next to Aarons.
Aaron came back with there tray and a smile on his face. Lindsay slowly started to dig in and not soon after her swimsuit started to get tight. She didn't notice as the food was so good, and she was writing a review for her blog. Then finally, Kzrrrp, her bra and panties snapped. She immediately grabbed her towel and through it on. She was so embarrassed.
"Aaron I cannot do this anymore"
"What sweetie" Did he just call me sweetie! This is a sign!
"I eat under 15 hundred calories a day, and I exercise for 2 hours every day. Yet I'm still chubby."Lindsay tried fo advance on Aaron, she rested her head on his shoulder." Baby, I think I'm giving up." Lindsay couldn't see the smile creeping up on Aarons face.
"What do you mean"
"Well, if I can make my life miserable and still gain weight. Then why not live FREE! I'm going to eat whatever I want."
"Babe, I don't care what weight you are I'm in love with you. I just didn't know how to say it"
Lindsay was Head over heals for Aaron and him saying that put her through the roof. She was too busy envisioning there wedding to think it was. Suspicious that as soon as she ripped her swimsuit and made a decision to most likely eat a ton more calories that he feel in love with her.
Hmm, I don't want to advance on him to fast. But I know I can get him hooked, I just gotta leave this pool...

All of my books have a lot of cliffhangers. But I promise there worth it.
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