the tale of two bloated brothers (no incest)

Chapter 1 - where it all began...

Matt and his little brother Terry we’re friends as long as Terry has been alive! They’ve stayed together since their parents divorce and now Matt was about to go off to college. Matt is your typical stud six-pack, brown hair, and dull grey eyes. While he was a stud he was very smart but very emotional. Terry was your average fifteen year old with an average build and average features including blue eyes, unkempt brown hair, and dimples to go with his average complexion. Since their dad left, their mom had taken care of them and their older sister Marley.

Terry was nervous this year he would have to part with his brother. The brothers had a deep connection that could never be broken even between their 3 year age gap. On the flip side Matt was excited he can finally be an adult and not have to listen to his mom’s rules anymore! But he still felt nervous for Terry. At the airplane terminal the brothers said goodbye. Terry yelled “watch out for the freshman 15!” “Don’t worry I will”! He yelled.

At college Will found a gym and got acquainted to the college life really fast. What Will didn’t like to admit was that he was a HUGE glutton the only reason he never gained weight was because of all the sports he did. Around 3 months in he was starting to get burnt out. Will had to rely on a scholarship to go to college because of his dad who took all of their money. Will had pushed himself at the gym because he did not want to look like his dad, a pompous man over 400lbs. But Will worked himself to hard one day and in a scream of rage he got an ankle fracture!The doctor told him he couldn’t do much pHysical activity besides walking, this combined with him being over worked and his gluttony it was no surprised he gained 20lbs by Halloween.To Will’s surprise he liked having the weight on him! Because of the scholarship he couldn’t come home forThanksgiving. This made Terry very sad his brother promised he would be there that Thanksgiving, it was already bad enough that he was bullied for being “dumb”. Terry thought of Will all thanksgiving. Will on the other hand was eating like a king the college had made a feast for the kids who had to stay. Will munched and munched until he stood up and -skrrdge- his stuffed guy split the side of his shirt. In a slightly embarrassed panic he went back in his dorm room. This is when Will had a moment of self reflection that changed his life. “Damn I’m actually getting kinda porky”. He ripped of his shirt jiggled his softened abs. He felt pleasure while doing so, this is when he realized he liked being fat and eating a lot.

The next month was constant eating until Winter Break arrived Will retuned home he was wearing a tight yellow button up with the bottom button basically begging to come out. Terry had been very excited for Will to come back, he could talk about college, finally go driving with him, and he could go shopping for presents! When Will walked in the door Terry was surprised by 2 things obviously the weight gain, and two, the beard on his chin! Will went over to Terry and have him a huge bear hug. During dinner that night it was obviously the stress of college was getting to him. His mom was fully supportive of him and tried to act like the wg wasn’t there. Terry felt betrayed, his brother goes away for five months and he starts to look like a miniature snorlax? Over Winter Break Will continued to stuff himself to the brim he weighed about 230lbs after Christmas. During Winter Break Terry was nothing but cold and rude to his brother he would call him names and call it his eating. One day it all boiled over. Marley served Will an entire chicken pot pie and started eating it. he decided hot sauce would go good with it so he went in the fridge to the bottom shelf and-rriippp- his boxers split revealing two pale moons. As this happened Terry was walking by. Terry had kept his emotions bottled up about how he truly felt, he never told Will about how mad he was for him not answering him. Terry of course kept it bottled and said “ jeez Will keep eating like that and you’ll and up like dad”. Marley’s jaw dropped, she then immediately scolded Terry for saying that. Then Will said “ I bet you have 4 chins under your stupid beard !” Will had enough, he sucker punched his own brother, no, his best friend in the stomach Terry passed out from shock. When he woke up Will was packing up to leave Terry felt terrible about what he did but before he can say he was sorry he left back to go to college.

It was Summer now Terry and Will had no interactions since the incident. Things went terrible for both brothers in their times of depression. Terry had no desire to eat he felt so much guilt he couldn’t eat by the end of the school year he was nicknamed skeleton he was near anorexic at 141lbs his mom and sister tried to get him to eat but he refused. On the flip side Will’s grades were slipping and he lost the scholarship. He needed comfort and pleasure so he turned to food he was 258lbs at the end of his only semester. His gut was droopy but solid his Moobs were plump and his a*s was significantly bigger. Despite not wanting to go back home because he didn’t want live with Terry he had to live there. Once Will moved back in he purposely ignored Terry, he had found a job at Pizza Hut with his old friends. Terry was the most sad he had ever been he wanted to make things right but he couldn’t speak his mind, he lost friends and nothing was fun anymore. Will started having pizza parties with his friends with the leftover pizza, though he never invited Terry he was 266 by the end of June.

Things were tuning up in July though Marley was a culinary student and so she started making all kinds of foods. Of course Will ate what ever he was served, but even Terry was interested. Marley’s plan was starting to work one day Will’s behemoth body and Terry’s skeleton body came in the same room. They looked at each other glumly but they sat next to each other at least. Marley had made an Oreo tiramisu and placed it right on the table. Terry sook a tiny square and nibbles on it and he had never tasted anything better. He wanted more but he told Will he could have the rest, Will thanked his brother for the first time in forever and Marley considered it a success on her part.

August had started which meant Junior year of high school was approaching. Terry had gained a healthy ten pounds but he was still very skinny. Terry had never exercised in his life and he wasn’t going to so he couldn’t have muscles it was miserable on the first month of school every one picked on him, but at least he had his best friend back he thought. He came home with a black eye one day and his mom was obviously concerned. Will had a talk with Terry about his bullies he refused to say who they were because he didn’t want the bullies to get beat up by the much beefier Will. So he told lies about the bullying so he can find away for himself to make them stop bullying him.
October had flew by and with Marley constantly making treats Will got fatter he weighed himself and saw the big 300 on the scale. He self congratulated himself for a bit not knowing that Terry saw him. Terry thought to himself does gaining that much weight really make you happy?
“Maybe I should try to get fat, it makes Will happy why not me?” He found a bag of candy his mom bought for trick or treaters. Hate every last bit of candy in their and thought. “I might be able to do this”

It was now thanksgiving week and Will wanted to surprise Terry for gaining back to a healthy weight. Him, Mom, and Marley made a huge feast that would usually be for a 12 person family but Will can eat the amount of 5 people. Will was about 320 he loved how big he was it gave him a feeling of comfort. The family woke Terry up and showed him the surprise. They feasted that day and had a great time what suppressed everyone though was when Terry ate a whole pumpkin pie by himself. Will was the most surprised by the little guy and gave him an approving smirk. Terry’s bloated body almost popped his pants button before he burped and readjusted it.

It was December now meaning Christmas was near, this year their mom’s extended family was coming over. This meant that the brother’s had to share a bed. Will was now 389lbs and everyone was shocked to see him. A lot of people poked at his gut which he secretly liked. Then Terry came in he had stubble across his face and he was now starting outgrow his clothes but no one could tell really. It was Christmas Eve and Marley made a special Oreo tiramisu just for Teddy. Will complained at first but decided to let it go. Teddy said that he would save it for later. Everyone went to there rooms and Will and Teddy got onto Will’s humongous bed. They stripped down into their skeevies and turned the lamp on. Will looked proudly at his stretch mark ridden belly. He looked over and saw small droopy moobs and a gut that started to have stretch marks on it. Teddy was starting to grow a gut! His tight pants weren’t doing any wonders the button looked like it could come off any minute. “Hey dude you better watch your food intake or you’ll look just like me” “I wish” Teddy mumbled under his breath, but Will heard it. “Wait what” asked Will Teddy knew he was caught so he told him everything. He talked about how happy Will seemed about being fat and how he wanted to be as fat as Will. Will was shocked but he talked about how he loved gaining weight. “My goal is 560lbs you know that right”?“ That seems perfect to me, but it is so hard for me to gain weight though.”I’ll help you little bro or should I say BIG bro” “I’m not fat yet” “get the tiramisu out of the freezer get a scale and put on an old button up” Terry obliged and returned to the room. Will force fed all 50 pieces of the tiramisu into Terry suddenly a the separate pops happ
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Felixsparke 3 years
Liked it a lot! It’s awesome so far!
Thedk159 3 years
I’m confused, did his name change from Matt to Will? In the beginning the older brothers name is Matt then when he starts college it’s Will?