the vault

Chapter 1 - new start

Maria woke up like everyday at 7.00 in her room. Another day of waiting. Today, october 23 was her first anivarsary of working it this bunker complex. Taking care of paperwork, robots and everything that robots couldn’t do. She sat at the Edge of the bed. She was just 22 but she was a brilliant girl. She skipped few years of education because she was just to smart for school. Just before ending college, she was approached by head of the largest USA company. She was chosen to be an overseer of a new project for government. Top secret. They were observing her for some time and she was right person for the job. But she didn’t know what that project was. All computer files are locked and will be unlocked „soon”. Strangly not so long ago files said „When the time is right”. Maria woundered what saw about to happen.

She went with her routine. Working out for and hour, breakfast, checking all systems, checking all robots. Routine was important for her but life her was getting boring. She wasn’t a people person so being all alone with robots in a bunker was somethings she didn’t mind but there was no purpose in her work.
Whenshe was checking the door room something unexpected happened. Alarm went on and doors started to open up. But it wasn’t a normal alarm that went with doors being open. She knew the sound but it was at the back of her head. She went outside to see what going on. It was first time in year that she gazed upon a forest around the bunker. She could hear sirens going on in the distance. Then it hit her. Nuclear sirens. She panicked for a sec but it wasn’t the time for it. She looked around but there were no people.
-The door will lock in 3 minutes. – Said a computer voice back in the bunker. She started yelling, hopping that someone may be near.
- The door will lock in 3 minutes.
Three figures emerged from foods. 3 young girls. They looked scared, confused.
-Over here –Yelled Maria. – Into the bunker now, fast.
Girls didn’t think much about it. Maria stood there waiting and waiting but there were no other people. She returned 5 seconds before doors closed. And then, a moment later, the ground shook.

Maria had her own problems. Nobody from her list showed up. Nobody. Those girls weren’t on the list. She left them in door room to look for answers in her computer. Now all files were unlocked. And now she knew what this top secret experiment was all about. She smiled while reading the instructions. She liked the idea. Did they know about her fetish? Maybe. It didn’t matter. She looked into more files. Well no Wonder why nobody showed up. All people on the list were too fat to get here in time. She needed to modify the experiment…
- Your name? – Said Maria to last girl.
- Well…i… im Anna. – Said blond girl.
All girls were the same age of 23. They knew each other since preschool and they were jogging in this forest for last year, every week. Lucky for them, today they decided to take a new path for jogging. They talked for 10 more minutes. Boring information, just needed for the computer to decide which of them should be a control sample.
- Thank you Anna for you time. – Said Maria very gently, almost carring to Anna. – Wait with other in mail hall, i will be there in just a moment.
Anna left Maria alone in her room. Maria stood up and walked to the window overlooking mail hall. She looked at them, how they were shaking in fear of the future. In her mind they were right to fear. Computer showed the results. Anna and Ola were to be a test subjects and Mila was to be control sample.
The rest of the day went simple. Maria showed whole bunker or at least the part they should see and then showed them rooms.
had her room on the other side of bunker. She complained about it a little but Maria told her that everything need to be exactly as computer said so everything could work properly. Girls settled in new rooms and changed clothes for special suits. Suits were perfect. They felt like second skin stretched a lot. Anna noticed in her room that everything was big. Wide doors, huge reinforced bed. Shower for like 4-5 people. She sat down on her new bed. The Biggest bed she was on. Maybe this room was meant for someone bigger than her?...

… Maria Went down into main lab that was open just after bombs dropped. All robots were up already.
- Hello overseer Maria. – Said a robot painted white.
– I'm AT-33 and i will be your assistant in this experiment.
As you can see – Robot pointed on monitor. –
we are recording only room that are inhabited. To save resources we locked down remaining rooms. I hope you read the instructions?
- Yes i read them. And i hope you recived changes i sent?
- Yes overseer. Changes were accepted and experiment were adjusted to new test subjects.
- And how we plan on going on with experiment?
Robot led Maria to a giant stored room. It was cold here. Whole room was full of metal berrels with name: Serum Ft – 8291.
- We will mix this serum with highly procced food for test subject and see how there body reacts.
- How about control sample? – Asked Maria while looking inside a berrel.
Serum was yellow goo very danse.
- Contro sample will be feed proccesed food without serum. We shall monitor changes.
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SilverPathfi... 2 years
And now I really want a side story about those fat vault candidates that didn't made it to the bunker in time ^^' Their tragic struggle must have been epic.