the waitress

chapter 1

As a table for one Chris always did take out, He would rather eat alone at home rather that eat alone out at the restaurant or in public in general. So when he made his way to the burger place he heard rave reviews of, he planned on taking out, until out of the corner of his eye he saw something. A server with dirty blonde hair, deep hazel eyes, a black top, blue jeans and an apron struggling to maintain its place around her belly, which protruded out more than anything. When Chris saw the beauty with the kind smile he decided to switch it up. And so he told the hostess he’d be eating in. Fortunately Chris was able to choose his table so when he picked he ensured his seat with the heavy girl. She came around quickly asking for a drink order, and then for food a check up and at each point Chris attempted to make a quick conversation or to make a silly joke. Chris wanted to make sure he didn’t come off as a creep and was just genuine to her. Each time she smiled a kind smile and if she laughed she leaned back and had her hands on her big belly. Chris thought she was definitely in the ballpark of 250 pounds, and wanted to make her grow. When the big girl brought over the check she had written in it “text me tonight ;)” with her phone number. Chris smiled and payed the check only to excitedly get home and wait only briefly to text the girl at the restaurant. “Hey Heather! This is Chris, from the diner :)” he typed out and sent. Before briefly dreaming about her and her body before a return text came through. “Hey Chris! It’s really great hearing from you, I hope it’s okay I did this I just thought you were cute and thought you were flirting sooo”
“Haha yeah I was hoping not to make it that obvious but how can I help it around a beautiful woman like yourself”
“That’s so sweet :) I’m lucky to have met a such a cute boy at work today”
“Maybe I could take you otut this week?”
Heather sent back quickly “you can take me out tonight if you want to ;) there’s a beautiful ice cream shop with the best rocky road... if you’d want to”
“Yeah that sounds perfect, I’ll pick you up at 8?” He send back, excited to see the fatty eat
“Sounds perfect”
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Pd500 3 years
Awesome start!