two greedy lovers

chapter 1

Day 1
As the moving truck drove into the distance we waved goodbye. Thank god nothing was broken. I put my arm around my girlfriend Mattie, whos pretty chubby if i say so myself c: I encouraged her to get big and honestly she loves it. She begs me to pet her tummy. She knows exactly what gets me going. We smile and laugh, as we walk inside to unpack our things. Finally we get to live our fantasy. I cant wait to get started!

Day 3
Mattie randomly shouts down to me from the bedroom screaming my name. Sammy! Sam! SAM! SSSAAMMM!!! Is all i hear echoing through the house from the lack of used space. Being overly paranoid, i dash up the stairwell assuming shes in danger. She giggles as she sees me walk in, worn out from the stairwell, probably because of my frequent snacking lately. Mattie excitedly opened a large brown moving box labeled BATHROOM in black sharpie. "I found the scale!" She said. As she quickly removed everything from her pockets and stepped on the scale. "Wow! 177?! Thats a whole 8 pounds in 2 weeks! Im starting to get really big hehe." Mattie said proudly as she smacked her gut. I give her a hug from behind, and tell her how much of a piggy shes become. She said shes starting to developing stretchmarks, which im not surprised about. She really doesnt do much other than eat and sleep, usually sequentially. "Mattie just loves to eat doesnt she?" I say, grabbing her round belly from behind her. "Hehe im out of shape. You made me so greedy Sammy." She says in a cute little baby voice as she softly kisses me on the neck, instantly turning me on. "And it looks like i might not be the only piggy in this house. Someones gotten a little too much to eat lately too?" She says, licking her lips. It was true. My tummy wasnt really toned and defined like before. I had put on some weight. "I think its so cute. I can be a Piggy Princess and you can be the Piggy Prince!" She says, as she looks up at the ceiling with one hand kneading at her belly. I didnt know she liked me being chubby. Ive always wanted to have a plump belly, and have someone spoon feed me peanut butter and other rich, sweet junk food. I wonder if she noticed my erection when i got on the scale, as she had really turned me on, as being fat myself was a long time desire since i was a young teen. I looked down at the scale, peeking over my tummy it read 142.
I was honestly shocked. Matties jaw dropped and you could she she was getting horny from my unfit body. She blushed, and put her hands infront of her face. "Guess you didnt notice, or just not care that your pants were getting tight. I made sure your favorite snacks (Boston Cream Donuts and Cookie Dough ice cream) were always stocked in the kitchen." She said, a little embarrassed. "I just want to fatten you up like how you fatten me up" As she puffed up her cheeks and pouted. She was right. Feeding her is so fun. Her gluttony is unstoppable when it comes to pastries. I always wondered how she had such a big sweet tooth. "Alright." I said. She looked up with a grin on her face. I didnt have much self control when it comes to my favorite snacks anyway, and if i was to become a big fat piggy id want her to gain with me. Either way i was going to get bigger, whether intentionally or not. Might as well enjoy it.

Day 17
Piggy Prince:158
Piggy Princess:184
Oh how ive loved these past two weeks. Mattie has been doing everything for me. She goes to the store to buy food, spoon feeds me until im gonna burst, and plays with my tummy obsessively. She teases me for eating, and sometimes licks my tummy, and squeezes my new little moobs. I dont think ive ever had this much sex in two weeks! Anytime i want she drops everything and pleasures me. She loves to spoil me with surprises too. Things like late night runs to mcdonalds, letting me pleasure her, (which has happened alot lately. She acts like a big porky slut when shes turned on) and my favorite surprise, force feedings. Shell just randomly grab the handcuffs from the dresser, strap me to the kitchen chair with no permission, and bring out the feeding tube and funnel. She says she wants to make me a very big boy. I look down at myself. Ive never felt so fat. My thighs rub together, and my tummy peeks out of my tight shirt. She was 100% in control of my gain and i loved it.
I felt like a pillow. I was already full but i wanted to please my Feeder. She poured the mix into the funnel, a little more than half, then poured some protein shake for herself too. Mattie wasnt gaining as fast as i was, but i fed her whatever ice cream i couldnt finish. She says that greedy boys get to eat first, so i dont complain. She really made me spoiled.

Day 78
Prince Piggy:222
Princess Piggy:227
I popped chocolates into Matties mouth as she rubbed my belly. "I love you pudgy sammy" she would say constantly these days. "I love my beached whale more" i would say, making her blush. We have become so jiggly and greedy. My belly ooses resting in my lap and have 2 big fat rolls hiding my ribs. My moobs have taken alot of the new pounds, as they sag down a half an inch or so. Weve been feeding eachother about equally now, considering that we r both nearly 230 pounds. Matties belly rivals the size of mine, but not quite as fat. Its littered with cellulite and huge red stretch marks, always full like a good girl. she doesnt wanna ever know what hunger feels like again. I constantly crave fatty foods, thanks to Mattie force feeding me only deserts for the past 3 months. i reward Mattie after feeding me by kneading her huge gluttonous tummy and smaking her gut, making her whole body shake. What a fat piggy shes become. She giggled as she spoon fed me peanut butter because i was now so incredibly fat that i had bigger boobs then her. Shes starting to develop an ass, and her thighs rub together, so now she waddles. Its cute, and she can barely walk up the stairs without having a loss of breath. Were both really big. Sex is harder. As so we both are out if shape obese piglets we have to go really slow. Our fat shakes all over each other. The bed creaks under our huge combined weight, and rocks back and forth, making us both giggle with glee. As we admired our fat in the mirror, i looked down at my chest. I pushed my heavy squishy belly around but now matter how much i tried i couldnt see my dick. My gluttony has gotten ridiculous and itll only get worse. Mattie wants me to get so fat that i cant even reach it. So the only way i could get pleasure then is if i do what she says like a good feedee boy. Being a helpless obese boy is so fun, and we only continue to overindulge and stuff eachother silly endlessly.

Day 206
Piggy Princess:253
Piggy Prince:412
Im enormous at this point. My fingers are so big soon im gonna have to use voice text to type this. Mattie decided to stop gaining. I think she had more fun making me fat anyway. I have a wide waddle now, my thighs rub together too much to walk normally. Everything jiggles when i walk, which i rarely move off the bed anymore anyway. Its starting to get hard to take care of myself. Walking is hard work, let alone running not being an option. Nobody would ever believe i used to be on a track team. Not with this enormous double belly. She really loves my belly. My man tits sag and are a little smaller than bowling balls. No energy for sex unless Mattie is on the top. I just am not fit enough. She loves to humiliate me about my fat, especially when im in the shower. She loves watching me struggle to get in and out of the tub, a year ago i could have done that a dozen times without breaking a sweat. Shes made me into a very fat boy. Obese would be an understatement. I cant even touch myself, Mattie only does it when i overeat. Even feeding myself is getting difficult. My arms jiggle and get tired way before im stuffed, so Mattie helps me fufill my greed for food. Most of the time im just funnel fed protein milkshakes by my feeder anyway.
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Sheppy 8 years
This was really just a fantasy i had of my girlfriend and I. But i mean if you really liked it ill write a sequel, make the gain slower and new characters
Sheppy 8 years
Thanks c:
SilkySunshine 8 years
Great stuff!
Sheppy 8 years
Thank you!
Feedher3000 8 years
Wow! Awesome!
Sheppy 8 years