valencia and eve (reboot)

chapter 1

In a collage:
Valencia: I just don't understand it at all...
Eve: Not a single guy asked you out?
Valencia: exactly! What's wrong with me?
Eve: Maybe you're not what guys want these days.
Valencia: Maybe I'm skinny? How is it possible? I've been toning up at the gym like bat shit crazy and my diet has never been better
Eve: That might be a problem.
Valencia: Maybe they want curvy?
In the cafeteria:
Valencia sits at a table with a burger.
Eve: Are you serious?
Valencia: Does it look like I'm joking?
Eve: Cute
Valencia: Fuck. I don't get why I'm obsessed with eating.
Eve: Want guys to notice you?
Valencia: I've been eating a lot trying to get curvier.
Eve: You haven't gained a single pound?
Valencia: No! Right now, Curvy is beautiful.
Eve: Want my metabolism?
Valencia: Yes! You've gained the freshman 15 so quickly. I can't do it like you can.
Valencia takes a bite on a burger.
Eve: Deal. Want curves, Valencia?
Valencia: Yes
Eve: I'll feed you my plate until you can't eat anymore.
Valencia: Like obesity?
Eve: Yes.
Valencia's doctor: Obesity?
Valencia: Recommend a doctor to be part of it?
Doctor: Yes.
Eve's doctor: If something gets too much for you, rub on a piece of paper so you can see
At the dorm:
Valencia eats pizza
In a restaurant:
Valencia eats taco
At Valencia's mother's:
Valencia eats chicken
In a car:
Valencia eats ice cream
In the bathroom:
Valencia notices her belly is touchable to jiggle but she's still skinny
In the cafeteria:
Valencia eats a hot dog
Eve: My fries for you
At Valencia's father's:
Valencia eats pasta
In the bedroom:
Valencia eats ice cream
In the bathroom:
Valencia: Fuck. I still look thin compared to you!
Eve: Be patient. I have something for you that you need in here.
Eve opens her purse.
Eve: From now on you on gonna eat these chocolates in between each meal.
Valencia: Thank you.
Eve: Don't mention it.
Valencia fantasies Eve being skinny white Valencia being fat
Jock: Eve is more than Valencia the fat pig
Valencia in her sleep: Yes, keep calling me a fat pig
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