what i’m going to do to you

chapter 1

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything or make up some BS about how I’ll love you at any size. I want you FAT. Not just another 50 pounds. I want to ruin you forever. I’m talking 400, 500, 600 pounds of pure lard added to your frame. I want you immobile, like a stuck pig, one I can play with all day and night without any worry of you running away. I’ll use every roll and piece of flab on you for my pleasure, and I won’t give a dam about your own health while I do it.

I want your family and friends to hate me. They’ll think it’s great at first that a chubby girl like you got a catch like me, but when they see how fat you’ve gotten after a year they’ll start to worry. Worry about your long term health, your quality of life, worry about me leaving you because you’ve become such a fat obese hog.
I’ll grab your rolls and belly in front of them, telling them how beautiful you are. Every post of you on social media will be us at a restaurant or buffet. They’ll start to realize I’m not normal, I’m not like other men. That I LIKE your fat, and I only want to add more.

They’ll never see you walking again, not after I move us out to the country away from any prying eyes. That’s when I can really start. You’re not going to get fed like a human, but an animal being fattened for slaughter. You know a measly 100-200 pounds isn’t enough for me. I need more, I need you to go from “cute BBW model fat” to “immobile barely alive blob who needs extra oxygen just to cum” fat.

You might have regrets, but I won’t let you act on them. Even if you decided to stop eating, and get some help, I wouldn’t let you. You’d be too weak and soft to fight me, it would be unfair. I can always sedate you and put you under for a few months. You’d be powerless, and that’s the point. An immobile, weak, helpless little pig I can pour more calories into until her heart explodes. Let’s clog your arteries with fat. Make those lungs work extra hard. That heart surely won’t be able to keep up with a blob such as you.

Your family will never know their cute chubby angel will die a wheezing mess away from everyone she loved except her feeder, and even when you finally succumb to the godless amount of lard I’ll have buried you under, it still won’t be enough for me. Pictures of your journey will go up on message boards and forums, and there will be no shortage of eager bodies wanting me to destroy them like I will you.
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Softy90 1 year
oh yes please do that to me. Let me be your fat porker.
Karenjenk 1 year
I would love to be owned by someone like you
Yeet95 1 year
You’d soar way beyond 220 pounds, that’s for sure!