who is in control?

chapter 1

Christina had always been pretty slim, but never as thin as Michael. In fact, the first time she saw him, the first word that came to her mind was "underfed".
Michael always tended to look slightly underweight and every so often his weight would drop down to painfully skinny.

The more Christina and Michael spent time together, Christina began to realize that he never seemed to get hungry. Every now and then, she could get him to eat stuff like fruits and vegetables, but it seemed that Michael had an aversion and distaste for food in general. Michael viewed food in the same way that normal people viewed shit or vomit. However, as Michael and Christina fell in love and eventually moved in together, Christina began to see this unusual quality as an advantage. Michael often took her to gourmet restaurants, and she was always content to finish his food for him.

People always commented on how skinny Michael was, and Michael didn't mind this. Truthfully, he liked being underweight, and food weighed him down and made him feel heavy and sluggish. Being thin also gave him a certain kind of power. It definitely gave him power over Christina. Food was her vice, and her food addiction always made her feel inferior to Michael. She dreamed of someday fattening him up.

However, it also seemed that Michael was trying to do the same thing to her. Unfortunately for her, his attempts were usually more successful than hers.


While Christina was cooking dinner, she heard Michael come home from work. She felt him come up behind her and wrap a spindly arm around her curvy body. In his other arm, he held a cupcake out in front of her.

"Someone brought in cupcakes at work today. I thought you might like one." Michael said.
Christina bit her lip, thinking about how she had put on a bit of weight recently. "I shouldn't spoil my dinner." she said nervously.
Michael slowly unwrapped the cupcake and then held it to her lips. "Go on. Eat it." he whispered in her ear.
She felt her groin twitch in response to this.
She had no idea how Michael could make a cupcake seem so erotic, but she opened her mouth and took a bite anyway.
After a few more bites, she had eaten the whole cupcake.
Then she walked around to stand behind Michael.

"Someday I'm going to fatten *you* up." she said stroking his prominent ribs as she said it.

Michael knew that this was something Christina wanted to do to him, but he vowed to rise above this. He vowed to himself to always remain stronger than her.
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I hope things get better soon! They always do!