the deep web

chapter 1

There are plenty of places on the dark web where you can fulfill even your darkest and deepest desires. No ones desires or deviancies are taboo there, and your only limited by the amount you can pay. For Julia Spencer, this place is paradise. Julia is an accountant for a major international retailer. She is tall, statuesque, blonde, and one of the nicest people you could meet in person. Julia however has a very particular interest. She has always been fascinated with fat, not on herself mind you, but on others. She has always found joy in the growth and debilitation of corpulence. She has never had the means to live this side of herself out in real life, she was too public, too well known in her communities and circles. Luckily for Julia, there is a place she can go. For the past few years, after work, Julia comes home, takes off her heels, pours a glass of wine and sits at her computer. She peruses through emails, catches up on the comings-and-goings of the day, and then the fun begins.

She cant even remember how she found it, but it was all she could ever want. A website, streaming 24/7, called Your Desires. This site specialized in all taboo related fantasies, and for a price you could buy your own. Julia has been watching and digitally caring for one particular individual for the last three years. He had a name once but now she just calls him her hog. He was once a slim young man, probably an athlete at some college, but now he was......well...perfect for her.

Now you may think Julia is heartless, but on the contrary. When she first was connected to the livestream of the young man, strapped to the bed, tired from straining at his restraints, scared for his life, she almost called the police. She had picked up the phone and everything, but then she looked again at the screen, at the poor young man, and she started to wonder what she was capable of. After looking through the options she realized she could control all aspects of what was to happen to this boy. She read through everything, from "Feminization" to "Masochism", the options were truly endless. She finally found what she was looking for "Feedee". One click and a whole world of new options appeared, "Feed", "Fondle", "Fuck", "Bathe", "Comfort" it was all laid out for her. She couldn't resist anymore, she had to try it. She simply clicked feed and watched in wonder at what would unfold.

She could see someone walk into the room where the poor boy was, she was Tall, Statuesque, and blonde, in fact she looked awfully similar to Julia, aside from the dominatrix outfit. The woman simply ignored the poor boys pleas and pulled a tube from the wall behind him. It took a bit of effort but she was able to force the tube into his mouth and secure it firmly to his head. She sauntered over to the wall again and pushed a button. Julia could see the brownish fluid flow through the tube into the boys mouth. She watched his cheeks swell and his throat began to swallow the concoction, to the boys dismay. More options appeared for Julia, "Massage" "Coerce" "Humiliate". Julia settled for "Coerce" as a bevy of sexual commands appeared. Julia was hooked now, she clicked "Hand-job" and watched as the woman began to stroke the young mans cock. The boy began to moan from fullness and pleasure. Julia watched the boys belly swell out like a balloon as the woman continued to pleasure him. It didn't take long for Julia to cum, around the same time the tube stopped filling the boy. She commanded the woman to stop before her new toy could cum, and had her leave without a word. Julia couldn't believe what she had just done, and she couldn't get enough.

Julia spent her nights feeding and teasing this poor boy as he swelled rapidly, quickly replacing firmness and tone for jiggle and flab. She would have the woman occasional hand feed the boy, and get off to his pleas for release, quickly and repeatedly muffled by more fattening treats being shoved forcefully into his mouth. She would command the woman to pleasure him in many ways as he ate, teaching the boy to associate sexual stimulation with hunger and vice versa. The boy eventually grew to enjoy his time, especially as he grew fatter and more docile. The boy would eat, and the woman would please, but only on rare occassions would he be allowed to cum, and Julia loved to hear him beg.

And so it went for three years. She got to virtually grow and pleasure this captive man. And soon she would be able to fulfill her deepest desire.
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Fantastic story!
Petefa 11 months
Nice work.
pepper1985 11 months
i'd love to see what would happen to a female