the brownie incident

chapter 1

She was sitting reclined on the couch, with her feet on the ottoman. She wore a tight blue tank top that hugged her shape and some old gym shirts with a drawstring that hung loosely under beneath her round tummy. He could tell she had eaten a pot brownie. He knew this because when she ate pot brownies she tended to really pig out. On one particular occasion he had seen her eat an entire pizza, a pint of ice cream and two sleeves of Oreo cookies in one sitting. Looking at the size of her belly now, he could tell that she had overdone it again.

"Well, you look like you're about to pop" he said with a smirk.

"Oh I just had dinner." She replied innocently.

"And what was dinner?" he asked incredulously.

"Just a little bit of this and that" she said shortly, hoping to end the line of questioning.

He walked over and patted her large belly. It jiggled, causing a ripple of activity across her stomach. He placed his fingertips under her belly and bounced it up and down. It didn't bounce quite as violently as usual, so he knew she had eaten far too much food.

"Actually if you must know, the scale this morning said I'd lost a pound. So there!"

"Well I'm pretty sure you gained it back and then some after your little feast tonight!" He rested his hand on her belly. "You look like a juicy, ripe blueberry in this tank top, am I gonna have to roll you to bed later?"

She giggled as he gently bounced his fingertips against her belly.

"Oh, does that tickle your big jelly belly?" He picked up the pace of the bouncing, causing her, especially in her high state, to giggle more.

"Let's have a look at the damage." He said, slowly lifting up her tank top, exposing her swollen belly. It looked like an overstuffed bowling ball with one deep finger hole right in the center.

He slowly pressed his long, thin index finger into the fattest part of her belly, right by her belly button. He held it there for a moment, then very gently pulled his finger out to prevent her blubber from popping out too quickly. He liked the feeling of her soft fat pushing back under the compression of his finger, knowing it meant she was growing larger and plumper.

He then began pressing all his slender fingers into her soft, doughy belly, testing each and every inch to see how fat she was becoming. His fingers sunk in almost entirely, despite the fact that she had about eaten three days worth of food. The layer of soft blubber that covered her belly was really starting to thicken up, keeping her belly soft and jiggly, even when she was stuffed.

"I don't know, you feel like you might have a little more room in there" he said deviously.

"No, I'm really full" she protested.

"We'll see about that."

With that, he disappeared into the kitchen and re-appeared with two grocery bags full of goodies.

"I cannot eat all that! I seriously pigged out!!"

"I thought you just had a little of this and a little of that?" He smirked.

She realized she was going to have to eat everything he gave her, only to then be teased for how big and plump her belly was getting. But she couldn't resist.

The first thing he took out was a pint of ice cream - cookie dough.

"Since your belly is so doughy already, I thought this might help" he said, laughing.

He quickly jabbed her belly with the handle of the spoon he was holding, and continued to laugh as her stomach wobbled.

He opened the ice cream and began shoving spoonfuls into her mouth, all the while telling her how many calories were in what she was eating, reminding her that this was no small snack.

"Oh look, a big ball of dough - just like you!" he said, shoving the large spoonful of cookie dough into her mouth.

After killing about half the pint he stopped to admire his work. He took the drawstrings of her shorts and tied them as tightly as he could beneath her belly. He liked watching her belly fat pop out over the drawstring, it made her look so plump and juicy. He then slowly pressed his slender, bony fingers into the round ball of fat, measuring how thick her belly was. He couldn't believe her tummy was still this soft after all the eating she had done.

He looked up and realized that she had started to doze off while he assessed her plumpness. He had the perfect opportunity to show her how fat she was getting.

He retreated to their bedroom and came back with a thin leather belt she had in the closet. She used to wear this belt about 20-30 lbs ago. Not to mention that that 20-30lbs had largely gone to her belly, making it even more farcical that the belt would fit around her rounder form.

He heard her lightly snore. He knew once she was snoring, that she would not wake up easily.

He reached around her, wrapping the belt around her belly. The two ends didn't even come close to touching - they were about 6 inches apart. He held both ends of the belt with his left hand and pressed his palm right onto her rounded gut, pushing it down as best he could.

He masterfully put the belt through the buckle with one hand, then released her belly gently so as not to wake her up. With both hands now, he slowly tightened the belt around her. Her belly, eager to keep its rotund form, rose up around the belt, making her look like a fat, overstuffed sausage. He could tell the belt hole she used to use because it was more worn than the others. He decided to try and close the belt on that one, and was barely able to. Stepping back, he couldn't believe what he saw. She truly looked like Violet Beauregarde, just before her belt popped. He poked and prodded the two large, plump rolls created by the belt. Her belly fat was thicker than the length of his fingers squeezed up like this!

He saw a fork from one of her many snacks sitting on the table next to her. He picked it up and slowly pushed the sharp tines into her tender, plump flesh, jiggling and prodding her. He must have gotten too eager, because this woke her up.

"Hey! What the hell?!" she said, realizing her belly had been compressed by the belt and the drawstring of her shorts. She tried to sit up, but her belly fat was so tightly packed around the belt that she could barely move.

"Well, look who's awake!" he said, taunting her, "do you feel that tight leather strap around you? That's your favorite belt! Remember when it used to fit around you?"

He started pinching the popped out fat, lightly patting it to see how much it would jiggle.

"I think you're getting way too plump, and so this is just my way of showing you how much you've grown. You've gotten so very big and fat, and I was worried you just didn't realize."

"Well, if you think I'm so fat, why do you keep feeding me ice cream and donuts and candy?" She argued

"To teach you a lesson, of course." He replied matter-of-factly. " To teach you that when you eat like a fat little pig, you will start to resemble one!"

He proudly and firmly jabbed his finger into the large, soft roll below the belt

"Now, look at my prize winning pig, all plumped up and ready to eat!" he laughed and realized he still had half a pint of ice cream to stuff her with.

He began feeding her more, leaving the belt in its place. As he fed her, her belly began to strain and swell against the belt. He patted her belly rolls lightly and tapped them with his fingertips sending ripples across her fat.

"Can you please loosen the belt, it's really starting to squeeze me!"

"Well my sweet little plumpling, you should have thought of that before you ate and ate and ate until you were round enough to roll!" he said, pinching her ample fat. He put down the ice cream and pressed his cold fingertips into her chubby lovehandles and slowly walked his fingers across the her bottom roll until her reached her other side.

"I just cannot believe how fat you've gotten. You're an absolute blimp! So chubby and soft, you're like the Pilsbury Doughboy plus 50 lbs!" He began poking her belly with his pointer finger slowly and deeply while making an exaggerated "Woo-hoo!" noise each time his finger was fully pressed into her fat, taunting her.

That additional pressure was all it took for the belt to pop right off her.

He looked at her wide-eyed. "My my my, you've really outdone yourself this time you fat, naughty girl!" He placed both his hands on her belly, which was back it to its original bowling ball form, and pressed his hands into it. "I feel like at any moment the Oompa Loompas are going to come sing a song about how greedy you've been as they roll you away!"

Suddenly, he grabbed his phone, she could see his a wide smirk spread across his face. She heard a familiar tune: the opening of the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka. He liked to play this after she had been particularly indulgent, as a way to teach her not to be so greedy.

As the Oompa Loompas sang, he played with her fat to the rhythm.

- What do you get what you guzzle down sweets? -

He lifted her belly and let it drop, as if testing to see how long it would jiggle for.

- Eating as much as an elephant eats? -

He tucked his fingertips under her belly and bounced it up and down. She lay there helpless as he measured how fat she was getting with his cold, bony hands.

- What are you at getting terribly fat? -

His long fingers pressed deeply into her belly fat. She kept expecting it to hurt because of how far he was pressing, but it just felt like a pillow was being pushed against her.

- What do you think will come of that? -

Another long, deep poke.

- I don't like the look of it! -

He grabbed her lovehandles and jiggled her whole belly.

"I don't like the look of it either! This belly is enormous!"

"Seriously, you better not go wandering in the woods. If you run into a witch she's not even gonna need to fatten you up before she eats you, you're already so plump and juicy!"

Just then as the song was ending, they heard a knock
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Please keep going!!!
Absolutely loved this story!!! Please write more as this was one of the better stories I've read in a while! Maybe more teasing?
PudgyHansel 10 months
Mmmmm.......mmmmm..............MMMMMMMMM No matter how many spins there are on it, Hansel and Gretel is still a fav.
tche 11 months
soooooooo good, poor her, and lucky him
xanadoo579 11 months
Thanks so much!
girlcrisis 11 months
Your writing is seriously good. Wonderfully evocative descriptions and great interplay between feeder and feedee. I hope you've got lots more stories to share.
Oh, you deserve praise a-plenty! You are on fantasyfeeder for three years, and now, in the last three days you post two of the most delectable stories? All I can say is, "More? Please?"
xanadoo579 11 months
Thanks so much for the nice feedback, you guys!
usdaporky2007 11 months
Love it all! Please continue!! The Hansel and Gretel theme at the end was great!
Wow! You've have hit one out of the ballpark with this first writing. I envy your writing talents, and I want to read more.
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Oh my god, it really doesn't seem like this is your first story- It actually turned me on- from the little details to the belt thing. Keep it up with the good work. Maybe you can write about how she tries old clothes on smiley
xanadoo579 11 months
This is my first story - feedback and suggestions for where to go next are welcome!!!