piggy, eat!


*This story is based on a dream I had about a beautiful piggy called Yvette. It is a fantasy setting. Yvette is 23 and Lovalet is 26*

Once upon a time, in a place called Butterness there was a young boy called Lovalet Illyria. He lived on a farm near a lake and he loved feeding pigs. He had long dark blonde curly hair and looked rather nice to the young ladies. He was a bit lonely, with no real friends.

Lovalet Illyria is me!

One day, it was the big feast in Butterness. There was a tent put up for the feasting area and it smelled delicious. They had all kinds of good food: roast chickens, whole roast pigs, all kinds of vegetables, bread, big pies, cheese, and huge chocolate cakes for dessert.

I went over to get myself fed. There was no room inside, unless I wanted to be next to a hairy, smelly dwarf or a sweaty dirty man. I saw there was room next to a rather beautiful young lady. I sat down next to her. "Hello there lady! How are you enjoying the food?"
"Oh it's delightful! I'm Yvette, nice to meet you!" she said in her beautiful feminine voice. I lay against Yvette's side. "Yvette would you like anything to eat?" I asked the lovely lady.
"Oh I'd love a big slice of that heavenly chocolate cake!"
"Ok Yvette!" I cut her a lovely big piece of cake, with chocolate sauce poured over it. "Oh thank you so much! May I ask your name?"
"It's Lovalet. Lovalet Illyria."
Yvette undressed herself to eat the cake. She had a lovely female body shape, with a beautiful pinkish skin, covered in little spots. She had very small breasts for a girl, but she still looked so beautiful.
"Yvette! Silly girl, must you undress to eat cake?"
"Of course, I'd get my dress all messy!"
"Your dress is already messy you silly lady!"
She ate her delicious cake. She got up and helped herself to servings of pork and roast turkey, covered in cheese sauce and vegetables. "Oh I love this food! It's so very delicious and oh so good for keeping me nice and full and well fed. The girl was covered in dark chocolate sauce.
"May we go outside for a little?" Yvette asked me.
"Of course Yvette, as long as you clean yourself up first. She went outside and rolled herself in the grass.
"Yvette! That's not going to clean you up!"
She ran down to the lake. I pushed her in.
"Need help getting out?"
"Please, my friend, help this lady!"
I pulled her up. She was heavier than she looked. "All clean now, you look beautiful "
"Oh thank you Lovalet!"
Her maid, Olivia came out and brought Yvette her dress.
"Hello, I'm Olivia. I'm Yvette's maid, she's the princess of Butterness."
"I'm Lovalet Illyria, it's so nice to meet you and the beautiful princess."
She went over to Yvette and dressed her up..
"Yvette, your dress is a little tight.i think you have gained weight, my lady."
Yvette blushed. "Oh Olivia, I'm sure it's just my dress is too little for me."
Olivia pinched the princesses belly.
"What's this then, my lady. I think you have had too many feasts."
"Olivia I'm not gaining weight! I'm just a growing lady! May I stay with Lovalet tonight?"
She looked at me. "Of course my lady. Lovalet seems to be a very nice friend."

I took the beautiful princess back to the farm, and prepared to make her another big meal.
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Chubpup 6 months
lol girl you find this cute?
I found it charming and cute. Constructive criticism has its place. My view is that truth should be a light on someone's path, it gives direction and help. Not a club to beat someone with. If you enjoy writing, write. This is the place for it!
yellow 8 months
That person was very rude... I think it's a perfectly fine story and you should continue writing it.
Chubpup 8 months
I know I'm very bad at it.
rwagner 8 months
The story has been fun to read so far. Keep it up.
This was pretty bad. Writing fantasy feeder stories is clearly NOT something you do well. Sorry but just trying to be truthful.