9 months of heaven

prologue/7 weeks along

Zoe took a deep breath before tentatively opening up the door and entering her home; moving through the house in almost a trance like state and still trying to process the news that had been thrust upon her. She placed her keys upon the table and sighed heavily. Gazing up and seeing her husband outside working out, she felt a smile creeping across her face. Nerves and excitement jangled within her as she moved to open the door to the backyard. Sweeping her long brown hair from her face, Zoe took another deep breath and strode out to her hubby.

"Oh Zo" grunted Austin in between sets as he noticed his wife's presence. "Just give me a sec" he continued, his face bright read and sweat beading on his forehead.
Zoe smiled and nodded as she waited for Austin to finish. Grunting loudly he forced the bar onto the rack and leaned back and breathed in heavily. "Don't kiss me, I'm sweaty as hell"
"Ah who cares, I'll survive" replied Zoe as she moved in and embraced Austin and pecked him on the cheek. Austin raised his eyebrows and glanced down at Zoe.
"Damn that's a good hug." said Austin with some surprise. Zoe giggled and nodded as he continued. "What did the doctor say? Just a minor bug or something?

Once again, Zoe took a deep breath and pulled her husband's face down to hers. Whispering in his ear, his face went through a tumultuous cascade of emotions, disbelief, shock, and surprise before finally resting on pure joy.

"WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO" roared Austin as he swept up Zoe and twirled her around before she leaned back in and poured all of her own joy into a loving and passionate kiss.

******7 Weeks Along - Continued*****************

Austin gazed up at his wife from the bed. He hadn't stopped smiling since she had given him the news that she was pregnant. Zoe stood naked in front of the mirror gazing at her body, poking at her stomach and staring intently at her boobs.

"I knew they were bigger, I knew it!" she cried.

"Yeah I suppose I should have been more aware of that too, maybe if I had gotten any lately I would have been" teased Austin, throwing a pillow at Zoe.

"Keep it up and you wont be getting any for some time wise guy" retorted Zoe, hurling the pillow back in his direction, and following it up by crashing on top of him.

"Ooof, geez that'll just be dangerous doing that in 9 months time! I'll be flat as a pancake" laughed Austin

Zoe laughed along with her husband, but he could clearly hear how hollow the laugh was.
"Aw I'm only kidding hun, don't worry you'll look gorgeous, and I'll be able to take you on no matter what" said Austin, nudging her in the arm.
"Ow!" cried Zoe, rubbing her arm. "Yeah I know Ozzy, I love you, and I'm sure I'll get used to the idea. I just don't wanna have to put up the attention and the poking and public belly rubbing and all of that shit. I mean I wish everyone would be distracted so you and I could enjoy this journey in peace."
Austin nodded and pulled her in close. "We'll think of something hun, you're doing the most amazing thing ever for us; and I want to make it as easy as possible for you!"
Zoe smiled again as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Regardless of how things would pan out, the couple were in for the ride of their lives.
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giantjay 3 months
Really enjoyed this sweet story! Would love to see him two or three years later, still being fattened! smiley
This story was great! I would have loved to have known their actual weight and belly measurments but you did this extremely well. More of this please! Whether it's a follow up story or an all new one smiley
Chub41ub 8 months
This was really sweet & a lot of fun to read. Thank you for sharing!
billedmeup 8 months
Nicely written. Very fun story, I loved it.
otherland78 8 months
Hmm wonderful lovšely romantic and sexy but i wonder if he tries to match her in slimming down thehe and how that would go with his now unrestricted gluttony and her spell over him smiley
darrin 8 months
Best story ever
Bbman26 8 months
Wow I like this, great story