the evil weight loss doctor

chapter 1 - college piggys and how to pick them

It was the perfect plan. Doctor Roy was a man that loved giant women. Particularly he loved seeing women grow from average to bloated and massive. When in medical school he had numerous girlfriends that he systematically grew from average to large girls. He never told them he loved fat girls but eventually every girl who was he girlfriend gained massive weight. One story in particular was the girlfriend Anna. Anna was swept off her feet by the pre-med student his was tall and handsome. It wouldn't be long before she fell into his secret trap.

She was never skinny, that was a per-requistie for anyone who Doctor Roy set his sights on. When oyu want to grow a women he said, you want to choose one with the genetic make up to be a real piggy. When choosing a women to grow the doctor always looked for tell tale signs of genetic predisposition to becoming a pig.

He scanned classmates for larger hips, chubby faces and larger arms. By the time a women is a sophomore in college her future reveals itself. Most important was finding a girl who was comfortable with her body.

It is far more difficult, though extremely rewarding to grow a women set on being a skinny women she will never be, he said.

Such endeavors should be left to an advanced feeder.

Anna was just the right size, already plump, larger hips and beautiful large legs. Doctor knew just like a puppy with thick strong angles, who would grow into a large dog, so too a women with large angles would be destine to be a fat piggy.

Anna was perfect, larger hips than anyone other girl in the class, confident and pudgy. She had to weigh 155 pounds. One of those girls who had dieted but always failed and finally had become comfortable in her larger plump body. Little did she know her attraction to the young hot doctor would bring her to nearly 400 pound in just two years.

It was simple, treat your new piggy like a princess and reward her with food. let her nature disposition to indulge in food take her to new places.

Before taking on Anna the doctor had one test, he would want to see a picture of Anna's mother. In one night of heavy drinking Anna pulled out her phone and show the Doctor her parents.

As if a wave of bliss had hit the doctor, right in front of him was Anna's mother. 5 foot 7 inches, nearly 400 pounds, she was an angel. So big the doctor undressed Anna's mother with his eyes. Roll after roll of beautiful fat he envisioned. A massive belly and better a huge ass and giant legs. It was at that moment he knew Anna would become a massive fat piggy for him to kiss and fuck.
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I think the doctor could have a good time measuring and weighting all his clients and also testing and mesuring their "skin fold" in various places...
QuebecFA 6 months
I really am loving this story so far! I can't wait to read more! :>
Anto 6 months
Contin˙e plis ❤