from piggy to princess

chapter 1: childhood

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom in Bavaria, there lived a happy family, the Mullers. They were quite wealthy, but family love was what they valued most. One day, just as their baby daughter Pamela was celebrating her tenth birthday, a tragic accident happened, and the mother died. This left the girl and her father James all alone in their big manor house, surrounded by a wooded forest. Stricken with grief from the tragedy, the father shut himself off from the world and toiled away as an accountant with limited contact to the outside world. While he loved his little daughter very much, she looked so similar to her mother that he couldn't be around her. He gave her to the cook to raise, and while he visited periodically to help with her lessons, he become reclusive. The daughter channeled her grief in another way: food.

At first, giving little Pamela an extra dessert to placate her was the easiest way to ease the tears. But it became a cycle as she felt neglected by her father and beloved by her replacement mother, the cook. Bribed to be kept out of the way with an extra portion at dinner or a snack to bribe her to bedtime became more common. Good behavior meant more food. Soon, Pamela just got used to eating more and more. With her father fearful of anything happening to his precious daughter, he refused her pleas to go outside to play. Her activities remained sedentary and indoors: reading, sewing, writing, and of course, eating.

With an overstocked library nobody frequented, Pamela became quietly intelligent, but with no one to truly share in her intellectual pursuits.
And so it went for four years, but even as her grief morphed into acceptance, Pamela just normalized the role food played in her adolescence: a comfort and a friend. Still remarkably wealthy from his business despite only existing to the outside world via assistants, her father only sporadically checked in on his daughter to make sure she was taken care of. Her need for new clothes was never an issue, and it felt like the seamstress was making more frequent calls to the Muller house. But Pamela barely noticed, and immersed herself in her fancy dresses, unaware that her life of quiet decadence would shift dramatically in the next few months.

At fourteen, Pamela's father came across a banking inquiry from a widow named Liana who was recently the single parent of two twin daughters, Amanda and Lucinda. When Liana heard that the rich banker was single, she knew it would be easy enough to trick the recluse into marriage with her feminine wiles. As she ramrodded her way past his assistants, Liana sweettalked her way to the sad heart of James and promised to love his adorably round daughter as much as her own twiggy twins. Needless to say, when James and Liana were engaged after just a month of courtship, he didn't notice the disgusted look Liana made as Pamela ate through her tears at the celebratory wedding reception.

After the wedding, James became withdrawn from his daughter as his new wife preferred lavish travel to faraway regions. Saddled at home again with no one to look out for her, Pamela once more retreated into the warm embrace that food provided. The fullness in her belly eased the emptiness in her heart. Coming up on fifteen years old, when most girls' bodies are changing, Pamela became an extreme example of puberty.

Easily approaching 200 pounds but with no way of knowing or really caring, she was nearly as heavy as both her stepsisters combined. But while they were more waiflike, Pamela sported a more lush figure on a petite frame. Framed with dark brown hair, her rounded face that sported a wobbly double chin, she descended into a grossly exaggerated hourglass shape. The fashion of the day was cinched waists, which only emphasized by lifting Pamela's heavy breasts that were the size of overripe cantaloupes and her padded bottom nearly a meter wide. Her shapeless arms were hidden in billowy sleeves that masked the wiggle of the wings as she fed herself. Her seamstress gave up on a corset for her, and instead her the true size of her stuffed stomach remained half pinched by always-shrinking hosiery. Pamela never seemed to grow wider, but outward. When she ate alone, she'd roll the tight stockings down and reveled in the feelings of core-tightening pleasure she got as her stomach would rub snugly against the fabric of her dress. With nothing but archaic books to teach her about her budding sexual maturity, Pamela none-the-wiser began to associate the pains of stuffing with bodily pleasure and vice versa.

Her stepmother found her disgusting, and was all too eager to hide Pamela from the public. She insisted that Pamela eat separately (especially when they had visitors), but that was only enforced as often as Liana was home. Gallivanting around, Liana was rarely home to witness the wicked ways of her daughters to Pamela. Often jokingly called pregnant by her callous stepsisters, Pamela's stomach would be the first thing people would see as she entered a room. Her legs remained strong but still brushed together as she waddled away from their taunts. "When are the twins due?" they'd tease, made vicious by the lack of parental supervision.

The two girls would mock Pamela's increasing bust size by making comments to her being more like livestock than a girl. "Nice udders, dear sister, maybe you should moo when you eat. Can you make more cream than you drink?" or "Here comes porky Pamela", they'd jeer, "Don't you know that piggies eat on all fours?" Tricking the cook that they were all going to eat as a family, Amanda and Lucinda would eat little of their meals, and put their leftover food on Pamela's plate. Already given a larger portion from the sympathetic cook, the extreme dinner platter was then placed on the floor. If Pamela wanted to eat, she'd be forced to crawl on the ground on all fours, and eat dinner face first, like a pig at the trough, while her stepsisters laughed with glee. Their wickedness sated them as they'd mock Pamela's messy face and chest from her pathetic attempts to eat with weakening arms to support her.

As often as she could, Pamela would retreat to her room with a wedge of cake, a turkey leg, and a book. At this rate, she just lost all hope of a happy futured and accepted her gluttony. With books as a refuge, she'd escape into a world of fantasy where princes married beautiful princesses of any size, and pretended that one day someone would notice her and smile with tenderness and not wickedness.

Thoughts? First stab at a story I've had as an fantasy brewing. Next two chapters in draft now.
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Glad to see you're continuing the story!
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"The prince's tale"
Imagine if you swapped this chapter for Snape's story, and gave it to someone who's never read Harry Potter.
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Very nice read indeed, would love to read more!
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