dream 1

Just some details about my self first before you start reading about the Dream. My Name is Scarlett,current age is 22.I have Long Brown curly hair,that's usually up all the time in a pony tail. Beginning weight in the Dream is 175.9lbs. I hope you enjoy!

It was..8:30am,the usual time I always wake up. Today was the day.My first Real job. I just moved to this small town..but not small people. Everyone is mildly obese in this town. Well...mostly all of the women. The job I'm working for is called 'Testing'.
The company has sent Emails to Women who seem interested. The email read..

Dear Miss Scarlett,
Sence your last appointment at the doctors,we've noticed your weight slightly rise.We are wondering if you want to be huge. If you don't want to,it's totally fine. If you are interested it's called 'Testing'. Where you get to try our new 'Fatty Snacks'.There will be 10 stages of Testing! If your lucky,you might get more stages! If you decide to do this,please come in anytime in 1 month,we will pay for an apartment for you to live in. And we also advise you to not eat anything that MORNING! You can come in around 10:30am. Hope we see you soon.
(Boss of Company)
At the end of the Email,it gave the address.Of course I was interested! I always wanted go gain weight,and a lot of it! I responded saying I was very interested.

Quickly getting out of bed,I grabed a new pair of clothes and walked into the bathroom,taking off my pjs. I got in the shower and washed my body. After I got out i quickly dried off and put on my clothes. I put my hair up in a high ponytail,and then put on my shoes. I walked out to the car and drove to the location. Honestly I was a bit scared and happy at the same time. I look at some Obese people in Windows In fast food restaurants,and imagitiond that soon I was going to be that big. I finally got to the Factory.I walked inside and to the 'Main office'.
"Ahh,you must be Scarlett!" The lady at the front desk said. "Yeah,Hi I'm here for my first day!" I said.
"Well of course! We are very happy you chose this job! Now if you could please take off everything and put these on.." The lady said handing me a pair of a stretchy bra and panties. I took off everything and put the stretchy things on. "Now please sir in this chair.." The lady ordered.

I sat down in the chair and it read aloud '175.9lbs'.
I looked at the lady's Computer and it looked like more things were poping onto her screen about me.She wrote a lot of things down,and then the chair started to move. "Miss Scarlett,we hope you enjoy your stay!" She smiled. "I sure hope so" I replied.

The chair took me into a dark room. Once the lights were on I look around and see robots all around me and they picked me up and put me onto a twin bed laying me straight on my back. They all started to poke my stomach,and my breast. They mainly poked my stomach and my thighs. They then said something but all I herd was 'stomach will get bigger'. I then look ahead of me and see a giant Robot,thay looked like it had I giant stomach came into the room,that had tubes for arms. All of the Normal Robots left the room as The giant Robot put both tubes into my mouth. It turned on and a thick liquid came slowly down the tubes and then info my mouth. I started chugging down the sweet thick liquid. I felt my stomach Expand and slosh around. In just seconds my stomach Rise. I also felt my Arms,hands,legs,feet puff up. My cheeks got puffy,and I could feel my fat chin get bigger. The giant Robot turned the speed up higher and I started chugging faster. My thighs started to get wider and My stomach expanded and was rising even faster Soon the liquid stoped and took the tubes out of my mouth. The giant Robot made me sit up on the bed and left the room.

Macanical hands come down from the ceiling with cakes and stuffed my face every second. My stomach got wider and everything else started getting puffer. Soon my thighs,and my stomach were almost the same size as the entire bed. My stomach reached the end of the bed and my thighs reached the top of the bed. I herd loud creaking underneath me and the hands went away. I still felt my body puff up and let out a large,loud burp and my bed broke in half.

The Normal Robots came back in the room and picked me up.The chair came back into the room and they put me in it. It read aloud '490.8lbs still growing.' The Robots were concerned and some left the room. The chair took me into another Room with a queen sized bed. The robots picked me up and flopped me onto the bed. I was super full, but I didn't want to stop eating and chugging. An Even Bigger Robot comes into the room 2 bigger then me and puts tubes into my mouth and quickly liquid came rushing down the tube and into my mouth. This time I grew even faster and thicker. My breast finally began getting bigger and i felt my stomach creating more rolls. My stomach couldn't stop sloshing around and my breast. Soon my Breast passed my view and My stomach wad rising higher.

I then felt the robots lift me up as I'm still chugging and see the Boss of the company.

"Hello Scarlett,keep doing your thing...I just want to tell you that you are over reacting to our products that's making you bigger,don't be alarmed! This happens to most of the girls Here.. Bigger is Better! Anyways you will be moving on to your next stage in a couple of minuets anywa--" He was interrupted by the queen bed Smahing hard onto the ground as everything bounces and I fall onto my stomach. The giant Robot took the tubes out of my mouth.
"Misunderstood!" The boss Laughed. The Robots face me up so I can see him. "Like I said,don't be alarmed..but the next round might be a bit challenged for you" He says walking around me to see my whole fat self. "You got huge stretch marks the bottom of your stomach,on your waist,inner thighs,and breast,shouldn't be a problem for you after all!" He said. The Robots picked me up and carried me to the next room.

5 Large tubes quickly pop into my mouth and quickly start filling me up. Everything on my body was getting huge. Soon I was almost as big as the entire room.

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