chapter 1:captain cooks terrible tavern

It was a chilling, ill-lighted night in the 1690s...
A intense boreal fog swept the dingy alleyways which could freeze a lit candle.And not even the paupers were about the dark streets this night,except for one.A vertically challenged girl by the name of "Lily".

Lily was quite stocky for a girl and although malnourished still posed heftier than any other pauper.Her hair was short and coarse, and seemed to be covered in snow but with a closer observation it can be seen that it is just that her hair is pure white.Her eyes shined like blue diamonds even in the darkest of nights and her pale skin had this mysterious glow that caused her to seem almost ethereal if not for the cloth rag that she wore as a dress. The only piece of clothing she wore that seemed to be of value was this silver necklace which had a golden coin attached to the end.

She was close to death, making her way through the alleyways until she found herself collapsing. Her legs felt frost bitten and numbed. Face first laying there in the snow she had given up,passing out as she heard the footsteps of death approaching...
Or so she thought.

"Oi, wakey wakey sleeping beauty" boomed a rough voice

Lily slowly came back into existence and was greeted with a face most jolly. A big beard covered most of his face accompanied with an eyepatch. Long strands of black hair shrouded the sides of his face and all that could be seen was an eye some skin and a devilish grin.

"Wher- where am I?" slurred lily. Notably realising she was somehow quite hungover

A big boasting laugh was suddenly released by what seemed to be a crowd of people.

"She don't remember at all Captain!"
"I think the booze really got to her"

The face backed up to let Lily take in her environment.She found herself laying in a tavern. A thick smell of alcohol and meat filled the air and a comforting warmth caressed her skin a feeling she had not felt in a long time.Looking upwards she was immediately shocked to see a man in a long black coat, with a flintlock pistol strapped onto his waist. Hand on hip, other was replaced with what seemed to be a giant wooden spoon! and bearing the face mentioned previously with a black tricorn placed upon his crown. Behind him a drunken lot of pirates...
Lily was too frightened to move or say anything. She realised that she has been captured and needed to see if there was anyway of staying alive.

"What's with the frightened look lass?" questioned the Pirate captain.

"There's no need to be so panicked, you are with Captain Cook and his Jolly pirate crew" he proclaimed, as his crew began to cheer behind him.

Cook kneeled down and offered his hand to Lily.

"Please lass"he said sweetly" lets get you off that rotten floor and somewhere comfy so I can explain whats going on."

Lily's hand raised and slowly met up with his. He pulled her up onto her feet and pointed his spoon towards a plump tavern wench who was cleaning a spill.
"you there"He commanded"bring this young lass to a bed chamber, get her some comfy clothes and one of me finest brews."
He looked at Lily

"This one is gonna need a good filling up before she can start workin' here." He chuckled.

"filling up" Lily thought to herself, what does he mean by "filling up"?

"I'll be over there in a bit" grinned Cook "I just need to prep somethings first.
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