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ana's been getting fatter. oopsie.
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Wie ein Mädchen die Kontrolle verliert.
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Kali is college girl living in a sorority house, unknown to her that it is a hub for the FA community to pick and choose their victims of fattening. The soroity girls have decided to fatten up Kali, a boy named Dylan taking special interest in the bloate
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6 months
"In German" - Eine Geschichte, voller Magie und wachsenden Bäuchen.
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two small fit, females feeding an already large man to full capacity
4 chapters, straight male
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just a little wish I have involving a friend of mine
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3 days
When Nuclear war was but a matter of times government decided to build with a help of the richest man in the country shelter to save as many people as possible. Price for that help was just a one shelter to rule as he wants with it and with people within
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2 weeks
A college senior with a budding Feedee side discovers a new lifestyle with Uber and Uber Eats.
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A spin-off of my Meeting Mary story. Welcome to Fatworld focuses on Mary, who has been shipped to Fatworld. A place where overweight people are taken to to get beyond immobility. Note: This story includes humiliation and can be harsh.
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2 years
The sleep over of a lifetime... (Might contain force feeding, sex, stuffing.. Ya know the good stuff) New chapters every day or every other day... Enjoy!
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