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fetishes7 years

I like rape RP also, light B&D, golden showers, anal play, and of course BBWs.

You will note a kinky person's definition of fetish is much different from the vanilla. For example I know a lady who think using a vibrator is a fetish.

fetishes7 years

I am into BDSM and kidnapping rp. Also part of the BDSM thing I perticurly am a fan of gags. I also own several sex dolls.

fetishes7 years

watching a girl gain and helping her

worshiping her

face sitting

eatting her out both holes of course

teasing both ways

femdom in general

basicly i want to be some bbw's toy to be used how she wants to see's fit

fetishes6 years

belly punching !!!! smiley and slapping !!!

fetishes6 years

Lactation is a huge fetish for me I can't wait till my fiance gets preggo. So I can suck on those sweets breasts and get all the milk I need.

Another fetish is I have is FemDom and to be dominated by a BBW. I am talking full on strap-on fun. I want to be bent over and f*cked by a BBW with huge boobs and a ***.

fetishes6 years

I have quite a few actually, though my "fat" fetish is my main fetish.
Other than that, I really like
-leashes and collars
-I have a slight thing for pregnancy not gonna lie
-rape role play
-handcuffs obviously
-women (exspecially chubbier ones lol)
-drunk/pot fetish
-Burlesuqe/ dressing up
-Power play (being dominated while acting dominant)
-being pampered <3
That might be it.

Some things I don't like...
-humiliation (for the most part)
-things in my butt...
Probably a few more, but those are just a few common things I really dont like

fetishes6 years

CurvyEm wrote:
All my fetishes are fat related. As in I can't achieve climax without that aspect. So yeah, fat is my fetish but there are lots of other things I enjoy but wouldn't be able to achieve climax without the fat aspect.

Sorry, I didn't read this untill after I had made my first post haha
I feel the exact same way! It took me a really long time to accept it though.

fetishes6 years

let me get my list


Into: age play, air inflation (giving), anime (watching), ballet boots (watching others wear), ballet heels (watching others wear), bbw, bbw/bhm (everything to do with it), belly inflation (everything to do with it), belly stuffing (giving), big butts (watching), big girls in fishnet body stockings (watching others wear), big tits (everything to do with it), biting (giving), blueberry inflation (watching), body inflation (everything to do with it), body modification (giving), body paint (everything to do with it), body painting (giving), body stockings (watching others wear), breaking glowsticks and painting naked bodies (everything to do with it), breast expansion (everything to do with it), breastfeeding (everything to do with it), breasts (everything to do with it), candle wax (giving), catsuits (everything to do with it), classic cars (everything to do with it), clothing inflation (watching others wear), colored tights (watching others wear), corsets (watching others wear), cowgirls (everything to do with it), daddy daughter roleplay (everything to do with it), dancewear,tutus,leotards,seamed tights (watching others wear), doctor/nurse play (everything to do with it), enemas (giving), erotic literature (everything to do with it), erotic weight gain (giving), exreme enemas (giving), extreme enemas (giving), fat bellies, fat girls (everything to do with it), fat girls in fishnets (watching others wear), fat girls in wedding dresses (watching), feederism (everything to do with it), feeding/weight gain (giving), feet/legs with pantyhose or stockings (watching others wear), female ejaculation (watching), fishnet body stocking (watching others wear), fishnets (watching others wear), food network (watching), food play (giving), foot/feet (everything to do with it), force feeding (giving), forced cow play... with mandatory daily milkings... (giving), funnel feeding (giving), hair pulling (giving), handcuffs (giving), harley quinn (watching), high heels (watching others wear), hucow (giving), huge boobs (everything to do with it), human cow (giving), human cow, suction, milking (giving), humiliation (giving), impregnation fantasy (everything to do with it), inflatables, inflation (everything to do with it), kissing (giving), lactation (watching), large volume enemas (giving), latex (everything to do with it), leather (everything to do with it), leggings (everything to do with it), leotards and tights (watching others wear), lingerie (watching others wear), liquid latex (everything to do with it), lycra/spandex wear (watching others wear), maiesiophilia (everything to do with it), nipples (everything to do with it), opaque tights (watching others wear), pain (giving), pantyhose/stockings (watching others wear), pigtails (watching others wear), playing the guitar, pregnant bellies (watching others wear), pregnant women (everything to do with it), rubber (everything to do with it), rubber toe socks (watching others wear), schoolgirl uniform (watching others wear), sex with pregnant woman (everything to do with it), shaved pussy (everything to do with it), spandex (everything to do with it), spanking (giving), squirting (watching), ssbbw (everything to do with it), ssbbw wearing pantyhose (watching others wear), tickling (everything to do with it), tights (watching others wear), toe socks (everything to do with it), transformation (everything to do with it), twilight saga (watching), ushimimi (giving), vampire bites (giving), vintage lingerie (watching others wear), whips (giving), zentai (everything to do with it).

Curious about: saline breast inflation (watching).

and still growing

fetishes6 years

I confess I'm also forced-cow-play... with-mandatory-daily-milkings-curious. Anybody want to help a first timer?

That was an impressive fetish list, and if I were a woman, I'd make sure never to get drunk arround you, lest I wake up with a huge enema nozzle up my ass, being milked in a glow stick soaked catsuit with little latex toe socks while you jack off to the food network.

fetishes6 years

I have a fetish. Where I take a nice Babe, and pump an 8 quart beer Enema into her butt. Then after makeing her due 25 jumping jacks, I strap her to a ceiling fan and make wall Murals. For some reason I'm having a little trouble finding a Babe to go on a second Date. What's up with that? Hey Alabamakmg,I suppose if you were a girl, and my date,it would be a one night stand to. What a party pooper.smiley
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