8 mins ago
this week i gained so much, i had multiple chickens and lots of ice cream. i ate a stick of butter as well today. pants are getting a little snug, but i have always dreamt of getting bigger.
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2 hours ago
I woke up this morning and did my daily weigh in and what do you know, a couple more lbs! It's been very hot in my area lately and though I've been trying to increase my appetite, it&apo...
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2 hours ago
Just keeping track of how much of a fatty ive become lol
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4 hours ago
I have been stuffing and bloating past few days! My stomach is growing! I managed 6 croissants and a big bag of minstrels just for breakfast!! I been water bloating aswell and Coke, currently l...
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7 hours ago
I've been eating a lot more lately and slowly but surely the pounds are creeping on. After a couple of massive binges I'm noticing I crave more food each day. Can't wait to grow more...
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9 hours ago
In a week i've put on 12 pounds!!! I've stuffed myself crazy this past week and decided to start heavy cream shakes twice daily. Once in the morning and once before bed. It's obvious...
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12 hours ago
So it's been about two weeks since I last weighed myself and due to some encouragement from the boyfriend, I decided to step on the scale again today. I managed to gain 6lbs since my last weig...
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15 hours ago
This weekend I gained four pounds!!! I totally stuffed myself silly inbetween my long work hours. Before work on Saturday, I stopped to get breakfast and ordered three stacks of Pancake Sundaes, an...
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16 hours ago
I'm getting to where I'm not trying and I'm still gaining ..hard to keep up I guess my new goal is 160 I need more food 😥 my dream of my thighs rubbing is official
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18 hours ago
It turns out I couldn't stay away from food and fat, as I have lost 10 lbs then promptly gained it back plus 3 more. I'm fatter than ever now.
+13lbs, currently: 248lbs, goal: 280lbs
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