2 hours ago
Here's hopping I can keep my goals. Would love some encouragement and teasing.
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21 hours ago
i havent been on for around 3-4months and ive got BIG news, Im a big fatty now!!! i gained 99lbs in the past months and im loving it !!!! :))))
+30lbs, currently: 200lbs, goal: 203lbs
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184.6 lbs morning weight, 43" Hip measure
+1lbs, currently: 185lbs, goal: 190lbs
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2 days ago
Weighed in today and I've gained six pounds this week. I've been eating meals constantly throughout the day and even got two stuffings in. I wish the gain would be bigger but even I know ...
+6lbs, currently: 309lbs, goal: 799lbs
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2 days ago
Basically been spending all my free time eating :) mostly donuts, pizza, ice cream and burgers. Can't wait to get more time to partake in my favorite hobby over the summer!
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2 days ago
Today marks 2 months since I crossed the 300 pound threshold for the third time but this time I've gone wwwaaayyy over the line. When I intentionally started gaining last July, I never thought...
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3 days ago
So after a long time I'm finally growing again! Oh it feels so good! This is the biggest I've ever been and I plan on getting bigger!
+12lbs, currently: 317lbs, goal: 350lbs
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3 days ago
Gonna stuff myself ***ed this weekend. Last week I added a small snack to my daily commute to and from work by bringing sticks of butter along. I can almost feel myself getting fatter daily.
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3 days ago
Stuffed myself all week and want to stuff even more! :)
+3lbs, currently: 218lbs, goal: 300lbs
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3 days ago
Just starting out here. Hoping to gain 20 pounds to make 150 and go from there. I've gained about 10 pounds already in about 4 months and loving the fact my jeansgot tighter
+0lbs, currently: 130lbs, goal: 145lbs
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