cytorah   +10lbs

  2 entries 3 hours ago
currently: 370lbs,   goal: 799lbs
Since I've been on this site I gained a good 10 pounds, I am upping my game. 15 pounds a month is almost easy! BUT I need the help! Any donations helps me get to immobility THAT much quicker!! :D

SofterSophie   +3lbs

  27 entries 7 hours ago
currently: 215lbs,   goal: 200lbs
This afternoon I was at a BBQ/pool party. I realized as I sat down to enjoy a plate piled high with a cheeseburger , some chicken, and a variety of sides, that when I went to rest the plate on my l...

Feedmeimmobile   +5lbs

  1 entry 17 hours ago
currently: 385lbs,   goal: 799lbs
Gained another 5lbs :) so close to 400 now

H34vyCr34m   +30lbs

  1 entry 2 days ago
currently: 200lbs,   goal: 400lbs
Beginner belly achieved, up 30lb from last summer... now to double it ;)

BlindFA   +0lbs

  1 entry 2 days ago
currently: 210lbs,   goal: 350lbs
I love unrestrained gorging on chocolate and cake; ramming it into my mouth. I love the loss of control, and my fat gets me off.

Batanta   +0lbs

  9 entries 2 days ago
currently: 209lbs,   goal: 300lbs
Still on track with goal. still ok with gain

thefattycake   +30lbs

  1 entry 2 days ago
currently: 149lbs,   goal: 523lbs
im just a typical guy but not so typical I wanna gain weight, not muscle I meen fat .I want a big overhang anyone got some tips I need some love ya all bye.

fatwatcher97   +0lbs

  1 entry 3 days ago
currently: 150lbs,   goal: 330lbs
Got divorced, got fat, now I have realized fat is fun and want to be bigger and find someone to do that with. I sat around all day and ate an entire box of popcorn bags, as well as 8 TV dinners

squishprincess   +0lbs

  1 entry 3 days ago
currently: 211lbs,   goal: lbs
Today there was a cookout with my family and I completely pigged out. I ate 4 barbecue sandwiches with the meat piled mile high, 5 huge servings of both baked beans and potato salad with chips, all...

jessedoll073   +24lbs

  3 entries 3 days ago
currently: 296lbs,   goal: 350lbs
So that guy from work has been basically living at my house. He just stuffs me full all the time and we use a funnel a lot. It's just a feeder thing no sex because I'm a lesbian. I get ti...
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