DarthRodio   +8lbs

  1 entry 7 mins ago
currently: 240lbs,   goal: 350lbs
This new lifestyle starts to really show Off un my body. My shirts are getting really thight,And ALL my pants are súper small. This night y gonna to keep eating some toasts with butter in tons to p...

hawktheknight   +7lbs

  6 entries 3 hours ago
currently: 188lbs,   goal: 200lbs
Oct 13/15: It's only been a week since the last check-in with 2 Thanksgiving (Canada) meals for me this weekend. Gained 4 pounds in those 2 days for a total of 7 pounds in 7 days. 188 and coun...

Thenumberonefeeder   +1lbs

  4 entries 4 hours ago
currently: 209lbs,   goal: 300lbs
So I had my day planned out. But I am injured and not walk far. I was heading into town for a meeting but I was not allowed in. After the meeting I was go to go to the Wawa and get food there 4 pre...

ckuarter   +20lbs

  1 entry 4 hours ago
currently: 101lbs,   goal: 160lbs
gained 20 lbs in 3 months. gosh!

katyplusfifty   +4lbs

  1 entry 4 hours ago
currently: 162lbs,   goal: 200lbs
Didn't think I was really eating a whole lot, but was surprised to find my waistband snug and four extra pounds in two weeks on the scale.

dan3350   +5lbs

  1 entry 9 hours ago
currently: 217lbs,   goal: 450lbs
I'm glad to say that in the last 2 weeks i gained 5 lbs and I couldn't be happier :D That gainer shake i was adviced did all the job. Going for more!!

shadowm   +0lbs

  1 entry 13 hours ago
currently: 208lbs,   goal: lbs
Hi just started gaining been fat all my life wanna get to 500 im a guy btw

OnlyDreams89   +7lbs

  1 entry 13 hours ago
currently: 204lbs,   goal: 300lbs
Since weighing myself a few weeks ago, I'm glad to see that what I'm doing is paying off!! I went from 197 to 204 and it's really starting to show! (;

NickPapagiorgio   +0lbs

  1 entry 20 hours ago
currently: 260lbs,   goal: 360lbs
I recently found out about this site, and while I have fantasized about gaining and can do so pretty easily, I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone and become more social with other like-m...

Pollypig   +0lbs

  2 entries 22 hours ago
currently: 183lbs,   goal: 200lbs
Where did the old me go?? I'm a huge, fat, round porker. People don't even recognise me. I've cut down the hours I work because I'm so fat I get exhausted and come home and eat ...
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