Its my day off from work so I am putting it to good use. I can feel myself getting heavier almost lol. I wish it happened that fast lol.
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10 hours
Mon: mcd's double qp w/cheese, large fries, large v shake. Large Dairy Queen blizzard(1510 cal.) total ; 3400cal. Tues: 2 slices banana nut bread (960 cal.) 16 oz. whole milk...
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16 hours
I'm inching closer and closer to total immobility I'm so excited (;
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1 day
188 to 198
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being fat feel so good wanna get so bigger
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2 days
Such a piggy, just can't stop eating...
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2 days
I lost weight over winter, but I seemed to have gained much of it back in the last week. I can't stop thinking about my belly and how soft it is. I've spent the last week at work stuffing...
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2 days
Right now I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I look like 36 o MORE!!! I like my new body, l enjoy eating all day, I feel sexier than ever, my belly is rounder every day, I wanna see how far and big...
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OMW... ive lost alot from being to busy at work.
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3 days
Whoa guys I just noticed that I'm so big I have been eating fast food nonstop when I sit down my jeans rip and the seat breaks I weigh 300 pounds and I want to be 1000 pounds my boobs are huge
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