BridgetteTheFatty   +0lbs

  1 entry 2 hours ago
currently: 155lbs,   goal: 350lbs
Hi I'm Bridgette and I'm a 19 year old fat girl I look for others my age but that's hard considering I'm 10 I love being fat and hope to become immobile some day

fatspank   +5lbs

  1 entry 3 hours ago
currently: 285lbs,   goal: 350lbs
After coming off a proven pointless diet, my body seems to be excited to get the weight back on. I'm also eating random amounts at random times to keep my metabolism nice and low.

peruibe19   +4lbs

  6 entries 7 hours ago
currently: 170lbs,   goal: 200lbs
In my last update I said I was not going to gain more until my christmas break. This morning I stepped on the scale and it surprisingly showed 170 lbs, which means I'm now 22 pounds heavier th...

alfieshadbolt12   +2lbs

  1 entry 10 hours ago
currently: 102lbs,   goal: 799lbs
I'm new to gaining I've always wanted to do it. On just a day I've gone up two lbs. Happy but could be fatter.

derpyfat   +0lbs

  1 entry 17 hours ago
currently: 103lbs,   goal: 112lbs
i'm new and want to help my middle school friend gain and he needs lots of help

Phxmetrogainer   +4lbs

  5 entries 20 hours ago
currently: 235lbs,   goal: 325lbs
love hoe round my belly is getting anyone need a pig to fatten?

aaron2015   +5lbs

  1 entry 20 hours ago
currently: 207lbs,   goal: 300lbs
I love food and recently have gained an constant appetite, i'm never full. As a result I have put on 5 pounds in just under two weeks and I hope to keep up the pace!

ChubbySunny   +0lbs

  1 entry 20 hours ago
currently: 160lbs,   goal: 200lbs
Hey there! Trying to start my journey to 200lbs... Check out my profile!

AnyFa   +2lbs

  5 entries 2 days ago
currently: 150lbs,   goal: 200lbs
slightly I grew stout. describe me)

GrowingWinsomeGuy91   +4lbs

  3 entries 2 days ago
currently: 155lbs,   goal: 187lbs
Reached 70kg (155 lbs). Taking in consideration that I was 64 kg (141 lbs) in late May and in early August I was 68kg (150 lbs) - with two months between, having gained 4kg (9 lbs) - It's saf...
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