MakeMeFatter93   +0lbs

  2 entries1 hour ago
currently: 150lbs,   goal: 300lbs
Soo today I treated myself to some pizza 😊 I've had about 7 slices so far but there's a whole lot of it left, so I'll be sure to finish that probably by dinner time haha. I d...

RoundRobin89   +2lbs

  4 entries2 hours ago
currently: 285lbs,   goal: 400lbs
So after a long day of lounging around doing nothing and eating candy and treats I decided to go out to dinner with some friends and have some drinks. I had a full pitcher of beer (6glasses) of dar...

flintopalchin   +0lbs

  1 entry2 hours ago
currently: 177lbs,   goal: 200lbs
Hey guys. I've always been interested in gaining, but I finally think I'm ready to make the commitment. I have a girlfriend who accepts me for who I am and supports me so I'm at a go...

obeseteen1994   +12lbs

  1 entry12 hours ago
currently: 190lbs,   goal: 200lbs
I've put on 12 pounds since the beginning of the month. The first 6 pounds were completely by accident, but the last 4 days I've really been trying to gain hard. Been averaging over 6500 ...

care2care4me   +4lbs

  1 entry1 day ago
currently: 255lbs,   goal: 313lbs
i have maintained 250 for quite some time now. but have been 275 before - now ist time to gain that back and then probably some more :) this week I switched from low fat to regular milk and tri...

FatBoyBlues   +1lbs

  12 entries1 day ago
currently: 222lbs,   goal: 250lbs

californiabay   +0lbs

  2 entries2 days ago
currently: 307lbs,   goal: 330lbs
So earlier this year I met my goal of getting to 300. Been kind of coasting and enjoying the weight. Planning to start actively gain again soon. Have my sight on 330.

ElodieFr   +5lbs

  2 entries2 days ago
currently: 188lbs,   goal: 250lbs
I gained 5 Pounds in 2 weeks again so it seems I am on a routine haha. But seriously thank you all for your encouragements :)

pastryslave   +8lbs

  3 entries2 days ago
currently: 188lbs,   goal: 400lbs
Im gaining every week, its soo satisfying getting fatter and fatter hope i reach my goal of 400 one day

polly6889   +0lbs

  1 entry2 days ago
currently: 283lbs,   goal: 320lbs
So when I joined here last week my start weight was 278lbs. Somehow in a week I've managed to gain 5lbs.
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