3 hours ago
Gained 9 lbs of pure blubberous fat..getting soo soft!!
+9lbs, currently: 159lbs, goal: 180lbs
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4 hours ago
Well I went to Walmart and checked the scales. I didn't have enough to buy a scale so I got on it and checked my weight. After 5 tries, this was the result.
+25lbs, currently: 225lbs, goal: lbs
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5 hours ago
goal is to gain 100lbs. need help. love those who are large.
+0lbs, currently: 212lbs, goal: 310lbs
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12 hours ago
It's late at night and I'm about to tear into a caramel chocolate cake. I can't help muyself.
+8lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: lbs
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12 hours ago
weighed myself on a proper scale for the first time in a while today and found out i'm 20 pounds lighter than i thought i was, despite having done my first stuffing session recently and feelin...
+0lbs, currently: 262lbs, goal: 300lbs
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12 hours ago
my whole body is under a thin soft layer, zero workout let's see what happens ...
+2lbs, currently: 163lbs, goal: 165lbs
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20 hours ago
I tried to do a bloat with 4L of water how ever I could only get about two liters down, not as good as I thought I could do. Some good news from the next day though, I was making meatloaf and...
+0lbs, currently: 261lbs, goal: 280lbs
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Gonna get big :)
+0lbs, currently: 185lbs, goal: 190lbs
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2 days ago
here is to a new start
+0lbs, currently: 126lbs, goal: 200lbs
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176lbs still lowest measured, high of 178. Real 3lb gain, it seems. Next on to 180lbs.
+1lbs, currently: 176lbs, goal: 250lbs
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