Eviemadeline   +4lbs

  1 entry 4 hours ago
currently: 130lbs,   goal: lbs
I am new to this but feel excited when I am super full and especially when my partner appriciates my full tummy. Excited to see what happens.

Oliver Hardy   +22lbs

  5 entries 6 hours ago
currently: 297lbs,   goal: 320lbs
My goodness, I have gained 22 lbs in 5 weeks ! And it feels sensational, every day I see new softness adding to my body. My lower belly is forming a whole new apron that jiggles with every step I t...

lisanne   +17lbs

  1 entry 8 hours ago
currently: 177lbs,   goal: lbs
Since I last put any number here around August or September, I continued to gain a bit. :)

Adranast   +6lbs

  1 entry 8 hours ago
currently: 215lbs,   goal: 220lbs
Didn't know I was that close from my goal ! :o

FinskaSkinka91   -5lbs

  7 entries 10 hours ago
currently: 160lbs,   goal: 175lbs
Nooo! I've lost like 3 kilos! This sucks! (●T꒳T●)

Soft Punk   +2lbs

  2 entries 12 hours ago
currently: 182lbs,   goal: 100lbs
My weight has been fluctuating a bit. Flu season doesn't help. But I am excited to help myself to all the goodies that are around this time of year. It is almost like an entire month of bingin...

DunkinBelly   +8lbs

  1 entry 15 hours ago
currently: 218lbs,   goal: lbs
Well, I have been gaining pretty steadily this past year but since joining FF I have packed on 8 pounds fairly quickly. No goal weight or anything, just enjoying the ride of being a serious foodie ...

Zero1   +3lbs

  2 entries 21 hours ago
currently: 283lbs,   goal: 300lbs
Scale says I'm up 3lbs

shydee   +0lbs

  3 entries 22 hours ago
currently: 201lbs,   goal: 270lbs
Today included university and a lot of thinking. I need to sort myself a tablet for taking to uni with me!!!! Well, whilst thinking I took the time to have a large mocha with cream on and a few ...

Soontobechubby   +20lbs

  1 entry 23 hours ago
currently: 190lbs,   goal: 200lbs
I have been slowly putting on some weight, it's hard with a fast metabolism but I seem to be getting ahead of it now.
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