4 hours ago
Can't stop me now
+18lbs, currently: 191lbs, goal: 420lbs
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12 hours ago
I spent last week in a behavioral hospital and they wouldn't let me binge! Not to mention the food was terrible! I could barely eat. So I lost 12 lbs. And I got some very bad news about my hea...
-12lbs, currently: 300lbs, goal: 350lbs
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14 hours ago
Once again, I stopped trying and gained more than when I was trying.
+11lbs, currently: 186lbs, goal: 300lbs
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15 hours ago
I was always a little chubby, 170 lbs and have always dreams of getting fat. Today I started to write my weight gain. I eat two Duplos, two waffles, a spoon Nutella and a Stracciatella yoghurt. Fin...
+0lbs, currently: 170lbs, goal: 217lbs
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1 day ago
I have been eating cake made with heavy cream. Washing it down with shakes as well as eating some solids for vitamin nutrition. The heavy cream is like liquid lard in a contaner. My big fat belly r...
+1lbs, currently: 258lbs, goal: 500lbs
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2 days ago
So I'm down 4 pounds from last weekend. I have been eating a lot this week but i've also been run off my feet with work, so I attribute it to that. I have re-adjusted my gaining goal to 2...
-4lbs, currently: 250lbs, goal: 260lbs
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2 days ago
I think all the biscuits and MaccyDs has fattened up my legs!
+6lbs, currently: 156lbs, goal: 165lbs
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2 days ago
Eaten food and feeling better
+0lbs, currently: 124lbs, goal: 140lbs
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2 days ago
OMG ladies in 259kbs today anyone have advice on helping me hit my goal weigh of 310lbs by my birthday march 31st ?
-17lbs, currently: 259lbs, goal: 310lbs
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2 days ago
Have gained another 3lbs this week. Belly feeling much heavier and really wobbly!
+3lbs, currently: 178lbs, goal: 300lbs
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