1 hour ago
Starting to gain more
+30lbs, currently: 180lbs, goal: lbs
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4 hours ago
So I had a stuffing session today of six in a half tacos, two small slides of pizza and two cans of pop. I really just wanted a giant milkshake and someone to pour it in a funnel for me. Maybe on...
+2lbs, currently: 172lbs, goal: 185lbs
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10 hours ago
Slow but steady gain without even trying. I have been really busy so I have not had time to do food binges. With this gain I am now in the overweight category of BMI. I feel so large, but I know I ...
+6lbs, currently: 185lbs, goal: 216lbs
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11 hours ago
Have no idea how much I would of gained but just managed to finish off a double helping of a large 1/4 meal with strawberry milkshake and a bag of mozzarella dippers, really struggled with the Big ...
+0lbs, currently: 175lbs, goal: lbs
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13 hours ago
OMG I have gotten so fat in past few months. The holidays were my down fall. I only gained a couple of pounds at Christmas. But after New Years I have been eating non-stop and drinking beer like...
+20lbs, currently: 285lbs, goal: 300lbs
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13 hours ago
wasn't trying to lose weight, spent the last 4 days with a nasty Stomach Flu. Oh well I was contemplating losing a little weight to give myself some run up to break this plateau.
-10lbs, currently: 375lbs, goal: 400lbs
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23 hours ago
Went on a week long vacation together. This would be our last cheat week before she starts losing 25 pounds, which she believes will be dropped in three months time. She has no problem at all with ...
+2lbs, currently: 146lbs, goal: lbs
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1 day ago
over the christmas holidays i have gained loads of weight but now guys i cant seem to add to that weight
+8lbs, currently: 200lbs, goal: 500lbs
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2 days ago
I can't begin to answer why I once wanted to be skinny. Eating lots of junk food, getting a bloated gut, and rubbing it with lotion... Love it. Starting to feel more soft and jiggly again. ...
+4lbs, currently: 207lbs, goal: 215lbs
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2 days ago
so, i've been working a lot, and given the physical nature of my job some of my gain is probably muscle but the scale said i was 240 today so I gained back the 2 pounds i lost plus four more!
+6lbs, currently: 240lbs, goal: 250lbs
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