The beginning of new journey (:
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Well, I've been on a mission. A mission to get myself a blubbery beach body before summer's end. Lazy summer days and mountains of carbs and icecream are turning my flabby belly into an ...
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so stuffed!!! i ate a whole plate of nachos fries, topped with sour cream and creamy cheese, and then some fried pickles. i'm gonna weigh myself later tonight, when i'm alone
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12 hours
5 lbs in the last week! Now 40 lbs in 4 months! Hoping for 300 by the end on October.
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13 hours
One advantage of writing the rough draft of your feederism story as a series of Kik messages is that your friend can give you constructive criticism like, "There was not a lot of feeding or fa...
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13 hours
I'm almost to 200!!!!! I'm so happy. Gonna go celebrate with a pan of lasagna and some pie. And maybe ice cream...and garlic bread...and potatos.... omg
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18 hours
My account got deleted by my parents, but screw that. Down in weight due to gallbladder removal surgery but back to normal eating now so we'll see what happens next.
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2 days
When I joined feabie a few months ago I never knew what was going to happen but just from googling "bbw dating" and now I am deep into feederism. Now here on fantasy feeder because I hear...
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2 days
So I was on travel for work this week and was eating out for most of my meals. I also had a refrigerator in my hotel room that I stocked with desserts like brownies and eclairs. So I think I had ...
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2 days
It feels so good to add more beautiful pounds. Looking forward to 300 and beyond
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