Mrbigbelly   +0lbs

  2 entries 13 mins ago
currently: 325lbs,   goal: 400lbs
OMG!! I'm so stuffed I can hardly breathe!! Just short shallow breaths, anything more than that hurts! Lol. I wish I had a female feeder right now because I'm at my limit but I know I wou...

VKgain   +3lbs

  1 entry 1 hour ago
currently: 135lbs,   goal: 150lbs
Today I stuffed myself. It really hurts, my belly has expanded 2.5 inches. Gaining is new for me so I think I'm going to try it for a week or so.

lovetostuff54   +4lbs

  1 entry 5 hours ago
currently: 128lbs,   goal: lbs
I can't say that I have set a specific goal, but what I can say is that I have gained a total of 4lbs since my surgery and I love it!

Fattnme23   +10lbs

  2 entries 8 hours ago
currently: 130lbs,   goal: 140lbs
When I started to gain weight I wore a size two that sometimes would fit loosely on me. I got a new job and needed some new clothes, I tried on my normal size and could barley get them over my thig...

eha1   +21lbs

  3 entries 19 hours ago
currently: 260lbs,   goal: 300lbs
Been a while since I've updated here, I've been hard at work getting bigger. I'm running out of clothes that fit me :/

fatcorey   +5lbs

  2 entries 22 hours ago
currently: 228lbs,   goal: 235lbs
I've been overeating constantly. Polished off a pint of ice cream tonight. Every bite felt amazing.

Chubbysweetie   +2lbs

  3 entries 2 days ago
currently: 120lbs,   goal: 135lbs
Wendy's and other options of take out at night have given me a muffin top when I wear leggings(all the time) some new rolls. I just assume the stretch marks are from water bloating, and diet c...

foresty   +3lbs

  10 entries 2 days ago
currently: 376lbs,   goal: 380lbs
I've been steadily gaining, a bit slower but definitely headed upwards. I found a kfc buffet on the highway. I go there everytime I pass it. Been drinking more soda so that is definitely helpi...

SofterSophie   +8lbs

  32 entries 2 days ago
currently: 232lbs,   goal: 200lbs
I've had a huge gain over the past few days of binging. My weekend was seriously like something out of feeder fantasy fiction. It was a few days of eating, resting, and eating more...each time...

BigBellyWanted   +8lbs

  1 entry 2 days ago
currently: 238lbs,   goal: 250lbs
I've been trying to reach the 250lbs mark for quite awhile. I'm officially at 238lbs as of this morning... which is 3lbs heavier than I've ever been! :)
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