Another week of my gaining holiday has passed. Full of laziness and food, lots and lots of food. If only life could always be like this ! Waking up ravenously hungry no matter how stuffed I went to...
+7lbs, currently: 354lbs, goal: 400lbs
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4 days
I am looking for a man who would love to satisfy my cravings. Eating is the most orgasmic feeling in the world, better than sex!
+10lbs, currently: 430lbs, goal: 500lbs
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4 days
I've been working harder, eating everything in sight. My little belly is getting more and more swollen. I even started noticing a fupa growing underneath my panties. Soon I'll have to f...
+5lbs, currently: 217lbs, goal: 500lbs
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So not going to lie I'm a bit sad it's not 230lbs but an 8lb gain since I joined FF a little over a month ago, I'll take it. Now this tub of ice cream isn't going to eat itself ...
+8lbs, currently: 228lbs, goal: 350lbs
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4 days
The summer had came and while most of the people I knew had thoughts of looking good in their bathing suites all I could think about was its summer I can. Took out what I like on my deck put on my ...
-30lbs, currently: 320lbs, goal: 375lbs
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So, after a major weekend of stuffing my fat face, I found out just how much I like to be teased. I've also started a weight gain competition with another guy to try and encourage our gains. ...
+3lbs, currently: 223lbs, goal: 233lbs
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Over the weekend, I committed to gaining another 20 lbs. I started this morning with a huge bowl of oatmeal covered in brown sugar and heavy cream. It went down so easily. Now, I'm resting un...
-2lbs, currently: 201lbs, goal: 250lbs
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4 days
Couldn't sleep so got up to eat and as always check the scale because I can. Love that I am at 174! Haven't left the 170s all day which I take as a really good sign!
+1lbs, currently: 174lbs, goal: 200lbs
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5 days
Fast food is dangerous on the body
+6lbs, currently: 321lbs, goal: 350lbs
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5 days
Really upset that I'm losing muscle. :(
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