I've gained 4lbs in the last few weeks since I started gaining! Can't wait to gain more and see how far I can go on this journey. :)
+4lbs, currently: 176lbs, goal: 185lbs
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I think it's about time for me to start gaining weight. Although I'm not the thinnest person in the world, I am in the yes of my family. I think all their constant motivation for me to ga...
+0lbs, currently: 187lbs, goal: 285lbs
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6 days
Currently inching towards 350. Thighs and stomach never want to be apart 🤗
+0lbs, currently: 340lbs, goal: lbs
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Pushing myself to eat a ton
+0lbs, currently: 216lbs, goal: 300lbs
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1 week
I've been pushing my limits of bingeing and bloating all week. Every day I've reached maximum waist circumference of 40", when my normal waist is 34". All of this practice paid ...
+0lbs, currently: 176lbs, goal: 216lbs
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Eating out a lot, Constantly eating fast food to pork up even more, buttons popping, belts snapping and people are beginning to comment on it :)
+22lbs, currently: 326lbs, goal: 799lbs
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Hello everyone, thank you for checking out my gaining. I've only been actively gaining a little while, I've just always been fat. I've officially hit the 350 mark, and couldn't ...
+10lbs, currently: 350lbs, goal: 550lbs
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Oh my goodness My belly has grown Just look at the girth Ball Belly Big Boy
+6lbs, currently: 321lbs, goal: 350lbs
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1 week
i knew i gained, but wow. got weighed at doctor today. i was so ashamed but so turned on by how far over the balance was going. and top it off, i got the l 'close to obese, must lose weight &a...
+11lbs, currently: 163lbs, goal: 155lbs
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Its my day off from work so I am putting it to good use. I can feel myself getting heavier almost lol. I wish it happened that fast lol.
+0lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: 799lbs
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