Teenage Dreams

A female fat admirer fantasy. A sexy goth girl lusts after a preppy jock. She thinks there's no chance, but they find that their worlds and desires are not so far apart. When it comes to their fetish they understand each other like no one else could, and what ensues are the things feeder and feedee dreams are made of.

Bonus feature: Author's video reading of chapter 20 - Harem Girl.(20mins in duration)

A full length book of nearly 70,000 words.


BBW Hucow Ranch

Sheila the supersized BBW runs a cattle ranch that has been in her family for generations. The ranch has been having financial issues and a boy from high school she used to bully shows up to save the day and now the tables have turned. Will she be able to set her cowgirl pride aside and submit to the boy she used to bully?


Finishing School

The Hampton Manor Finishing School, a once highly regarded institution, is still commissioned by rich royals and nobles from the mystical kingdom of Shangri-La, to train and fatten Western students to be their future wives, husbands and concubines. Any student lucky enough to pass the auditions can expect to live a life of absolute luxury, eating and bathing in the palaces and pools of the hidden Himalayan paradise.

However with a sudden unexpected increase of the minimum weight limit to 500lbs and a nearing deadline, the school is forced to resort to some of the more unethical feeding techniques of the 1970's putting the students lives in danger. What is the school really up to, will the students be fat enough for the auditions, and is it all worth the risk?


Hey Fatso!

Rodney a confident BHM has a chance encounter with a young women who is enticed to explore her unknown feedism kink. A box of donuts pushes Lauren over the edge and Rodney gets all the sugary benefits and more!



A collection of 15 erotic weight-gain stories, written by some of the most talented and imaginative authors of this genre. The stories cover a variety of themes and situations, so you’ll never know what’s coming next, including: Male and female weight-gain; self-stuffing and force-feeding; realistic and futuristic worlds.



Nico Fowler, an intelligence operative in the Galactic Imperium's Intelligence Corps, allows her suppressed hedonistic streak get the better of her and suffers the heavy consequences of failure.



Fiona has become too fat and needs to go on a diet, but daily coffee and cake with Kiko and regular visits to her doting aunt Dotty will not make this easy. Personal trainer Jason is very persuasive, but then best friend Tom seems to prefer larger girls. Which way should she go and is exercise really her thing?

This 90 minute long picture animation has been written and produced by the owners of Fantasy Feeder specially for the feederism community, using 3D software to create the images and animations, and professional voice actors to play the characters - Be sure to view the trailer.