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Fancy earning commission from your Fantasy Feeder uploads? An earnings account may be just what you're looking for! Upload your feeding/fattening/weight gain videos and pics as 'premium', and you'll earn 50% commission on every upgrade subscription they inspire. You'll also earn 20% commission on every repeat payment, so the money keeps rolling in.

Quick and easy sign-up
Free to use, with no obligation
Receive monthly payments - no minimum limit
Retain full copyright - add, edit or delete at any time
Access to 'My Earnings' which gives a breakdown of earnings per content
Helpful tips and training to become a successful earner
Sell directly from your profile page AND our content sections

See what our earners are saying

  I've found the Earnings Account to be an excellent way to earn passive income. I regularly upload videos, and revenue builds throughout the month. This is the best site for uploading Feederism videos!   - Vanity Fair

  Site admin has been welcoming and helpful. The pay-outs have occurred on schedule as promised. It is a simple way to earn a little extra money.   - CreamFilling

What do I need to become an earner?

To make the most of your earners account you should be able to create good quality premium content on a regular basis. You will need:

  • An active Fantasy Feeder account
  • A portfolio of uploaded work (min. 10 pics and 1 video)
  • A modern high definition camera or phone
  • Time to create and promote your content (min. weekly uploads)
  • A confident and outgoing personality (willing to show your face and indulge your followers in feedism fantasies)
  • Artistic talent (for creating good poses, scripts and themes)
  • Technical ability (for creating good lighting and composition)

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
Can I still upload free content?
Will it cost me anything?
Will I still own the copyright?
How much can I earn?
How will I get paid?
Can anyone have an Earnings Account?