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54 mins
Need someone to help and encourage me to get as fat as I possibly can I like to get and like to try to stay stiffed 24/7 but I need someone to help encourage me. I like sexy talk/typing I want to e...
+17lbs, currently: 192lbs, goal: 799lbs
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It’s not like a linear thing but all the time I’m moving forward I’m getting nearer! Xxx
+1lbs, currently: 286lbs, goal: 300lbs
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12 hours
Have gained a bit, but overall about 30 lbs. heavier than last fall. Can’t believe it! So easy to keep ignoring the scale!
+3lbs, currently: 284lbs, goal: 299lbs
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23 hours
I love cakes 🧁 and milkshakes 🥛
+30lbs, currently: 247lbs, goal: lbs
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1 day
Hopefully the pace picks up, just need to chat with more feeders
+2lbs, currently: 203lbs, goal: 250lbs
4 entries
I eat a lot everyday
+30lbs, currently: 137lbs, goal: 159lbs
3 entries
1 day
started at 84kgs (185 lbs) at start of the year. goal is 280!
+0lbs, currently: 185lbs, goal: 280lbs
2 entries
Back off on the gaining, unfortunately new job need to be more able to get around.
+30lbs, currently: 524lbs, goal: 540lbs
9 entries
Clothes are getting tight! :P
+15lbs, currently: 220lbs, goal: 500lbs
3 entries
Since the last entry I lost about 5 pondsd but then gained them back and then some. I am really starting to notice the differences. I feel my belly sticking out more and wants to start over ridi...
+2lbs, currently: 192lbs, goal: 200lbs
13 entries
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