3 hours
Getting there
+2lbs, currently: 242lbs, goal: lbs
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Iíve been more active on vacation so the second I got back and pigged out, my ass and gut packed on a good five pounds!
+5lbs, currently: 170lbs, goal: 200lbs
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6 hours
Night snacks do well ;D
+6lbs, currently: 231lbs, goal: 610lbs
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7 hours
So my boyfriend broke up with me this week, so i�ve Been drowning my sorrows in food. All this week I basically holed up in my room, eating, gaming and crying. As such, I packed on a few pou...
+3lbs, currently: 282lbs, goal: lbs
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18 hours
Gained a bit after a weekend of stuffing, always looking for encouragement to gain though! Message me or hit me up on kik: marcusprobert
+2lbs, currently: 165lbs, goal: 250lbs
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21 hours
I love accuracy and donuts at night lol
+3lbs, currently: 497lbs, goal: lbs
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23 hours
preparing my body for summer
+30lbs, currently: 361lbs, goal: lbs
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1 day
Iíve gained 21 pounds in the past month. Iím loving getting softer and Iím getting more and more addicted to eating everyday. Still looking for someone to encourage me. Hit me up on kik @kbirdseye ...
+21lbs, currently: 193lbs, goal: 250lbs
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Its supossed to be 256 (:
+8lbs, currently: 256lbs, goal: lbs
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This is the start of my rapid gain. Looking forward to being massive
+30lbs, currently: 210lbs, goal: 550lbs
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