18 mins
Tried for a full pizza stuffing last night. Only managed half.
+0lbs, currently: 187lbs, goal: 215lbs
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10 hours
I was sick for the past few weeks and I ended up back at my original weight, I gained it all back with an extra 2lbs ^^
+7lbs, currently: 161lbs, goal: 215lbs
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I've finally broke 200! Nothing much has changed physically, but it's awesome that I'm out of the 100 range. Next big goal is 250!
+2lbs, currently: 201lbs, goal: lbs
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19 hours
Up 10lbs today since my last weigh in. I was surprised. I hadn't checked in a few days so when I saw that I had gone so far up i was shocked. I guess finally having a stable living situatio...
+10lbs, currently: 380lbs, goal: 375lbs
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23 hours
Been eating a lot these last few weeks. Original goal was to gain 15 pounds for November, but we are only half way through, with Thanksgiving still to come! I'll just see if I can get into the...
+10lbs, currently: 330lbs, goal: 400lbs
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1 day
Finally hit over 300lbs
+30lbs, currently: 315lbs, goal: 300lbs
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2 days
Just bought some new weighing scales, weight watchers ironically lol, either these are coming up too high or my older ones were to low! Wouldnít be surprised if these are More accurate, Iíd like ...
+4lbs, currently: 201lbs, goal: 300lbs
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2 days
Getting closer to that 250
+10lbs, currently: 241lbs, goal: 350lbs
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Itís been so hard not to balloon the last month trying to fit into my suit for a friendís wedding. The wedding was last weekend and ever since then I have been pounding 7,000+ calories a day into m...
+0lbs, currently: 260lbs, goal: 260lbs
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Iíve been drinking at least 3 weight shakes a month 3000 calories per. I feel so weird with an extra 10 pounds on me. I am blown away with how quickly Iím growing. Iíve already stated to outgrow my...
+5lbs, currently: 175lbs, goal: 200lbs
2 entries
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