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2 hours
Going back to my home state for 2 weeks on vacation eating all of my local favorites definitely helped!
+27lbs, currently: 395lbs, goal: 600lbs
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I have gained 28 lbs in the last year and have not regretted it one bit. I love food! and talking about how big I've gotten
+28lbs, currently: 156lbs, goal: 0lbs
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Blame to room service pizzas., but put on one pound a day in the past 5 days. No wonder I feel like a balloon inflating.
+5lbs, currently: 470lbs, goal: 600lbs
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12 hours
I dont want to gain 30 pounds. I want to get huge. I am tired of being average. I want to see me well past 300.
+30lbs, currently: 127lbs, goal: 325lbs
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15 hours
I was afraid I was losing because of having to work in the heat but loaded twice baked potatoes dont just evaporate! That's been my thing lately!
+9lbs, currently: 279lbs, goal: 0lbs
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16 hours
October 7th and etc.
+30lbs, currently: 191lbs, goal: 799lbs
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discovered the magic of heavy cream and chocolate milk. living with my boyfriend whos fully into feeding me my cheesecake. growing feels good!!
+12lbs, currently: 112lbs, goal: 140lbs
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Almost no appetite because of summer, heat is making me lose weight quick :O
-7lbs, currently: 243lbs, goal: 185lbs
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+9lbs, currently: 291lbs, goal: 300lbs
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1 day
Up 6 pounds in my first month back, I’m on day 5 of drinking 300ml of double cream before bed each night, hopefully it starts snowballing
+3lbs, currently: 143lbs, goal: 180lbs
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