3 hours
Looking forward to a big feeding tonight
+21lbs, currently: 171lbs, goal: lbs
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Itís getting harder and harder to walk up steps every day. My fat jiggles around like crazy.
+1lbs, currently: 218lbs, goal: 350lbs
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7 hours
A 17lb gain in a very very long time. I cant seem to keep weight on anymore. Trying
+17lbs, currently: 244lbs, goal: 250lbs
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My budget really canít allow the amount of food I need to eat to gain or maintain and the other things I need currently so Iíve been losing weight unintentionally, if anyone cares to donate I made ...
-8lbs, currently: 206lbs, goal: lbs
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12 hours
Gained 10kg in 2018 to around 105kg, but Im now back to 96kg again.
+22lbs, currently: 214lbs, goal: lbs
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14 hours
Iím looking for a feeder to get me fatter
+0lbs, currently: 141lbs, goal: lbs
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1 day
so ive taken to keeping track of my size of my waist and my hips (or at least what the largest part is) and ive discovered something! two years ago back when i originally measured myself i was: ...
+2lbs, currently: 137lbs, goal: 140lbs
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As I look back, I recall that the changes came pretty quickly as I settled into my post Uni life of a desk job and let my cycle training slide. For a while I tried to keep up with my training and j...
+4lbs, currently: 274lbs, goal: 400lbs
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1 day
Want to start gaining again really exploded at the beginning of college then I evened out at around 350 want to push my self and get even bigger. I don't want any of my clothes to fit by the e...
+0lbs, currently: 350lbs, goal: 425lbs
1 entry
Soo close to 300!!
+30lbs, currently: 296lbs, goal: 360lbs
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