10 hours
She hit 200 and didnít even realize it lol
+0lbs, currently: 203lbs, goal: lbs
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17 hours
Slowly beginning to chub up especially around my ass and lower stomach, pubic mound has swollen considerably. Face slightly chubbier, working on a double chin
+2lbs, currently: 155lbs, goal: 300lbs
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18 hours
Another 7lb this week. Feels so soft and lovely.
+7lbs, currently: 217lbs, goal: 300lbs
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23 hours
Been buffet hopping lately, stuffing myself with over 12000 calories a day wearing xxl comfy stretchy outfits to allow room for the rapid growth. I feel out of control but I love it. Have outgrown ...
+11lbs, currently: 221lbs, goal: 350lbs
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Biggest ever of all time
+2lbs, currently: 230lbs, goal: 250lbs
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2 days
Reached 140 today! I'm so stuffed and belchy
+2lbs, currently: 140lbs, goal: 150lbs
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2 days
Sometime just a little is enough
+1lbs, currently: 125lbs, goal: 350lbs
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2 days
22.3.18 Dear Diary Oh why are some people such a waste of time???? I arrange to meet someone from here, get a taxi to where we are going to meet, wait for almost 2 hours and he is a no show....
+0lbs, currently: 374lbs, goal: lbs
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Did a HUGE stuffing today with boxes of cookies, burgers, fries, and corn dogs and I enjoyed that a lot. I love engulfing in greasy foods and not caring what gets on my face. It feels so good to no...
+5lbs, currently: 153lbs, goal: 300lbs
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I remember well the days when I first started to gain. From the skinny toned man I used to be, the first few pounds seemed like more than they really were, as my body got its first layer of soft p...
+2lbs, currently: 174lbs, goal: 400lbs
2 entries
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