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I probably wonít put this every time I go (every Sunday night) but this is my average Sunday night dinner (then right to bed): Half price appetizers at Applebeeís! Pretzels with beer cheese 1200 ...
+0lbs, currently: 521lbs, goal: 799lbs
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The title is not related to the gain, I just got food poisoning yesterday.
+6lbs, currently: 167lbs, goal: 123lbs
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1 week
My belly is so soft and my ass too
+6lbs, currently: 190lbs, goal: 220lbs
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It's all the fast food
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Hey there 😊 I am a 25 year old male gainer who just started gaining actively in December of 2018. My doctor basically told me I was getting a bit big and for some reason that set something ...
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1 week
I start gain weight gain a big weigh loss, i going to gain it all back and more if you want to help message me
+7lbs, currently: 187lbs, goal: 400lbs
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1 week
The past couple of weeks have been crazy and Iíve been reaching for snacks and fast food more than usual. I caught a glimpse of my belly in the mirror earlier and itís noticeably rounder and softe...
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Just like the title says, I can't stop! Eating & of course gaining. I feel that I need to stop or follow down or maybe even l lose some of this weight. I'm a bit worried because mo...
+6lbs, currently: 253lbs, goal: 230lbs
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Getting addicted to buffets
+9lbs, currently: 261lbs, goal: 377lbs
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1 week
Finally got some new scales, Last time I weighed myself was before Christmas at a friends when I was around 169lbs. I knew Iíd gained but still a shock to see the number!
+12lbs, currently: 181lbs, goal: 225lbs
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