I gained 7 pounds, thanks to the best feeder/encourager a growing bbw could ask for! :)
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Cerco di tenere un diario sul mio peso
+30lbs, currently: 346lbs, goal: 440lbs
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Belly is feeling full, pants are feeling tighter :) I gained 4 lbs this week and hoping for bigger numbers every week :) Keep up the encouraging thoughts and prayers :)
+4lbs, currently: 263lbs, goal: 500lbs
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Oink oink gained 20 pounds and feeling piggy any chubby bi or lesiban mistresses looking for a bisexual piggy in oregon?
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So I gained the weight back and a little more and my belly is softer than ever. I will continue to gain but I will post a lot less often because it’s annoying to post but message me if you w...
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After a weekend spent putting her over 300 pounds comfortably, she decided that I needed to gorge myself. Spent most of yesterday eating everything she put in front of my and woke up this morning h...
+8lbs, currently: 285lbs, goal: 320lbs
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6 days
Gained 7lbs since I last updated this lol Gonna try to be more active on here now 👍👍
+7lbs, currently: 233lbs, goal: lbs
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6 days
I was shocked when i sit down now my belly hangs over some;) guess my constant eating the past month is paying off
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So I've been on vacation these last 3 weeks and boy did I eat. Most of the time I was high so I was eating even more than usual. I have a cooler full of heavy cream with water bottles piled on...
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Was thinking of a little challenge coming up. So on this post for every 10 messages I'll eat 100 calories. Let's see how big of a meal you all want me to eat!
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