2 days
Im back!!
+3lbs, currently: 174lbs, goal: lbs
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3 days
Was stuck around 350 for the last few months, even dropped 10-15 pounds and regained back to 350. Finally reached 360. Gotta keep the train rolling to 400!
+10lbs, currently: 360lbs, goal: 400lbs
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I've been feeling really big over the past few days, and now I see why! It feels so good to see my weight going up again; I've been doing my best to eat as much as possible while also tak...
+4lbs, currently: 427lbs, goal: 475lbs
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3 days
So I have tried pigging out but my weight just wont pass 252 or 253lbs, so Iíve met a feeder who has suggested having only 700 calories a day for 3 days. This is to shock the body by losing a few l...
-4lbs, currently: 248lbs, goal: 320lbs
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Drinking beer and fast food does good to my body.
+12lbs, currently: 202lbs, goal: lbs
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3 days
So I have roughly one week to eat all of the food in my apartment before moving. It should but a fun opportunity to see how much I can gain in one week!
+0lbs, currently: 186lbs, goal: lbs
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In 20 days more 30 Lbs
+30lbs, currently: 130lbs, goal: lbs
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4 days
On my way to a bit more softness
+30lbs, currently: 180lbs, goal: lbs
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5 days
I moved to a new place a couple months ago, and with that have fallen off with my daily walking and eating relatively healthy. Iíve been more concerned with my new job and getting accustomed to my ...
+11lbs, currently: 133lbs, goal: lbs
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5 days
So guys I have officially been drinking heavy cream for roughly a week now and I'm seeing some noticeable gains! (mainly around my butt/thigh area). I haven't checked my weight gain yet b...
+30lbs, currently: 120lbs, goal: 200lbs
4 entries
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