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I gained 2.8 pounds since last. Guess i didnt eat quite enough this last week. I did get to enjoy a buffet with some friends yesterday. I ate until my stomach was bloated and sore.
+2lbs, currently: 161lbs, goal: 220lbs
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Even though I stuffed myself with toast... I lost 2 lbs (1 kg). Maybe water?
-2lbs, currently: 163lbs, goal: 177lbs
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its not that much
+8lbs, currently: 605lbs, goal: 799lbs
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I’m new to being a feedee and I have a goal weight of 300lbs. If you are an online feeder can you help me reach my goal?
+30lbs, currently: 225lbs, goal: 100lbs
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90 kg Belly 114 cm Butt 105 cm Thighs 63 cm Serious weight loss. In this way I never reach the goal for the festive season. Zo word ik nooit vet genoeg voor de kerst
-16lbs, currently: 198lbs, goal: 215lbs
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6 days
In the last 3 months by eating so many fatteting food i have progressed very well, hope to increase my gain
+12lbs, currently: 130lbs, goal: 180lbs
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Back to eating fast food. I’ve gained 5lbs since I last weighed. Getting fatter and fatter!
+5lbs, currently: 150lbs, goal: 300lbs
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6 days
My previous 220 lbs made my daily life difficult. However, now I am ready to gain weight and more.
-14lbs, currently: 206lbs, goal: 220lbs
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Rolled out of bed this morning with curiosity at my "lightest" weight in the day, smiling to myself knowing I usually end up +5-6lbs heavier by the end of the day, more during so some ind...
+3lbs, currently: 218lbs, goal: 230lbs
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After reaching my first 20Ib gain I took my foot off the pedal a little to see how I could adjust to my new gain. I kept the weight on and gained the odd pound or two but after recently discovering...
+8lbs, currently: 153lbs, goal: 150lbs
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