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want to get fatter?

thumbnail You are not alone! Many members here have eating and weight gain desires. Some prefer to keep it to fantasy while others are fattening up for real.

lesbian, gay, bi or transexual?

thumbnail Whatever your leanings we're sure you'll find a home here. You may wish to hang out in our dedicated groups or forums, or just join in the more general discussions.

large and loving it!

thumbnail Your size will definately be appreciated here whether you're male or female. Create a profile, upload your pictures and videos and show what you've got!

looking for someone your age?

thumbnail We have members from all different over eighteen age groups, from students to the middle aged and seniors, plus the searches to help you find them.

wanna play fat BDSM?

thumbnail Our aim is to make this a safe place for exploring all kinds of fat fantasies without the prejudice sometimes encountered elsewhere.

love to fatten someone?

thumbnail It's long been recognised that food, feeding and eating can be very erotic. Fattening is just one step further and for many people it's extremely arousing.