Looking for someone your age?

Here at Fantasy Feeder welcome all people of all ages. Although quite naturally we have a lot of members who are young and looking for dates, we very much welcome the older generation, and try to cater for you just as much as the younger ones. A lot of you may have been in the size acceptance community for some time, and the experience, maturity and advice you can bring to the website is invaluable, and a great help to those who may be experiencing things for the first time.

Others are doing the same

Often as you get older finding a partner or just someone to share your fantasies with can become more difficult. You have a clearer idea of what you enjoy and the type of people you want to spend your time with. There are more people you're age than you might think on this website and we have the searches and filters to help you find them - or for them to find you.

Get away from the noise

Whilst the lively buzz of the general chat rooms and forums can be fun and exciting, there are times when you want more serious conversations without the interruptions. Fantasy Feeder allows you to do just that, through the use of specialist forums, private messages, and 1-2-1 chat rooms.

Your privacy is important

We realise that the nature of this website and the subjects discussed are things you may want to keep private, and we've built many controls into the website and its management processes to try and protect your privacy. However we're continually looking for improvements and are open to ideas and suggestions for new features.