Love to fatten someone?

There is a basic primal instinct within many people that dates back to prehistoric times, the urge to nurture and care for those you love. In some people this urge takes the form of feeding, they want to provide for others by ensuring they always have plenty of food and drink, and by making sure they never have to go hungry. However modern day humans are complex animals and as with many things in life, the urge to feed has travelled down many different paths, taking many different forms, often mixing with other wants and desires to produce the wonderful diversity of feeders we have today.

On this website we use the term feeder loosely to cover any male or female who has the desire to feed someone. This could be just a fantasy that has never actually been acted upon, or someone who actively enjoys feeding their friend or partner. There's usually a sexual element to it, and quite often it will involve stuffing or fattening, although it doesn't have to, sometimes just feeding and nurturing is enough. Some of the main types of feeder are described below.


Carers want to do everything for their partner, without their partner having to lift a finger for themselves. They will often want to hand or spoon feed their partner, cutting up their food and lifting it to their mouth while at the same time rubbing their fat belly. The caring can extend to every aspect of their partner's life, dressing them, washing them, spoiling and pampering them. Sometimes the person being cared for will respond to this by becoming more child-like in their nature, especially as they become fatter and less able to do things for themselves. Both may enjoy the closeness and intimacy that this type of relationship can bring.


A dominating feeder has a very controlling relationship with their feedee. The person being fed must submit totally, they know they are being fattened and they have no choice in the matter, they must eat whatever the feeder places before them even if they feel like they are going to explode, just because they know it will please their feeder. Sometimes the feedee may be restrained, stripped naked and tied to a bed or chair, and force fed with the use of specialist equipment such as funnels, pumps and tubes. Many dominators have fantasies of fattening there partners to ridiculous proportions, until their feedee is immobile and totally reliant on them.


For encouragers it's the actual fattening process that pushes their buttons. They want to know every nerdy statistic about their partner, all their measurements including chest, waist, hips, thighs, arms, calves and belly hang, how much they weigh down to the ounce, their BMI, percent body fat, base metabolic rate and everything else. Often they will write everything down in a log book, and then record the progress as their partner steadily fattens over the weeks and months. It is important to them to always have a fully stocked fridge and food cupboards, and they'll have checked out the calorie content of everything when shopping, so that they can meticulously plan fattening diets for their feedee.

Role players

Not everyone necessarily wants to have a fat partner, or maybe they've just not yet found a willing feedee. Some feeders are quite happy just to keep their desires in the realm of fantasy and that's it, they feel no need to have to act them out in real life. Quite often they will find fulfilment in chat rooms online, role playing feeding and fattening scenarios with others doing the same. They may pad out their partners clothing to make them look fatter than they actually are, or lose themselves writing weight gain stories, drawing fat art, or morphing images of their favourite fat guy or girl.