Want to get fatter?

Many of us who visit this website consider ourselves to be feedees, but what is it that brought us to this conclusion and what are our similarities and differences? The term 'feedee' seems to be loosely defined on the internet as 'someone who loves to eat, loves to be fed, and loves to deliberately gain weight', but we are all individuals with different needs and desires, some of which may also include submissiveness, longing to be cared for, wanting to eat until we are totally stuffed, and wanting to become so fat that we are immobile. Despite our diversity as a group, it may still be possible to define a number characteristics that many of us have. As a feedee you may well recognise some or all of these in yourself.

You are a great lover of food

Food is and has always been very important to you, and your love of food has often set you apart from other people in the past, making you feel that you are somehow different. You've never been able to understand how other people can just take it or leave it, for you just a mention of food will immediately make you feel hungry, the sight of it will make your mouth water and your belly tingle, and the delicious smell of home cooking will almost make you orgasm on the spot. You've never been able to make a packet of sweets last more than a few minutes, and if you walk past a bakery you can't help looking longingly in the window even if you don't have time to go in. You're never happier than when sitting down to a large meal, especially if you are with others who also enjoy eating, and you love to have a variety of courses with many different tastes and textures to sample. You may have a secret relationship with food and may on occasions hide yourself away in the bedroom to eat - just you and your chocolate. This may sometimes lead to stuffing where you try to eat as much as you possibly can, to feel full and well fattened.

You are fat and want to get fatter

As a feedee you will probably always have longed to be fat from as early as you can remember whether consciously or sub-consciously. Some of you will have given in to your desires in childhood growing up as the fat kid at school, while others of you will have held out until adulthood and only recently let yourself go. However it happened, your love of food and your desire to eat will have undoubtedly had its effect on your body and you will almost certainly already be chubby, fat or even very obese. You know that you're not as fit as you probably should be, and you know all the health risks associated with being overweight, but you consider it a small price to pay compared to the pleasure you get from being so fat. In fact your desire to be fatter still is so overwhelming that you sometimes find that you've eaten a second desert without realising it. You want to be the fattest man or woman at the social event, and you want to behave and be treated as such, being offered extra helpings of food and having special arrangements made for you because of your weight. Regularly you will stand in front of a mirror and admire your well fattened body, squeezing your fat rolls to feel how thick they have become, and lifting your belly to see how heavy it is.

You want to be fed and looked after

Many of you will have fantasised about living the lifestyle of a truly obese person, where you laze on the sofa watching television with your fat belly stretching out before you while your feeder pops chocolates into your mouth. However you're also canny enough to know that as you get fatter you will be able to do fewer things for yourself and will become more and more reliant on other people. If you don't already have someone, you may well be looking for a loving partner that actively encourages you to put on weight, is there to share in your experience, and is willing to bear the consequences of your increasing obesity. You want someone who will help you get dressed in the mornings when you can no longer bend over to pull up your skirt or pants, someone who will help you wash when you are too fat to fit in the bath or shower, and above all someone to cook and lovingly feed you when you are too heavy to get up from the couch.