Large and loving it!

Are you tired of being treated like a second rate citizen because of your size? Many larger people just want to feel good about themselves, and here at Fantasy Feeder we pride ourselves on having a fun outgoing and friendly community that welcomes people of all sizes. We are a Size Acceptance website and like to think that our little corner of the internet is a place free from the negativity bigger people are often subjected to elsewhere.

Make friends

Once you register and create a profile, making like-minded friends couldn't be easier through the use of our forums, private messages and instant chat.

Meet up

We have many members from all over the world who often organise meet ups and events, such as night's out or weekends away. Our dedicate events forum is a place to discuss and organise activities in your area.

Show off!

There's no obligation to do so, but after years of being told they're too fat, once they join Fantasy Feeder many members relish in the positive comments and feedback they receive from pictures and videos they upload. It's definitely a good way to boost your confidence!