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thumbnail We have a highly active team of up to ten moderators that are here to answer questions, check content and generally ensure the smooth running of this website.

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thumbnail Although the focus of this website is on fat related fantasies, these come in many wide and varied forms. We also have many diverse groups within the community, such as different ages, locations and sexual orientations.


thumbnail We try to be as tolerant and open minded as possible, but our community as a whole has agreed that some rules are necessary in order to keep the peace. Find out the things you can do to help ensure this is a pleasant and friendly place to visit.

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thumbnail A way for members and non-members alike to get in touch with the Fantasy Feeder team. Use this form for advertising enquiries, login problems, ban appeals or other issues.


thumbnail Advertising on Fantasy Feeder is a powerful way of increasing your web presence and directing potential customers to your website. You will be reaching a specialist audience, which improves cost effectiveness and the likelihood of real interest in your services and products.

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