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gaining help: diabetic3 months

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while, to no real avail. My calories and macronutrients all add up to gain, and my weight has been bouncing around 248 - 250. This is only 3 pounds heavier than when I started in February.

I am diabetic, so I've been avoiding doing too much sugar. Some is hard to avoid, but I'm still keeping a cap on to avoid There are other ways to get those carbs for the macros, but I wonder if that's what's keeping me from gaining.

The odd thing is, I've not lost any size, measurements are still holding at about 50 inches around the belly. I can feel the change in weight around my body, the pounds just aren't adding up on the scale.

Please, if there are other diabetic gainers here or someone else knowledgeable, I would love some help.

gaining help: diabetic3 months

Somewhere I have read that many diabetic medicines make you gain weight where as others help you maintain or lose. Possibly you are on one that helps you maintain.....I am sure you may have already looked into this but I thought I would throw it out there in case you were not aware. I mean for you take the right medication for diabetes and actually gaining because of your medication would probably be a side effect that you would love.