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fat girl humiliation2 months

Does this count as public? I would humiliate u at home but not in public

fat girl humiliation2 months

I'm an obese college aged girl who has always been fat. I've literally never had anything less than a big round gut. I love being humiliated for this, for my enormous size at such a young age. For reaching 200 pounds before my 16th birthday, and wearing size 20 jeans at the age of 18. My dream is hot, fit girls dominating and humiliating me, shaming me for my weight, measuring me and comparing my bulk to their slim frames, trying on my tent size clothes and forcing me to try on their tiny clothes and parade around, baring my enormous gut and flabby thighs.

fat girl humiliation1 month

i like as much humiliation as i can get, with my huge belly what choice do i have

fat girl humiliation6 days

I definitely belong in this thread.

Being teased for having no self control (while being presented with lots of fattening treats), being weighed and measured, being grabbed and jiggled.

Even very subtle teasing is nice-- just having someone rest hands on my love handles reminds me how wide I'm getting, no grabbing necessary. But it doesn't hurt to be reminded that I'm putting on a few, or being told "careful, your pants are getting a little tight".

My inbox is definitely available for teasing.

fat girl humiliation5 days

Christ this thread is hot.

fat girl humiliation4 days

Huh, I thought I was the only one

fat girl humiliation2 days

I love getting teased about gaining, tighter clothes, and being a pig. I'm not into being called ugly or being someone's slave. I understand why others get turned on from that though. I prefer to be treated like a queen but also be humiliated from time to time. I also love to humiliate others in return. I'm more of a switch than anything. It honestly depends on my mood if I'm more dominant or submissive. I'm normally more submissive, but only in this fetish. In every other instance I lead. Love this feed.

fat girl humiliation2 days

Being teased can be very nice.

fat girl humiliation2 days

My wife really loves it when I tease her about her fat- especially in regards to how it makes sex harder for me.

I'll remark on how I literally can't find her vagina when she stands up, or how she used to love riding on top but is now too obese to do anything but lie on her back, as I push her belly out of the way to get deeper.

It's conceptually dominant, but there's a deep aspect of submission and service I feel as well.
After all, I like humiliating her in the bedroom, but she is the one who gets to lie there and command me for more. I particularly enjoy having to work harder and harder to bring her to climax as she gets fatter.

fat girl humiliation2 days

Tradition and culture can be a powerful thing to bring into play.

In Japan, people can be very image-conscious and surprisingly traditionalistic even in the megacities.

Kind, well-meaning relatives, friends, and her co-workers would approach me when my wife wasn't around and say things like, "You're the man of the house, it's your responsibility to keep your bride from getting too fat! You have to put her on a diet!"

Of course, me and my wife subverted that for fun.

"Poor girl...
What sort of man would allow his darling wife to become such an obese sow?" ETC...
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