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fat girl humiliation2 months

Christ this thread is hot.

fat girl humiliation2 months

Huh, I thought I was the only one

fat girl humiliation2 months

I love getting teased about gaining, tighter clothes, and being a pig. I'm not into being called ugly or being someone's slave. I understand why others get turned on from that though. I prefer to be treated like a queen but also be humiliated from time to time. I also love to humiliate others in return. I'm more of a switch than anything. It honestly depends on my mood if I'm more dominant or submissive. I'm normally more submissive, but only in this fetish. In every other instance I lead. Love this feed.

fat girl humiliation2 months

Being teased can be very nice.

fat girl humiliation2 months

My wife really loves it when I tease her about her fat- especially in regards to how it makes sex harder for me.

I'll remark on how I literally can't find her vagina when she stands up, or how she used to love riding on top but is now too obese to do anything but lie on her back, as I push her belly out of the way to get deeper.

It's conceptually dominant, but there's a deep aspect of submission and service I feel as well.
After all, I like humiliating her in the bedroom, but she is the one who gets to lie there and command me for more. I particularly enjoy having to work harder and harder to bring her to climax as she gets fatter.

fat girl humiliation2 months

Tradition and culture can be a powerful thing to bring into play.

In Japan, people can be very image-conscious and surprisingly traditionalistic even in the megacities.

Kind, well-meaning relatives, friends, and her co-workers would approach me when my wife wasn't around and say things like, "You're the man of the house, it's your responsibility to keep your bride from getting too fat! You have to put her on a diet!"

Of course, me and my wife subverted that for fun.

"Poor girl...
What sort of man would allow his darling wife to become such an obese sow?" ETC...

fat girl humiliation2 months

bigsweetie wrote:
There are twelve, and only twelve, possible states of mind for chicks in regard to body image.

I know. I can hear you saying, “What the *** do you know male-person?” Well, I can confidently assert that the following is based on decades of watching chicks diet, exercise, talk, ***, cry, eat, and just about anything else chicks do. As a male-person, I qualify as an outside impartial observer---certainly more than you “vagina-bearer”. I challenge you to read on and dare you to find that your state of mind is not covered.

Thank goodness there's a man here who can explain to women how they fall into specific categories. Your arbitrary classifications, which feature a number of very generalized and often fantastical concepts, are certainly more reliable than the opinion of anyone else.

For me, I flip back and forth between these different “stages"almost daily. I found it interesting and humorous in ways. I consider myself a hottie and an oinker. My state of mind is merely more complex than one category in any test. I believe a few men and women consider themselves the same. I'm tall, have a bit of muscle on my body, have slim fingers, chubby but not puffy face, and rounded curves. My boobs are still growing more than my belly, my fat distribution is fairly balanced all over. I have a few stretch marks and cellulite but I appreciate having them. I don't choose sex or food, I choose music first. Men are always there and food is great but I can eat normally when I choose to. I love my body completely, even the society flaws. I live in my own world at times and don't give a damn about most things like that. Once again, I am divergent!

fat girl humiliation2 months

As of lately I have been enjoying the free-ness of my big bare belly. It is so amazing to hear the insults. I went to a park with my friends and I had in a tight shirt that rolled up with every step I took. I kept rolling it down but it didn't stay up. The park was so packed since it was a hot day outside. My friends asked me to race them. I took the challenge. I pulled my shirt down before the race started and a couple seconds after the race started my entire belly was out and it was moving back and forth. The kids at the park was laughing and pointing while I was running. Then my friends thought it would be funny to tackle me in the grass as if we were wrestling. This grabbed a lot of people's attention because they thought I was a fat girl getting beat up by 3 guys. While we were play wrestling my belly was shaking and jiggling all over the place and then one of my friends used his hands to jiggle my belly more. People were walking by saying how disgusting I look. One lady said to me that I look so disgusting and I need to find clothes to fit. The insult that was so awesome for me was an old man in his 80's poke me and said, Tubby you have the biggest belly I had ever seen and your navel is enlarged. That did it for me. I went and sat on a bench with all my belly out and enjoyed the breeze hitting my belly and listening to people whisper their insults at me. It was awesome.
crazy hot

fat girl humiliation2 months

Fat girls should be forced to wear clothes that they have grown out of in public. You should have to walk down a busy shopping street with your huge fat belly bulging over your tight waist band, hanging out of the bottom of a top that is now far too small and wobbling as you waddle along. You will see how many people stare, point and giggle at your fat bouncing around, as you desperately try to stuff your rolls of flab back into your straining clothes and tug at your top to try to hide some of your massive gut. However, you are such a pig that you will probably be distracted by a restaurant menu in the end .... and just let it all hang out.... Won't you fatty?

I love doing this. I love wearing my clothes that are a size medium and I now wear an XXL. I love going to the store dresses with my gut hanging out. Even better I love going to the gym to run on the treadmill while my belly gets more and more exposed from jogging. It's great when I get the looks and even the rude comments. I remember one time a guy was in so much shock at the gym to see my massive gut out while I was jogging that he stopped and watched for about 3 minutes while acting like he was checking his phone. It was a complete high for me to see him watch my belly jiggle and shake as I ran in the treadmill.
I think it more likely that he was insanely turned on and fantasizing about coming over and grabbing your tummy and humiliating you in front of everyone. Or possibly recording your movements for fap material XD

fat girl humiliation1 month

Uh.. No. It's because when you're bullied and made fun of your whole childhood and looked at as the fat girl before being just a girl.. You learn to numb yourself. An alternate way to numb yourself is to begin to find it attractive sexually instead of being hurt by it.

Childhood/tween influences. It definitely goes the same way for men.
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