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RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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I'm sorry to hear this.
Is it wrong it turned me on so much?

RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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As you will probably notice by my post count I don't post much here but...I figured I'd post.

When it comes to this issue (if you think this is an issue) ultimately I think it will probably lead to an ultimatum.

Your wifes issue with your body is her issue not yours. There is no problem with you as your body is essentially your property. If your wife has a problem with your body, that is her problem.

She cannot force you to change. Just as we would never force a girl to lose weight (or gain), we would never force a man to do the same.

As you clearly like your body you will probably be offering your wife two choices.

1. Accept the fact that you enjoy being fat and put up with it
2. If she can't accept it, she can leave. It's your body not hers for her to force and bug you to lose weight when you like the way you are is not right.

RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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Just because someone is fat doesn't mean they prefer fat partners. She was what you liked and you were what she liked. Both of you ended up changing things, you a lot more. So, it is just a matter if either of you can accept the other. It's not fair for anyone to try to change someone else.

I disagree that it is easy. For most people, the initial weight loss is the first part of yoyo dieting. The second part which usually comes 2 to 3 years later is the regain. Many times it is more than the initial weight loss, making the person even bigger.

If you don't want to lose weight, tell her so, it is your choice. But if she is no longer turned on by you, or wants a divorce, that is her choice.

RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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Winston wrote:
we just got married too young.

I always knew i'd be fat. Always been big boned and i'm shaped like the fat side of the family.

Maybe you should have warned her!


RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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rubyripples wrote:
Once i hit about 250 my wife really started to complain and asked if i would join a gym. I was a little miffed. She was 300 lbs who is she to ask me to join a gym? I'd respond "yeah if you come to" or "look whos talking."

She was that size when you met and you were fine with it. You were slim and she was fine with that. You were the one that changed, to fat. She obviously simply isn't attracted to fat on a partner. I think you've had good advice above and it's up to you how to act now.

This is exactly what I would've said!

RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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Sorry to hear things didn't work out. Best of luck. Sounds like you're still enjoying yourself at least.

RE: wife hates how fat I've gotten 3 years ago



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You'll never be able to please another, until you live to please yourself.

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