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Jessicuh/Duchess from YouTube. 3 years ago



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Does anybody remember this girl? Canadian girl who gained a lot of weight and had a huge belly and had videos of herself on YouTube back in I believe 2007-2009 I think.

Well, this morning, I came across something that I did not realize. I was watching a video of her on YouTube that was uploaded by an FA who probably saved a lot of her videos before she deleted her accounts in the past. The uploader responded to a user saying that she had lost of weight and that she has a Tumblr account that is dedicated her change in lifestyle.

The girl has now lost about 80 pounds and is working on trying to be healthier for herself and becoming fit. In a way, I congratulate her for it, but at the same time, I can see how things change over time when I remember watching videos from a while back of her in her underwear rubbing and jiggling her belly, as well intentionally gaining. Now she decided to change her lifestyle and become healthier. How things change.

I am not criticizing her for it, by any means.

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She was the girl who kind of inspired me into all this... I idolised her lol!! I think I even mention her in one if my stories!!

On well... All the best to her if that is what she is doing now, but hey.... I don't intend to follow in her footsteps with losing weight now.... I like being fat haha!!!

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hahahahahaha I think its hilarious
have you seen her 'reasons for losing weight'
they are things like

to take cool handstand photos

to wear sexy lingerie

to wear a short strapless wedding dress

and then my personal favourite

to be one of those people that you look at while sitting in your car and think “I should be out running”

so yeah I find it pretty funny considering her reasons for weight loss are totally ridiculous and if you truly had a fat fetish or were a feedee you wouldn't lose weight so you could wear sexy lingerie or inspire others to go running lol

you might lose it for health reasons but even then your goal weigh probably wouldnt be 125 lbs
so yeah LOL

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Check this out:

She has not made one mention of her being a gainer at one point, though I did come across a post of a progress photo and a few users recognized her as a gainer/feedee.

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Wanting to be able to do handstands has to be the best reason for losing weight ever. Still, there are no guarantees. I'm pretty skinny, and I fall flat on my arse if I try anything like that. smiley

In any case, she's was pretty hot when she was fat, but it's her life, and if she wants to make a change in whatever direction, good luck to her. Implying she's somehow "brainwashed by society" or repressed or whatever for wanting to lose weight seems a tad condescending. For all we know she might have gained all that weight at least partially because of all the attention it got her from, well, us.

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