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blogs (8 items)
Blogs on fat acceptance, fat activism and personal fat blogs.

forums and websites (6 items)
Forums and websites on many aspects of plus size, feederism and eye candy.

plus size clothing and equipment (15 items)
For male and female clothing and lingerie sites. Also bariatric lifestyle equipment.

social scene (10 items)
BBW dances, obesity groups, fat dating websites and other ways to meet fat folks.

weight gain (4 items)
Weight gain and expansion websites, gainer homepages, other pages offering tips and advice.

yahoo groups (2 items)
Links to the most currently active fat related Yahoo groups.



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Sitting in front of the computer with a bag of chocolate chips. It's a good day
10 mins ago

haha no thanks. good try though
10 mins ago

What if men bring out their womanly side theater, does that count? smiley
20 mins ago

Should get in there before the feeders pounce like angry lions ficionbanana haha
30 mins ago

*waiting in the shadows for a bbw to ask if anyone wants to chat*
30 mins ago

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