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joined: 26-02-2012
online: 2 weeks ago
location: Danville, Pa, US
age: 20 years old
gender: female
fetish: feeder
weight: 340 lbs
currently feeling: nervous
about me: Gaining but not trying to. Just got my bf into this, willing to watch other people gain and talk about gaining. I have various different emails, so if you want to chat, send me your email. So message me. Hope to hear from ya. :) I am in a relationship. Looking for friendship only. IF YOU USE MY PICTURES, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT!!

forum forum posts: 10
pics pics: 1
videos videos: 0
stories stories: 0
dating dating ads: 0
shouts shoutbox posts: 880
comments comments: 67

physical appearance
height: 5’ 6" (168 cms)
shape: larger belly
hair color: dark brown
eye color: hazel
looks: beautiful
ethnicity: caucasian

movies: Nightmare Befrore Christmas, Grease, LiarLiar
music: GreenDay, Jason Aldean
books: 50 Shades of Grey
cars: anything.
fashions: anything that fits
foods: whatever I want, but have a special urge for cottage cheese
tv shows: Don't watch tv that much



Avatar korn5676 3 years ago
Hello. How are you?
Avatar Leroy04 3 years ago
Hey there! My name is Byron 25yr old dessert chef.... my yahoo is byronsmorris... hope to hear from you soon!
Avatar FatLover92 3 years ago
Upload pics ;)
Avatar southernman421 3 years ago
Yahoo me. My I'd is dirtysouth5151
Avatar ezwiderezwider 3 years ago
how are u? wanna chat on skype or yahoo? i\'m ezwiderezwider on yahoo. sorry i have no pics on here, i can send some a hot exjock who\'s in college haha...pretty much lol hope to talk xoxo
Avatar wolfman 3 years ago
hey email me sometime then we could chat on yahoo sometime please
Avatar wolfman 3 years ago
hey email me sometime then we could chat on yahoo sometime please
Avatar Homemade shader 3 years ago
RP? Or encouragement? Pm me back if your interested ;)
Avatar tons of fun 2 years ago
ran outta messages
Message me on yahoo we can just talk there ok?
Avatar thin boy 1 2 years ago
a growning girl i see good for you honey
Avatar jojohnny96 2 years ago
greetings, very cool profile :) i also have yahoo, would you like to chatt sometime?
Avatar PhotographicFeeder 2 years ago
Well hi there :D Would love to chat sometime! Let's share feeder experiences?
Avatar longrobe 2 years ago
Hello beautiful
Avatar thepizzaguy 2 years ago
Hey there, I love your pics and would love to chat sometime :) feel free to check out my profile and send me a message :)
Avatar White Rabbit 1 year ago
You can feed me anytimeeeeee
Avatar dlee301 1 year ago
I'm out of messages but I'd love to be your feedee
Avatar Mikeishere 1 year ago
does anybody know what time it is ?
Avatar Alex87 1 year ago
hey, you looking for a male feedee? i live in germany. thatīs too far away :(
Avatar J0hnmurray 1 year ago
Hey! I'm in NJ and I'm a white, male feedee
Avatar Major Struggle 11 months ago
I need fed!:)
Avatar tman70001 11 months ago
Message me
Avatar Tk111 11 months ago
Hey want to chat?
Avatar fatcoach119 11 months ago
send me a message cutie!
Avatar Mikeishere 11 months ago
would love chatting with you :) send a message
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
My phone wont allow me to respond so I will have to do it this way. if i keep eating the way ive been eating i might not lose weight lol
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
My phone wont allow me to respond so I will have to do it this way. if i keep eating the way ive been eating i might not lose weight lol
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
If i keep eating the way ive been, i might not lose lol (my phone wont allow me to answer your message so had to do it this way)
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
Sorry for the insane posts. my phone is like that. now if i could find a bbw that loves me and my weight id be set. i do have a sexy belly dont i?
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
Why thank you! its to get an opinion from the opposite gender ;)
Avatar RyanH1984 9 months ago
Its great to get^
Avatar Bacje 8 months ago email me :)
Avatar RyanH1984 8 months ago
Fat guy here
Avatar jamanda25 8 months ago
See, Jamie's just shy of 500. And I'm happy to let him stay there but he wants to lose over 200 lbs...
Avatar RyanH1984 8 months ago
My Y@h00 is Jafar316 if you wanna chat
Avatar trinityeire 8 months ago
Wanna feed me x
Avatar trinityeire 8 months ago
Im so hungry
Avatar YourAverageFA 8 months ago
Do you have k ik? I have run out of messages! but yeah just wanted to talk to people really! you seem kinda nice, but yeah only interested in learning about others gaining experience etc! my k ik is the same as my username on here :)
Avatar Gordonflash 7 months ago
Hi what's your name and *** me gordonfl
Avatar daeboo1 7 months ago
daemonacastillo @ *** . com
Avatar daeboo1 7 months ago
Sorry hun out of messages, but ive been looking for some encouragement!
Avatar DMr 6 months ago
Ran out of messages. Do you have any messengers?
Avatar kavfoif58 6 months ago
just ran out of messages :(
Avatar lovesblubber 5 months ago
Im from PA and just up the road, you should message me or if you have YaAAaoo or Ssspyke, lemme know
Avatar bigguy26 4 months ago
My yawho is bigguy369 and my $kype is bigguy369. I'm a big guy. I hope we can chat.
Avatar growingpiggy556 4 months ago
Hey! I'm looking for a feeder!
Avatar lovesblubber 4 months ago
Hey, message me on YahEe if you'd like, johnboimi
Avatar fatgaining 4 months ago
Feel free to send me a message
Avatar BigDragon 4 months ago
You can always find me on ***. It's in my profile
Avatar Vzdutin 2 months ago
If I'm what you consider a big guy, I'd love to chat (;
Avatar Chubby BHM 2 months ago
fancy a chat sometime =D
Avatar Charm 2 months ago
Never seen you on here before. I have a gaining blog and like having some friends. Clicked your awesome button.



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Hi all see my profile and if interested message me
20 mins ago

Finished up with a chocolate shake smiley
1 hour ago

Mmm, sounds like a good breakfast! I just had over a dozen cookies and my stomach is finally starting to feel a bit less like a bottomless pit.
1 hour ago

Reece's peanut butter cups, jammy wagon wheels and double cream for breakfast smiley
1 hour ago

my k..i k supermario.92!! i love bellies smiley
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